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Abraham Lincoln: Rail Splitter Parade Ax

Abraham Lincoln: Rail Splitter Parade Ax

A long wooden parade ax carried by members of a Lincoln marching club, the Wide Awakes, in the election of 1860. The head is painted black and a sandy color. The 42″ handle is stained reddish-brown. Although this ax is not inscribed, it is identical in size and shape to another example in a private collection that has inscribed “Campaign of 1860” on the head. We are very confident that this was carried during the 1860 election.

Item Date: 1860

Measurement: Length is approximately 52", The head measures 12" x 14.5"

Material: White pine, paint

Item Condition: The blade has an old shrinkage fissure behind the bit, toe to heel that was repaired long ago and is stable; doesn't distract or compromise the integrity.

Price: $3,950

SKU 1121-102

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