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Tinware Candle Sconces, Matched Set of Six, Extremely Rare
Eighteenth Century
Each with old paper jelly label inscribed "From Hayes Tavern, Granby, Conn.", some marked "Gift of Mr. & Mrs. Newton Brainard, Hartford, Conn."

Each reflector is slightly curved and features a crimped border, the candle sockets with folded rims and ejection slits are soldered to round grease-pans having similarly crimped borders.

Daniel Hayes or Hays (1685/6-1756) was captured by the Indians in 1707/08 and brought to Canada where he remained confined for seven years before he purchased his freedom. He returned to his home at Salmon Brook, which was incorporated within the town of Granby in 1786. The Memorial History of Hartford County, 1886 by William Scoville Case refers to this story and "meetings" of the Salmon Brook Society; held for a time in the house of Daniel Hays, which was also used as a tavern, until about 1739 when plans began for building a meeting house. The Hayes Tavern in West Granby is also referred to in Morgan B. Brainard's Tavern Signs, p. 46
(H: 9", W: 6")



Pair of Handsome Sheet Brass Wall Sconces, Seventeenth Century, Great Surface
As found in England and the Netherlands (probably Dutch)
Dated 1680
Repousse decoration, cast pillars, double sockets impressed with tulips

This pair said to have been purchased at a flea market in Amsterdam
See: Domestic Metalwork 1640-1820 by Gentle and Field, pp., 199, no. 7; also The Art of Pilgrim Century Furniture (1620-1720) by Francis Barrett, page 32.
(H: 15"; W: 8"; drip-pan D: 4")



Pair of Candle Sconces, Tinned Plate
New England
Circa 1800 to 1820
Tin over sheet iron, lapped and soldered, tabbed sockets with ejection aperture

Rectangular back with crimped smoke protector; wire reinforced sides and embossed vertical decoration. The drip-pan similarly constructed with single candle-nozzle.
(H: 13", W: 4.75", D: 2.5")



Pair of Brass Repousse Rococo Revival Candle Sconces, One Light Each
Circa 1840 to 1870
Shell finial surmounting oval reflector/back, single nozzle on repousse pan

Excellent condition
(25" by 15.5")



Figural Brass Trammel, Ratchet Mechanism in Form of Bird Head, Engraved
Possibly French Lamp Crane (fleur dis lis)
18th Century - SOLD

Fine original condition (L: 14.5-19.5")

605-88 - SOLD

Extension Candleholder, Wrought Iron, Single Nozzle, Grease pan
18th Century
Often mounted on workbenches or desks

Dimensions: 19.5" H, 6.75" minimum arm L, 21.75" maximum arm L.



Antique Chandelier, Tinned Sheet Iron, Five Candle Sockets
New England
19th Century
A fanciful effort featuring five nozzles with ejector slits each on crimped pan

(H: 26.75")



Candle Sconces, Tinned Plate, Gothic, Great Surface
Probably England
17th or 18th Century

Candle socket and drip pan tabbed as is short supporting arm; embossed ornament scrolled at base. (H: 17.5"; W: 4.5"; D: 3.25")



Candelabrum, Tenth Anniversary Tin Candle Tree, Folk Art
The Tinsmith's Expression of Rural Elegance
Circa 1850
Tin over sheet iron, thirteen candle sockets

With its cut-tinned sheet-iron crystals, this rare, large candelabrum draws comparison to a chandelier with related hanging crystals having a Vermont history of ownership. Each of the candle sockets with folded rims set within deep fluted and flaring drip-pans on scrolled tubular arms attached to tapering tubular column raised on circular domed base. The top tier features six outward-flaring star-shaped reflectors; the scrolled arms are attached to a tapering cone with domed top; this tier surmounted by a single socket from which hangs sheet-iron crystal-like devices; the finial is raised on tubular arms. The lower tier features dished reflectors having concentric rings; ribbons of sheet-iron draped between mid and lower tiers produce visual support, harmonious balance, and a graceful transition. One arm professionally re-soldered; although the candelabrum is accompanied by most of the original crystal-like devices, we had a complete set, as depicted, reproduced using period tinned iron, otherwise in a fine state of preservation. (H: 31"; diameter: 24")



Candle Sconces, Mirrored, Tin
19th Century

A pair of sconces, each with crimped edges, and featuring a similarly crimped concentric tin reflector with a reflecting mirror. The candle sockets centering crimped bobeches'. One arm repaired, otherwise fine.



