Bible Box, Carved and Scratch Decorated Chest, Hampton, New Hampshire

Bible Box, Carved and Scratch Decorated Chest, Hampton, New Hampshire

This box is part of a small group of seventeenth-century board chests and tabletop/Bible boxes all related to the same Hampton, New Hampshire shop traditions. Russell Kettell was the first author to discuss a chest from the group, and link it to the area within his book, The Pine Furniture Of Early New England, pp. 28 and 29…his chest was “found in a barn in Hampton, New Hampshire”. The author noted the double incised lunettes ornamenting the top front of his chest of which the lid was molded only on the front and back edges, same as the other chests from this group. All chest feature projecting bottom boards that are chamfered. This chest and others noted display elaborately decorated triple front panels. The center section of the subject chest features the same heart motif and leafy ornament as the example published in Brock Jobe’s book. The outer panels display individualized decoration. All chests within the group are of nailed board joinery; front and back panels are rabbeted and nailed. The vertical front corners are notched (chip carved).

Item Date: 1670-1700

Measurement: Width: 23.75"; depth: 16.5" height: 9"

Material: Northeastern white pine

Item Condition: Commensurate with age and use; loss to rear of bottom board as depicted. Surface enhanced, displays well.

Reference: American Furniture In The Metropolitan Museum Of Art-Early Colonial Period: The Seventeenth-Century and William and Mary Styles, see pp. 181, 182, catalog no. 77. Also, Portsmouth Furniture-Masterworks from the New Hampshire Seacoast by Brock Jobe, pp. 86, 87, 88.

Literature: Four Centuries of Furniture In Portsmouth, Gerald Ward with Hollis Brodrick and Lainey McCartney, page 19, catalog no. 2.

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