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19th Century Cast Iron Fire Assurance Marks

From the Reliance Insurance Collection, FA – Fire Association of Philadelphia, Founded 1817

19th Century Cast Iron Fire Assurance Marks

Reliance was the nation’s first successful association of volunteer fire departments, which beforehand had been independent of one another and often engaged in inefficient competition, which at times extended to the destruction of rivals’ equipment and the assault of rival firefighters. In addition to underwriting fire insurance, the association served as mediator between its member engine and hose companies to resolve the problems of the past. A lasting symbol of the company adopted at the inception were these fire marks featuring a fireplug with coiling hose and the initials F.A.

(Balau numbers for “Footprints of Assurance” by Alwin Bulow)

Raised “F.A” and fire hydrant, slightly convex, hollow back, no drainage knob, issued in 1863.

Item Date: 19th Century

Measurement: 11.5" x 7.25"

Price: $170

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