Abraham Lincoln Campaign Archive: 5 Piece Lot, Owner ID’d - Antique Associated At West Townsend

Abraham Lincoln Campaign Archive: 5 Piece Lot, Owner ID’d

1860 Abraham Lincoln Hartford, CT Wide Awake Token
1860 Lincoln Rail Splitter Token
Two Ribbons & Campaign Torch
Includes two tokens, two ribbons and a campaign torch purportedly owned by
Connecticut’s Civil War Governor William A. Buckingham

Abraham Lincoln Campaign Archive: 5 Piece Lot, Owner ID’d

1. Sullivan No. AL 1860-40

Inscription above, HARTFORD WIDE-AWAKES, two stars centering; center displays a marcher wearing the uniform of the Lincoln Wide-Awake club, carrying a cane and lantern. Reverse: inscription above, ORGANIZED, centered by five stars to right and left above MARCH THIRD; center: a uniformed marcher carrying a torch light; below, 1860.

Struck in Waterbury, Connecticut early in campaign. Brass, reeded edge, 28mm

2. Sullivan AL 1860-41

Obverse. Inscription: HON. ABRAHAM LINCOLN, at the center, beardless bust of Lincoln to right with ELLIS (engraver) on truncation and 1860 below. Reverse. Inscription around above, THE RAIL SPLITTER OF THE WEST; at the center, the rural scene depicting Lincoln and assistant splitting rails, log cabin at right.

Plain edge. Brass; struck by Ellis at Waterbury, Connecticut.

3. Satin Ribbon Commemorating the Unveiling of Connecticut’s Civil War Governor William A. Buckingham’s Statue

A rare ribbon issued in 1884 commemorating the unveiling of the statue honoring William A. Buckingham on the lawn of the State Capitol in Hartford, Connecticut. The statute was executed by Olin L. Warner of New York. Governor Wailer uncovered the statue and an address was delivered by United States Senator Orville H. Platt. The ribbon is 2 3/8″ wide by 6 1/4″ in length.

4. Satin Ribbon, Gold Embossed: BUCKINGHAM DAY – JUNE 18, 1884, MAYOR

Fine Condition, 8.75″ x 3″.

5. Parade Torch, Single Wick Campaign Lantern

Missing tubular pole mount; overall height: 9″

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