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Folk Art Portrait, Boy Holding Red Book, American School, 19th Century
Anonymous Artist, Oil on Canvas

Antique Folk Art Portrait of Boy Holding Red Book, 19th Century, close up view

(Relined, minor retouch; frame: 23.25 by 27.25”, view: 19.25 by 23.25”)



Antique Folk Art Portrait of Boy Holding Red Book, 19th Century, with ruler for scale

Folk Art Portrait, Woman Wearing Red Beads and Earrings
New England, Within the Circle of John Blunt (1795 to 1835)
Oil on canvas, unframed

Antique Unframed Folk Art Portrait of Woman Wearing Red Beads and Earrings, New England, entire view

(Long ago lined, mounted on original stretcher, restored; 25 by 30”)



Portrait of Mother and Infant, Belknap, Folk Art
Attributed to Zedekiah Belknap (1781 to 1858)
Oil on Canvas

Portrait of a mother holding her child who is wearing a white dress with blue bows on the shoulder, the mother has a red cape draped over her shoulders and wears a lace bonnet, housed in a gilt frame, the edges of the frame have been painted in yellow ochre, which has also been painted over the back of the canvas, the varnish is raised in some areas of the portrait. The painting remains in original condition with no visible damage or in-painting.
(36.5" by 31.5" framed, 29.5" by 24.5")



John Brewster, Portraits of Lavinia and Dr. James Hall
South Freeport, Maine, Circa 1800 to 1810
A fine pair of American folk art portraits within outstanding and appropriate period frames

Antique Pair of Portraits by John Brewster, Lavinia and James Hall, Circa 1800 to 1810, pair view

The portraits descended within the Hall family (as recorded by a Portland, Maine family member in 1932); to a Connecticut collector, thence to a prominent New Jersey collection.
The paintings are in superb condition; conservation (2000) personally managed by Michael Heslip head of conservatory at the Williamstown Art Conservation Center at Williamstown, Massachusetts.
There is nary any in-paint; lined and mounted on new stretchers, full reports available. (Frame: 25.5 by 30"; view: 20 by 25")
We invite your inquiries.


Antique Pair of Portraits by John Brewster, Lavinia and James Hall, Circa 1800 to 1810, with frames and ruler for scale

Pair of Portraits, Lady with Fan and Gentleman Wearing Stickpin and Watch Chair
Unknown Painter, Early 19th Century

Antique Pair of Early 19th Century Portraits, Lady and Gentleman, pair view

(As found condition, ready for framing; 19.75 by 25.25")



Antique Pair of Early 19th Century Portraits, Lady and Gentleman, with ruler for scale

Nineteenth Century Folk Portrait of Handsome Young Man, Original Condition
American School, Anonymous, Nineteenth Century
The subject positioned before trees, pillar, tassels and drapes
Oil on Panel

Antique Folk Portrait of a Handsome Young Man in Original Condition, Oil on Panel, 19th Century, close up view

(Frame: 18 by 15.5”, sight-size: 14.75 by 12.5”)



Antique Folk Portrait of a Handsome Young Man in Original Condition, Oil on Panel, 19th Century, with ruler for scale

Portrait, Simon Adams (1796 to 1847), American School
Anonymous, Early 19th Century

According to a very old label affixed to stretcher, the subject by lineal descent of Timothy Adams was related to Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams.
Born, Carlisle, Massachusetts November 4, 1796
Died, Lowell, Massachusetts, September 7, 1847
Simon Adams represented Lowell in the legislature in 1833
(Original condition including stretcher; frame: 25.5 by 31.75”; sight-size: 23.25 by 29.5”)



Folk Art Portrait of Lady Wearing Bonnet with Yellow Ribbons, Puffy Sleeves
Likely by the combined hands of John Grout and Ruth Whittier Shute
Circa 1835

Oil on canvas, turned and split column frame, original stenciled decoration
This portrait has been relined and mounted on a new stretcher; some minor in-painting.
(Frame: 28.5 by 32.5"; view: 22.5 by 26.5")



Portraits, Pair of Folk Art Paintings, Haven and Elizabeth Sargent, I.A. Wetherby
Isaac Augustus Wetherby (1819 to 1904)
Boston, 1845 (by August 15, 1844, he was back in Boston)
Canvases signed front and verso, bold back-marks for Hollis & Wheeler, Boston

Mr. Haven B. Sargent
Painted March 1845
By I.A. Wetherby

Mrs. Elizebeth W. Sargent
Painted by
By I.A. Wetherby
March 1845

See the Business of an American Folk Portrait Painter: Isaac Augustus Wetherby by Michael R. Payne and Susan Rudnick Payne; Folk Art, Magazine of the American Folk Art Museum, Winter 2007.

