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Pair of Brass Candlesticks, Spanish, 17th Century
Robust nozzles and knops

Antique Pair of Spanish Brass Candlesticks, 17th Century, entire view

(As expected with this form; few flat spots to base edges; h: 5.25”, base diameter: 5”)



Antique Pair of Spanish Brass Candlesticks, 17th Century, with bottom detail

French Louis XIV Brass Candlestick, Baluster Form Stem, Domed Octagonal Base, H: 6.5"

Antique Louis XIV Brass Candlstick, 6.5 inches, entire view



French Louis XIV Brass Candlestick, Baluster Form Stem, Domed Octagonal Base
H: 6.75"; base: 3.75"

Antique Louis XIV Brass Candlestick, Domed Octagonal Base, entire view



French Louis XIV Brass Candlestick, Baluster Form Stem, Domed Octagonal Base, H: 6.5”

Antique Louis XIV Brass Candlestick, Baluster Form Stem, entire view



Matching Pair of Candlesticks, Heemskerk, Dutch, 18th Century
Nice size, robust

Antique Pair of Heemskirk Candlesticks, Dutch, 18th Century, pair view

(Good condition; H: 9.25", base diameter: 5.25")



Antique Pair of Heemskirk Candlesticks, Dutch, 18th Century, base and entire detail

Copper Alloy Candlestick, Northwest European, Late 15th or Early 16th Century
Pair of opposed vase shaped knops divided by discoid knop; ribbed cone

Antique Copper Alloy Candlestick, Northwest Europe, Late 15th Century, entire view

Franco-Flemish base metal candlestick on a typical low skirt shallow circular base; featured is a robust socket having two small rectangular ejection apertures. Made in two cast and turned parts, the shaft joins at a central raised ribbed cone of base. Northwest Europe; probably made in France or the Low Countries.
Provenance: Christie's, London, The Lear Collection of Socket Candlesticks, December 15, 1998 lot 10 Literature: The Lear Collection, a Study of Copper Alloy Candlesticks A.D. 200 - 1700 by Christopher Bangs, published by King's Hill Publications, Easton, Pennsylvania 1995; number 37.(Typical light dings, minor shallow surface scratches; cracks to base; H: 8.25")



Antique Copper Alloy Candlestick, Northwest Europe, Late 15th Century, base detail

Copper Alloy Candlestick, Nuremberg, 16th Century
The shaft with ribbed, elongated tear drop knop centered by discoid knops

Antique Copper Alloy Candlestick, Nuremburg, 16th Century, entire view

Unpierced socket above long ringed baluster centered by discoid above the cone within a low base having a shallow drip pan; made in two cast and turned part, this candlestick is joined where the shaft is received by the cone at center of the base. This candlestick is typical of those made in Nuremberg in the 16th century with pale yellow brass metal, finely detailed and thinly turned and with a central iron core in the shaft whereas the brass is quite thin. The design may be compared to the best quality examples of Nuremberg metal work. This example displays the usual vestiges of time associated with the form and period; nicks and repaired cracks to base; couple of tight tears to base. Provenance: Christie's, London, The Lear Collection of Socket Candlesticks, December 15, 1998 lot 82 Literature: The Lear Collection, a Study of Copper Alloy Candlesticks A.D. 200 - 1700 by Christopher Bangs, published by King's Hill Publications, Easton, Pennsylvania 1995; number 75. (H: 10")



Antique Copper Alloy Candlestick, Nuremburg, 16th Century, base detail

Candlestick, Treen, Vintage Turned Wood Stick, Original Surface
Anonymous Maker, Undetermined Age

(H: 5.5")



Pair, Edward VII Sterling Silver Shell Based Candlesticks in the Style of George II
Sheffield, London, Hawksworth, Eyre & Co. Ltd., circa 1906
Weighted, removable bobeches, hallmarked

(Excellent condition; H: 11.5" on a 5.5" square base)



Candlestick, Gothic Double Socket, Copper Alloy, Three Kings, Extremely Rare
Northwest Europe, Likely Germany or Holland
15th Century (Second half) Good Old Color and Patina

This scarcely encountered form features a central tapering pricket above coarse screw thread, and a detachable twin-branched arm with tapering sockets. The shaft featuring two discoid (bladed) knops is flared at its base and is neatly peened underneath the domed three-stage base. Excellent condition commensurate with age and use; typical wear, none of which are objectionable. There is a small tight crack along the lower edge of the base. (The height is 13 3/4".)