Hanging Hall Candle Lamp, Suspension, Candle Lamp, Smoke Bell
America or England
Circa 1820
Stamped and cast brass furniture mounts

A free blown engraved and etched colorless glass hall lantern with smoke-bell having folded rim edge; brass mounts display scrolled leaves. A turn of the finial beneath the shade allows for insertion of peg lamp or candle.



Candle Sconces, Mirrored, Tin
19th Century

A pair of sconces, each with crimped edges, and featuring a similarly crimped concentric tin reflector with a reflecting mirror. The candle sockets centering crimped bobeches'. Dimensions: 6.5" diameter.



Candle Sconce, Tin
New England
Circa 1820

Tin over sheet iron; candle socket in fluted bobeche on straight tubular arm soldered to reflector having tooled segments. Dimensions: 11" diameter, 5" D.



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Extremely Rare
New England Chandelier
Circa 1780-1810 - SOLD

An absolutely correct example...sheet iron with lapped and soldered joints. Eight curved arms extending from central joint; flattened ends support the folded rim candle sockets with double tabs piercing the crimped bobeches...folded and soldered secure. Complete with period candles. (Height: 13-inches; diameter: 19-inches.)

201-112 - SOLD

An Outstanding Punch-Work Tin and Copper Candler Sconce
New Mexican folk art at its best
19th Century - SOLD

An inspired highly decorated work consisting of thirty-eight pieces of punch-decorated tinned sheet- iron and a domed copper disc at the center of star; single candle socket with scalloped bobeche. Nice patina. Very good condition with minor rust as depicted; one tin disk sweated. (Height: 20.5 inches; width: 14 inches; depth: 4.5 inches.) Literature: Early Lighting, compiled and Published by the Rushlight Club, page 31; plate 3-54.

766-5 - SOLD

Rolled, tinned sheet iron and brass
New England
Early 19th Century - SOLD

The conical center post with hanging device features three brass reflectors; large drip pan with rolled edges...with three candle sockets.
Dimensions: 13.5-inches high, 9.5-inch diameter.

745-13 - SOLD

Candle Sconces, Matched Set of Four, Original Oyster White Paint
New England, found in Maine, old meeting house (13.25 by 15")
19th Century
Country, unusual triangle shape, each with three nozzles on crimped pans - SOLD

958-15 - SOLD

Extendable Candleholder, Wrought Iron, Jointed Arm, Pricket for Stub
Anonymous, blacksmith made
18th Century
Offering maximum flexibility of the single candle light source - SOLD

Depicted is a very rare wall or bench mounting wrought iron elbow-jointed, single-socket candleholder with pricket.
The nozzles' engaged tabs pierce the grease-pan as does the pricket which is peened on the underside. The swelled middle sections of the arms are centered by tapering ends whose terminuses are the devices discoidal pivoting joints.
(Extended L: 18.5"; diameter of drip-pan: 3.5")

706-12 - SOLD

Chandelier, Six Socket, Candle, Tinned Sheet Iron
New England
19th Century - SOLD

Six candle-sockets with drip-pans on scrolled arms soldered to conical post/body.
(Dimensions: 30" diameter.)

834-1 - SOLD

Candle Sconce, Brass Candle Sconce
Probably Dutch
18th Century - SOLD

Two candle sockets on pan with rounded corners attached to reflector with wire reinforced edges. (H: 10"; W: 6.5"; D: 4.5")

294-18 - SOLD

Tabletop Fluid Lamp, Three Tier, Thirteen Reservoirs and Burners
19th Century
Sheet Iron - SOLD

Each lamp with slightly dished drip-pan; extremely minor repairs and imperfections (H: 24.25"; diameter: 13.75")

745-75 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at or Lynn Morin at

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