(Each canvas unlined, minor restoration not effecting subjects; original stretcher; the portraits mounted in new and appropriate gilt frames; frames: 28.5 by 33.75", sight-sizes: 24.75 by 30")



Folk Art Portrait, Pastel, Profile of Little Girl, Blue Dress
Anonymous, 19th Century

(Excellent condition; mounted within walnut veneered frame with inlay; frame: 12 by 14", sight-size: 8.75 by 10.75")



Queen Kamamalu of Hawaii (1802-1824)
Wife of King Kamehameha II
Oil On Canvas

This outstanding and rare image of the beloved Queen is after John Hayter's famous 1824 lithograph, and is nearly identical in detail. The portrait was painted circa 1824-1830. A very similar example can be found in the collection of Iolani Palace, Oahu Hawaii. The portrait remains in excellent condition with only typical aging; very scattered and minor surface abrasions. When purchased, it was mounted on Masonite which, has been professionally removed. The picture measures 12 by 9-inches. At the time of purchase the painting was mounted on Masonite, but has since been professionally removed with no damage or alteration to the painting. In addition, there was note affixed to the verso which reading "purchased from JPT Armstrong (President of Belding Corticelli Co), New London, CT 1942". The portrait, measuring 9 by 12-inch site size displays exceptional as is (without frame), or is ready to be border lined, stretched and installed within a period frame.

Queen Consort Victoria Kamamalu was born in 1802. She was the wife of Liholiho, who ruled Hawaii as King Kamehameha II after his father, King Kamehamehathe Great died.

In 1823, five years after taking his throne, Kamehameha II (Liholio) and Queen Kamamalu set sail for London, England aboard the English whale ship L'Aigle on November 27. Everyone in his party came down with measles, for which the Hawaiians had no immunity. Liholio's favorite wife, Queen Kamamalu, died in London on July 8, 1824. Heartbroken, Liholio also died on July 14. Their bodies were returned to Hawaii for burial, and Liholio's ten-year old brother Kauikeaouli became Kamehameha III

In 1824, John Hayter, noted British Painter, painted portraits of Hawaii's King Kamehameha II and Queen Kamamalu in London shortly before they died there of measles.



Portrait, the Sturgis Sisters, Folk Art
Attributed to Alonzo Pease (1820 to 1881) Lee, Massachusetts
Mary Jane Sturgis (b.1827) and her sister Loretta (b. 1829)
Oil on canvas
A sensitive image displaying sibling bond

Alonzo Sturgis was related to the Sturgis family in Lee, Massachusetts. Alonzo was born and lived in Stockbridge until his family moved to Ohio. He made many trips back to the area and likely stayed with family. (We have other information) Our consignor bought the portrait from the Sturgis family. Growing up here in Lee, the consignor knew both families well. (Condition: Lined, cleaned and in-painted, new stretcher; frame: 28.75 by 32.75", sight-size: 23.5 by 27.5")



Folk Portrait, Woman Wearing Tortoise Shell Comb and Jewelry
Anonymous, New England, Circa 1830's
Untouched original condition, possibly original frame
Oil on Poplar Panel, scored to simulate canvas twill

Folk Art Portrait of Woman with a Tortoise Shell Comb, Circa 1830's, entire view

(Frame: 27.5 by 31.25", sight-size: 23.25 by 27")

This offering may be currently off-site. Please call David Hillier for more information, or to schedule an in-person viewing.

