Folk Art Walking Stick, Wrought Iron Cane, Coiled Serpent

Unidentified... possibly African American

Folk Art Walking Stick, Wrought Iron Cane, Coiled Serpent, Image 1

An outstanding hand wrought folk art walking stick... the cane with concave dimple on top of grip tapers to the flaring ferrule also with dimple. The cane featuring a coiled serpent was wrought by a master blacksmith displaying great talent. Snakes are powerful creatures in belief and lore... the imagery presents itself in stories and art, canes, toys, sculptures and more. For most of us, a coiled snake is a sign of ill fate. In Africa and for its people dispersed from their homeland, iron is a revered material that can activate spiritual power, the blacksmith, a master of transformation and supernatural power may have created this stick. It is unknown if the artist/creator of this snake-cane was African American however blacksmithing was a prominent trade skill for Black makers in the United States, both before Emancipation and after, the symbolism embodied in both the material and the composition suggests this as a possibility. The cane was purportedly found in Virginia.

Date: Likely 1870 - 1925

Measurement: Length: 35.25"

Material: Wrought iron, traces of old black paint

Condition: Fine, scatted trivial light surface rust


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