Candlesticks, Prickets, Near Pair, Brass and Iron
German, 15th or 16th Century
A large attractive and robust pair typical of this group

(The shorter pricket on plate has been riveted through; dings and other minor imperfections commensurate with age and use; H: 14")



Candle Wick Trimmer and Douter, Spring Return Action, Polished Steel
Likely England, Early 19th Century
Scarcely encountered mechanical scissor form trimmer extinguishers

(Action sometimes sticks; L: 7.75")



Tinware Pan with Eleven Prickets, Footed
Unknown Maker, 19th Century - SOLD

Competently made, canted sides, central pricket centered by 10-prickets raised on three feet with domed bottoms; what was this curios object used for?
(H: 4.25"; diameter: 10.75")

507-9 - SOLD

Candlestick, Brass, Likely Venetian, Mid 16th Century, Cast and Turned, Rare
Outwardly Flaring Banded Nozzle, Ring, Baluster and Urn Turned Shaft

Rare base metal socket candlestick; cast and turned shaft peened under the cast and turned, domed and dished base which was strengthened during working life with solder. The shaft style relates to Nuremberg candlesticks of the period yet the base is atypical; similar to Northwestern European drum bases and Islamic candlestick bases. Venice was the crossroad of the Middle East and the west, amalgamations of design typically evolved. This may be one of those hybrids. (Minor dings, vestiges of time suffered over the centuries, else fine and original; H: 7.25")



Candlestick, Brass, Unpierced Socket, Thinly Turned Scalloped Base with Hump
Likely Spain, Circa 1600 to 1630

Flanged foot with stamped decoration rising at center to knopped stem to elongated shaped nozzle. See G. Dallas Coons Candlestick Collection, Valentine Museum, Rupert Gentile, plate 12 for similar example. (Couple tight shallow tear/creases at dome (not open, don't distract), old surface, wear consistent with age and use; dimensions: H: 9.25", diameter of base 6.5")



Candlesticks, Pair, Hexagonal Bell Base and Drip Pans, Three Piece Construction
Circa 1680
Construction, form and weight suggest Scandinavia (8 pounds) - SOLD

(H: 7.75", base diameter: 7")

843-198 - SOLD

Candlestick, Brass, Medieval Period
Franco/Flemish, 16th Century
Flaring molded nozzle, round aperture on baluster stem; domed and dished base

(Very good condition commensurate with age and use; couple ancient pits and a very tight (not open) tiny fracture to foot that doesn't distract or compromise mentioned for accuracy; H: 7")



Ecclesiastical Candlesticks, Pair
Silver Plated Brass, Prickets
Flemish or Dutch

(Very good condition; H: 36")



Gothic Candlestick, Brass
Probably French, 16th Century, Probably C. 1550 - SOLD

The stick features a flaring and molded nozzle with rectangular aperture on baluster stem; domed and dished base. (Mentioned for accuracy is that the stem has an ever so slight lean, very minor, else consistent with age and use; H: 7.25")

1012-45 - SOLD

Candlesticks, Pair of Robust Brass, High Footed Octagonal Base, Paneled Nozzles
Anonymous Maker
Early 18th Century

Good condition.
(In good polished condition, one stick is thread-worn; H: 12.25")



Pair of Capstan Candlesticks, Brass, Seventeenth Century
First Quarter Seventeenth Century
Northwest European, found in Netherlands

A nearly identical pair, the sockets with twin ejection apertures, above a socle, slightly domed and incised drip-pans are upwardly flaring; on spreading base featuring double incised concentric lines at foot. Possibly a tiny (in the making or very early) repair within one drip-pan; very small lead patch that looks like it has been in place forever, perhaps repairing casting flaw or small puncture when turned. (H: 4.75", base diameter: 4.5")



Heemskirk Candlestick, Brass, Round Stub Aperture
Circa 1650 to 1670
A compact stick, robust form, heavy weight

(Very good condition; H: 7.25")



Heemskirk Candlestick, Brass, Refined and Sculptural
Circa 1650 to 1675
Socket on solid cast stem, mid-drip edged with borderline, small circular base

(Excellent condition; 9.75" tall)



Brass Queen Anne Period Candlesticks, Square Base, Tall Nozzles
Circa 1700

Featuring ringed candle socket having molded rim above baluster stem raised on molded square base/drip-pan having spreading circular center (Heavy brass, fine condition: H: 6.75")



Pair of Seventeenth Century Pricket Candlesticks, Copper Alloy Prickets
Northern Europe, Spain or France
Circa 1650 to 1700
A matching pair in fine original condition - SOLD

Substantial prickets above upswept drip-pans raised on baluster turned stems on triangular step-molded base supported by ridged hoof-feet joined by ogee-shaped aprons. (H: 14")