$1,785 (A)


Folk Art Portrait of Woman with a Tortoise Shell Comb, Circa 1830's, with ruler for scale

Portrait, Full Length Portrait of Child with Dog, Hat and Whip
Anonymous, 19th Century (34.25 by 28")

(Good condition, wax-lined; scattered and minor in-paint mostly to edges)



Wild Bill Hickok Portrait, Pastel
Unknown Artist, 19th Century
A handsome composition

(Good condition, worked on paper, laid down on canvas, new stretcher and frame; Frame: 24.5 by 19.25", sight-size: 17.5 by 22.75")



Portrait, Pastel, Revolutionary Gentleman, Possibly Virginia
American School, Circa 1800
Portrait of a man with his body turned slightly to the right and his gaze directed toward the viewer. He wears a blue jacket, white waistcoat, and white shirt
Pastel on paper mounted on linen

Listed, Art Inventories Catalog, Smithsonian American Art Museums; cataloged as in the circle of Joseph William Aldridge. (9D640281)
(Fading, soiling and light staining; modern frame: 26 by 21.75"; view: 21.75 by 17.5")



Portraits, Folk Art, Reat Family, Ohio, Lot of Three, Original Frames
Sala Bosworth, Itinerant Portrait Artist along Ohio River (1805 to 1890)
Circa 1845 to 1850

Portrait of James Reat (1790-1858) with his body facing almost forward, his gaze toward viewer; his right hand resting on Bible held vertically with spine facing viewer. He wears a black jacket and vest; white shirt and tie. James Reat was born in Maryland in 1790 and died in Illinois in 1858. In 1817, he married Miss Susanna Rodgers in Ohio.

Portrait of Susanna Rodgers Reat (Mrs. James Reat (1796-1868) born in Virginia; died in Illinois; her body facing forward and her gaze directed toward the viewer. She wears a white lace cap tied under her chin; black dress with white lace collar.

Portrait of Miss. Reat, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. James Reat, her body facing forward, her gaze directed toward the viewer. She wears a black dress with a white lace collar and a blue bow. Her dark hair is parted in the middle and two small ringlets frame her face. (There were at least four daughters; "Miss Reat" could be Mary, Hester, Esther, Jemina Ann or Susanna.)

The family is buried in Mound Cemetery, Charleston (Coles Co.) Illinois.

The portraits may be referenced within the Art Inventories Catalog at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. (Extremely minor, about moot bits of in-painting; Mr. Reat' s canvas is unlined and remains of original stretcher; the ladies canvases are lined and mounted on new strainers; all paintings in period ripple-molded frames with gilt-liners; fames may be original; frames: 32.5 by 28", sight-sizes: 28.5 by 23")



Folk Art Portrait, Child with Dog
Anonymous, American School
Circa 1830's

The child wearing a puffy sleeve dress is seated on classical Recamier
The work remains on original stretcher and displays extremely minor, and few areas of retouch; excellent condition.
(Dimensions: 28 by 34.25" frame, 22.75 by 29" sight-size.)



KPM Porcelain Oval Plaque, Finely Painted Scene of Young Lady Praying
Circa 1875 to 1900
KPM stamp on verso

A beautiful hand-painted plaque depicting a veiled young woman in three-quarter right profile with bouquet of flowers (Oval format; 5 1/8 by 6.75")



Portrait, Lady Wearing Lace Bonnet
Perhaps Vermont or New York
Circa 1830's
Oil on panel, 20 by 26-inches

An agreeable lady confidently rendered.
The palate is lovely, the work is beautifully modeled and is without compromise.



Portrait On Panel
Woman Holding Book
Circa 1830's
Oil on panel

An agreeable bust length portrait of a woman depicted with sloping shoulders wearing a lace collar and bonnet topped with a blue bow, tied with a blue ribbon. The subject holds a copy of The Mother At Home. On the reverse of the board are traces of a sketch in white paint depicting a boy holding a whip, wearing a jacket with two rows of buttons. Two battens on the reverse are original and prevented the panel from serious warping which is so often the case. As depicted, there is a fine craquelure and the expected ever-so-slight cracks and no apparent restoration to the painting. (23.25-inches x 28.5-inches.)
Interestingly, The Mother At Home or The Principals Of Maternal Duty was written at Worcester, Massachusetts in 1833.



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Folk Art Portrait, Woman Wearing Puffy Sleeve Dress, Watch on Blue Ribbon
American School, Likely New England, Circa 1830’s - SOLD

Antique Folk Art Portrait of Woman in Puffy Sleeve Dress, Circa 1830's, with ruler for scale

(Clean and ready to hang, very minor in-paint; expert repair of small tear, lined, mounted on later stretcher; installed within a period gilt frame.
(Frame: 28 by 32.5"; view: 23 by 28")

311-2 - SOLD

Pair of Nineteenth Century Portraits, Grandmother, Grandfather and Son
Anonymous, Early 19th Century
Colorful three quarter views - SOLD

