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Antique Mangle Board, Carved & Painted


Antique Mangle Board, Carved & Painted

Traditional Danish examples are painted in strong contrasting colors, they are constrained by reserved exuberance; handles are generally flat sided; The figures are folky, almost cartoonish; the board tapers. This example features a pair of stylized potted plants with birds atop and is scratch-carved “ANNO 1790 – AKSHD” within molded border. There is a vacant very shallow rectangle in the board under horses’ head.

Item Date: 1790

Measurement: Length: 23.25", depth: 5.5" tapering to 5"

Material: European Maple, sycamore

Item Condition: Typical scatters (old) pesting, wear to corner.

Price: $850

SKU 659-221

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