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Antique Federal Cherry Tall Case Clock by Simeon Crane

Original Condition, Canton, Massachusetts

Antique Federal Cherry Tall Case Clock by Simeon Crane

This cherry tall case clock, which has a very pleasing old surface, was produced by clockmaker, Simeon Crane, whose work is extremely rare. The son of Canton clockmaker, William Crane, he was born in Canton in 1776, and worked as successful clockmaker, gunsmith, and metal worker in the area until his death. This antique tall clock exhibits both pleasing proportions and refined details and is clearly a successful provincial interpretation of an early Roxbury case clock. The dial was manufactured in Boston. It features a wonderfully painted lunette decorated with a central urn device, with brightly colored red draperies and raised, gilt gesso-work. The four corner spandrels, which frame the dial face, feature bronze stencils of oak leaves on a black ground. The dial is boldly signed with the clockmakers name and locale below the calendar, “Simeon Crane / Canton”.

The hood features a pierced fretwork incorporating a specific pattern that was frequently used on southeastern, Massachusetts clocks. The waist is fitted with a rectangular pendulum door, that is flanked by fluted quarter columns of rectangular form. This hinged door is fitted with a lock and brass keyhole escutcheon and opens to the original brass capped pendulum and tin can weights. The waist transitions to the rectangular base with a flared molding and rests on diminutive French feet.

Canton clockmaker, William Crane was married and had a son named Simeon who died within a year of his birth. A second son, also named Simeon was born in 1776, and grew to create equally as beautiful and valuable clocks as his father. William made clocks from 1770 through the time of his death in 1820. Simeon made clocks from 1795, until his death at age forty-five. The father and son overlapped producing clocks for twenty-five years. We do not know how many they made, but Simeon was not a prolific maker. Simeon’s sister, Hannah, married Elijah Morse who along with his brother Henry, were likely apprenticed to William. By 1809 and through 1815 Elijah and Henry were clockmakers, brass founders, and gunsmiths.

Item Date: Circa 1810

Measurement: Overall height including center finial 89.5"; Width 20.25, Depth 10.5".

Price: $7,500

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