Antique Pair of 19th Century Portraits of Grandparents and Their Son, with ruler for scale

The verso inscribed in pencil:

Henrietta Munnick
Grandmother of J. Rens
Great grandmother of E. & L. Maynard

Adrian Munnick, son of
Henrietta Munnick
Great Uncle of
E. & L. Maynard

The lone gentleman identified as Philip Rens
Grandfather of E. & L. Maynard

(Very minor in-paint, couple old and tight repairs to Gramps, else fine.
The modern gilt frames measure: 15 by 17.75"; view: 10.75 by 13.5")

1137-1 - SOLD

Pastel Portrait, Boy in Midshipman Uniform with Sword, Possible Memento Portrait
Anonymous, Early 19th Century
This item just in, more information to follow, please call if interested - SOLD

Antique Pastel Portrait of Boy in Midshipman Uniform, 19th Century, with ruler for scale

(Original condition, gilt frame, eglomise mat; frame: 15.25 by 18”, sight-size: 12 by 14.5”)

310-125 - SOLD

Erastus Salisbury Field (1805 to 1900), Pair of Folk Art Portraits, Man and Woman
New England, Circa 1830's
Oil on canvas, likely original gilt frames
This item just in, more information to follow, please call if interested - SOLD

(Canvas laid-down on Masonite, scattered retouch, good condition, will greatly benefit from a cleaning (service available); frame: 34 by 40"; view: 28 by 34")

648-8 - SOLD

Folk Portrait, Siblings in Blue, Full Length
Circa 1830
Oil on Board - SOLD

Found in Pennsylvania and recently mounted within period gilt frame. The painting is without restoration and exhibits only minor losses as depicted, ready to hang.
(39.5 by 30.5" frame, 35.5 by 26.5" sight-size)

606-32 - SOLD

Portrait of a Boy Holding Book, Benjamin Greenleaf
Attributed to BENJAMIN GREENLEAF (1769 to 1821)
Probably Massachusetts, circa 1818
Oil on canvas, 18 by 15", with original painted and gilt frame - SOLD

This portrait bears a strong relationship to the well-known portrait of Henry Bromfield McCobb painted by Greenleaf in May 1818 in Phippsburg, Massachusetts, see Sotheby's "Important Americana, The Bertram K. Little and Nina Fletcher Little Collection, Part 1," January 29, 1994, lot 277. Although Greenleaf is best known for his reverse paintings on glass depicting three-quarter and profile portraits, a few examples executed on canvas have been recorded. For biographical information on this artist see Arthur B. and Sybil B. Kern, "Benjamin Greenleaf: Nineteenth Century Portrait Painter," The Clarion, spring 1985, pp. 40-47.

Collection Lloyd Goodrich (1898-1987), eminent scholar, author, and curator of American art.

431-73 - SOLD

Folk Art Portrait, Little Girl with Dog, Pastel Crayon, Leather Frame
American School
19th Century
Pretty blue eyed young lady with her adoring spaniel; original frame - SOLD

(Frame: 18.5 by 22.5"; view: 12 by 16.5")

191-371 - SOLD

Folk Portrait, Lady in Red Dress Holding Book
Anonymous, American School
Oil on canvas, original stretcher, period gilt frame - SOLD

(Original condition, two small punctures restored)
(Frame: 28.75 by 32.25"; view: 22 by 25.25")

448-20 - SOLD

Crayon Portrait, Young Boy in Colonial Dress Holding Flag, Sword, Tricorn Hat
Nineteenth Century
Wet Pastel on paper, laid down on canvas, original stretcher, period gilt frame - SOLD

(Overall: 25 by 20.25; view: 21 by 26")

570-288 - SOLD

Portrait of Gentleman, Signed on Verso
S. Kay Aged 57 Years 1796
W. Murray, Pinx, 1796
Oil on canvas - SOLD

The work remains on original stretcher and is mounted within modern frame; small puncture at stretcher edge, lower right with all else fine.
(Frame: 19.5 by 17.25"; view: 15 by 12.75")

827-4 - SOLD

Portrait of Graceful Young Woman, Half Length in Green Velvet Wrap
English School in the Circle of Frederick Kerseboom (1632 to 1693)
By Family Legend, Nelly Gwyn, Mistress of Charles II
Circa 1680
Oil on Canvas - SOLD

An attractive work depicting an elegant lady wearing competently rendered fine and expensive silk, velvet and lace. Shared based on hearsay is that the subject is thought to be Nelly Gwyn, an actress and a mistress of a friend of Charles II who "gave her" to Charles; Charles II dying words were about three of his mistresses - one of them Nell, "Do not let Nell starve". The canvas was mounted on a second canvas and stretcher during the late eighteenth or early nineteenth century; the most minor in-painting to a few scattered abrasions.
(Dimensions: 24.75 by 29.75".)

