Painting, Battle of Lexington (1775), After Cornelius Tiebout

Engraver: Cornelius Tiebout, 1777-1832, American, New York

Painting, Battle of Lexington (1775), After Cornelius Tiebout, Image 1

Artist: Elkanah Tisdale, 1768-1835, Lebanon, Connecticut 1771 - after 1834 (?)
Minutemen firing on the British in Lexington, Massachusetts
Photograph of Verso Detail Prior to Lining:
Painted by John J. Rogers August / 1834
Presented to his Grandson E. Reid Whittimore / 1879
Battle of Lexington

Date: 1834

Measurement: Frame: 35.25" x 25.25"; view: 30.25" x 20.25"

Material: Oil on canvas

Condition: Lined, new stretcher and frame; small nick to paing at 5 o'clock seen as a white spot; a few very minor trivial "touches". Displays well, great color.