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18th Century Hooded Cupboard,Original Salmon-Red Paint

Mohawk Valley, New York, Outstanding Form & Surface, Small Size, Spectacular, Salmon-Red Painted Surface.

18th Century Hooded Cupboard,Original Salmon-Red Paint

Step-back dresser with lollipop returns flanking shelf. A projecting cornice molding surmounts chip-carved dental detailed facia centered by cyma reversa [ogee] ends creating a most unusual hooded open compartment/shelf. Upper and lower sections each feature a pair of recessed panel doors flanking stationary center panels… all within horizontal and vertical applied moldings. The upper and lower upper and lower sections each contain a single fullwidth shelf. The case is raised on high cutout feet, a continuum of stiles; demilune side cutouts.

The back and side planks once extended a short distance above the top, probably ensuring that objects were securely stored on the top of the cupboard. These extensions were removed during the cupboards early life facilitating a level top. The cupboard stands at original full height. The front has not been altered in any way as evidenced by the projecting cornice molding ornamenting fascia.

Tool witness marks caused by the saw used in the process are evident on the top board as is the original surface; original nail holes are present [from securing the backboards to the top] further supporting the fact that the cupboard remains at full height.

There is evidence of a dovetailed molding (probably a spoon rack), within the top section, which was removed, possibly because it interfered with standing plates, and other storage. As is often found additional nails have been added to backboards. It appears that one of the applied moldings on the base was long ago replaced. Right proper vertical molding on lower case appears to be an old replacement. All else fine.

This is one of the most outstanding early American cupboards of its type to present itself on the market, comparable or superior to extant in American institutions.

Item Date: Circa 1790

Measurement: Height: 72"; width; 51.5"; upper depth: 11.25"; lower depth: 21"

Material: Pine

Provenance: Picked from a home in the Mohawk region decades ago.

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