107-112 - SOLD

Portrait, Lady with Book
Early 19th Century - SOLD

Oil on board in painted frame.
Dimensions: 29 by 35-inch frame, 24 by 30-inch view.

816-5 - SOLD

Pastel Portrait, Two Children Posed with Their Dog, a Spaniel
Circa 1835 to 1845
The paining remains in fine and bright original condition - SOLD

This unsigned work, depicting siblings with beautiful eyes; the girl wearing a white dress and a coral bead bracelet, wears a purse on her side depicting a girl and a sheep, possibly the characters of the nursery rhyme. The boy wears a blue dress with a white lace collar and bodice, and coral bead bracelet, and holds a spaniel on his lap. The work is mounted in a period molded wood frame. There is a very small minor smudge to ear of chair. The right and left edges have a thin strip of paper, approximately 5/8" applied to them, and look to be contemporary with the work. They are barely noticeable unless under very close inspection, minor smudge to ear of chair.
(Dimensions: 27.75 by 29.75" frame, 19.5 by 21.5" sight-size.)

216-434 - SOLD

Zedekiah Belknap, Portrait of Lady
Confidently Attributed
Oil on Wood Panel
Early 19th Century - SOLD

Evident is Belknap's signature style; emblematic traits such as color, detail of costume and hairstyle; the dark outlines, full mouth, sharply outlined eyes and flat ear painted on prepared panel scored with diagonal lines simulating canvas twill. The painting remains in original condition with no visible damage or in-painting. Sitter information, location (NY) and date of 1821 in pencil on verso) (20.75 by 26" unframed)

958-14 - SOLD

Portrait, Beautiful Young Lady, Folk Portrait
Attributed to Asahel Lynde Powers (1813 to 1843)
Late 1830's
Oil on canvas - SOLD

Powers, born at Springfield, Vermont likely painted this portrait when traveling the northeast, perhaps at New York State. The vibrant subject displays features attributed to Powers such as black dots on fichu, detail of scarf; hand with floral still life and more. The painting remains on original stretcher and is in excellent condition with only two tiny repaired punctures, all else fine. The portrait is mounted within a period, boldly figured curly maple frame.
Dimensions: 29.5 by 34.75" frame, 23.75 by 29" sight-size.

570-220 - SOLD

Portrait, Josephine Connor
Life Size, at age of three months
John Denny Conner (1820 to 1884)
Fulton County, Illinois
Oil on canvas - SOLD

Bears a hand written label on verso inscribed: "Portrait of Josephine Conner, Life size, at age of three months. Painted by her father, John Denny Conner, at Bloomington, Ill, in the summer of 1846. Josephine Conner, only child of John D. and Minerva Conner, was born June 25, 1846. Died September 9, 1886. Age 40 yrs, . 2 mos. 15 days. I Minerva Louise Atkins, only daughter of Allan C. and Josephine Atkins, became the possessor of this 'picture' in 1886. I bequeath it to my eldest son, Gordon Wayne Moore, with the instruction to hand it down to the eldest child (boy or girl) from one generation to another. I also wish each recipient to affix their name and age also "Date of Death" of preceding possessor. I - Minerva Louisa Atkins Moore (the present possessor); at Bloomington, Ill, Feb 2nd 1878."
The portrait is lined and remains in excellent condition; mounted within a period stenciled block-corner molded frame. Additional information available. (Frame: 14 by 16"; view: 9.5 by 11.5")

826-47 - SOLD

Portrait, Lady in Blue, Pastel
Original frame and condition - SOLD

(Frame: 12.25 by 15.5"; view: 9.5 by 12.75")

545-3 - SOLD

Portrait of a Man
Oil on Board - SOLD

Oil on board bust length portrait of a man wearing a black cravat, wing collar, string for spectacles, in a grain painted frame, some paint loss in lower right corner. (11.75-inches x 16.25-inches framed, 9-inches x 13.5-inches.)

467-12 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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