1012-19 - SOLD

Medieval Candlestick with Clapper, Copper Alloy, Elegant Form
Probably Italian
Circa 1550 to 1600 - SOLD

Nozzle with rectangular ejecting aperture, knopped stem stepped at domed center of incised grease pan with flared rim above the flared base containing cast iron clapper.
(Dimensions: H: 8")

843-153 - SOLD

Chamber Candlestick, Silver. Eighteenth Century, Inscribed
Mark of Robert Jones I (RI with bullet between letters)
England - SOLD

The circular dish is slightly domed and features a raised (dished) molded edge; rising from the center is the 3.5-inch open stem that would have received scissor-form snuffer/trimmer. The removable bobeche is signed by maker; scrolled handle is fitted to accommodate the accompanying maker signed snuffer featuring a scrolled handle and knopped finial. The underside of base is maker signed and engraved with seven names, their ages and dates ranging from 1753 to 1767. It appears that the rim of dish has been expertly repaired.

281-48 - SOLD

Blown and Molded Glass Candlesticks, Red, White, and Blue Air Twist
Anonymous, Possibly Libbey Glass
Third Quarter, Nineteenth Century
Possibly for the Centennial based on color palate of air twist - SOLD

Free blown sockets above one-piece standard resting on flaring and slightly domed circular foot. Each of the bottom knops has an exact matching flat chip (otherwise fine) suggesting a flaw in the manufacturing process which may explain the lack of known similar examples; nonetheless very handsome. (H: 10.5")

417-80 - SOLD

Candlestick, Tudor, Chalice and Paten, Inverted Baluster
Mid 16th Century
Copper Alloy, H: 12 7/16", Diameter 6 5/16"
Extremely Rare

Socket with single discoid knop; transitional hollow-cast elongated vase with discoid knop beneath; drip tray features an inclined rim and conical center; lower shaft is interestingly shaped similar to a wassail bowl with pronounced lip. The spreading circular base features a flaring foot beneath the upswept pan and stepped cones. There is a small modern patch to base skirt; drip tray has a break across one-third of the diameter that was long ago repaired with soft solder. Literature: The Lear Collection, a Study of Copper-Alloy Socket Candlesticks, A.D. 200 - 1700 by Christopher Bangs; number 52, pp., 90 and 246.



Candlesticks, Lamps
Sold separately

Left to right:
Candlesticks, Pair, Brass
Cornelius and Baker
Circa 1851 to 1861
Earliest American Made Brass Sticks
Each with applied relief plate identifying maker; the stems on dished bases retain thimble-springs. The shaft contains an iron spring that applies constant candle pressure against the removable cap and the candle burns it is advanced causing the flame to burn at a consistent height and preventing the dripping of wax.
See Metalwork in Early America by Donald Fennimore, page 218.
Dimensions: 9.5" H, 5" base diameter.

Pewter Fluid Lamps, Fluid and Whale Oil
Boston, Massachusetts
Morey and Ober
Circa 1852 to 1855

Bell shaped lamp with C-scrolled handle having camphene burners and appearing to retain original caps; good mark, fine condition.
Dimensions: 4.75" H, 4" base diameter.

Pewter Fluid Lamp, Cylindrical Font
Freeman Porter
Westbrook, Maine
Circa 1835 to 1860

Double camphene burner, cylindrical font, baluster stem on a molded round foot having circular mark with "F. Porter Westbrook," and "No. 2".
Dimensions: 7.5" H, 4" base diameter.
$545 492-79

Pewter Fluid Lamp, Lemon Font
TBM & Co., Taunton Britannia Mfg. Co
Circa 1830 to 1834

A pewter fluid lamp with lemon font and double camphene burner.
Dimensions: 10.75" H, 4.25" base diameter.

Queen Anne Candlesticks, Pair, Brass, Shell Bases, Pedal Form Bobeche
Seamed construction, baluster stems
Circa 1750 - SOLD

Couple socket dings, otherwise excellent
Dimensions: (H: 9.25")

843-90 - SOLD

Gothic Candlestick, Pricket, 15th Century
Excavated, Belgium
Excellent Condition - SOLD

The candle spike centering a stepped drip pan featuring beveled castellation above knopped stem on round stepped base raised on feet. One foot may have been repaired within base during early working period with all else perfect including sharp delineation. (H: 18.5")

660-15 - SOLD

Candlestick, Copper Alloy, Massive, Fine and Rare
Northwest Europe
15th to 16th Century - SOLD

An unusually large example, the socket with pierced aperture above shaft featuring elongated, ribbed pear-shaped knops and six discoid knops above drip base with conical center and flared sides. (Height: 12.25 inches; base diameter: 7 inches)

660-13 - SOLD

Candlestick, Copper Alloy, Traveling Size, Gothic
Circa 1550 to 1650

The pierced and molded socket above the shaft with central discoid knop
Above a shallow circular base; the shaft peened within underside which is lathe finished. (Dimensions: 3.75" H.)



