American/English Sealed Bottle, Round/Octagonal, Dated 1739

American/English Sealed Bottle, Round/Octagonal, Dated 1739

This is the rarest of sealed bottle forms, rarer than the paneled octagonal bottles though they are also quite rare. Details about the bottle are given below in the entry from David Burton’s three volume set of books about English Sealed Bottles 1640-1900 and the Families That Owned Them (pages 670 and 671). He states that the octagonal bottles of both forms have been found in the United States and he postulates that they may have been made in or for Americans. It is interesting that there are at least 5 known examples of these RS 1739 bottles, three in US private collections while Winterthur Museum and Williamsburg each have an example in their collection.

Item Date: Dated 1739

Measurement: Height: 10"

Material: Glass

Item Condition: Excellent. No damages or repairs


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