Candlesticks, Queen Anne
England, brass
18th Century

As depicted, a pair of early seamed sticks cast in two pieces; socket and stem with base continuing to first knop. Minor imperfections such as dings, essentially very good condition, attractive, and functional. (Height: 7 1/8-inches.)



Gothic Four-Knop High-Skirt Candle Stick
Circa 1480

This stick is 10 3/8-inches in height and was excavated; probably lost soon after it was made based on crispness. Notice the tapering between each discoid; aperture was finished by a competent tradesman. Mint condition except for losses to drip-pan.



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Silver Chamber Stick, Candlestick, Extended Tab Handle
Anonymous (Obscure mark)
Circa 1785
Circular drip pan, flared nozzle with flat rim - SOLD

424-165 - SOLD

Queen Anne Candlesticks, Pair, Brass Pushups
Circa 1755 to 1770 - SOLD

A handsome pair of sticks with deeply indented foot, tall sockets, elegant stem featuring considerable detail, and shaped drip-pans; fine condition. A nearly identical design is featured in an 18th century pattern book owned by Winterthur, see Domestic metalwork 1640 - 1820 by Rupert and Field, page 164, plate 124. Dimensions: 7.5" H.

843-149 - SOLD

Candlestick, Double Socket, Copper Alloy, Three Kings, Extremely Rare
Northwest Europe, Probably Germany
Circa 1550 - SOLD

This Gothic rarity features a central tapering pricket above detachable arm with double sockets; the shaft is peened into a dome underneath the domed two-stage base. (Dimensions: 11.5" H.)

843-136 - SOLD

Candlestick, Double Socket, Copper Alloy, Three Kings, Extremely Rare
Northwest Europe, Probably Germany
15th Century
Ex Ernest Brummer Collection - SOLD

This scarcely encountered form features a central tapering pricket above coarse hand-cut screw thread, (now worn) and the detachable twin-branched arm with tapering sockets; the shaft featuring two discoid-knops is flared at its base and is neatly peened underneath the domed two-stage base. (Dimensions: 11.75" H.)

843-140 - SOLD

Brass Capstan Candlestick, 16th Century, Rare Octagonal Candle Socket
European, Probably Spain
Sixteenth Century - SOLD

This example standing at 4.5" features a rare octagonal nozzle featuring conforming integral molding and having double extraction holes, round-over-large, almost square piercings. The nozzle on conical flange above medial dished drip-pan on a spreading conical base on a stepped foot. (Dia. 4.75")

593-59 - SOLD

Shop/Office Candlesticks, PAIR, Sand Weighted, Mid Drip, Push up
Early 19th Century
Sheet iron and brass, an uncommon form - SOLD

The candle-socket with upswept bobeche at nozzle above a tall stem with brass knob accommodating the candle lifting device; the appropriately proportioned upswept mid-drip pan designed to collect splashed melted wax. The large sand-weighted, seamed conical-base with low center of gravity was nearly impossible to knock over which was a great benefit to fire safety within shops and offices for which they were designed. See John Caspall, Fire and Light in the home Pre 1820, pp., 167 and 168. (H: 10"; base diameter: 6")

745-62 - SOLD

Candlesticks, Pair, Octagonal Base, Brass
18th Century - SOLD

(H: 6")

240-102 - SOLD

Girandoles, gilt brass on marble base
Nineteenth Century - SOLD

A pair garnitures featuring five-light candelabrum; each flared stem/socket above leaf tip drip-pan hung with colorless faceted prisms; scrolled foliate arms raised on floral decorated standard featuring Sultana in exotic costume on marble base.
(Height: 22.25 inches; width: 14 inches; depth: 6 inches.)

818-1 - SOLD

Candelabra, Pair
19th Century
Patinated bronze and ormolu - SOLD

A pair of four-light candelabra, the classical urn sockets above downturned leaf-tip gilt bobeches on scrolled foliate arms raised on standard with acanthus ornamentation. The scrolled feet are bolted to base. (Height: 22-inches.)

570-145 - SOLD

Pair of Brass Candle Sticks
18th Century - SOLD

Dimensions: both 8-inches high.

843-52 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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