Antique, Mathematics & Ciphering Book, Wallpaper Cover

41 Pages, Laid Paper, Both Sides [82 pages], John Gere 1797/1798, Schoolmaster or Student, Mehetable Geres [sic] Book - MARCH 11TH - 1820

Antique, Mathematics & Ciphering Book, Wallpaper Cover, Image 1

Mathematical definitions, arithmetic formulas, calculations, exercises, and problems Likely a teacher's handwritten lesson planning book, 41-pages both sides filled front-to-back with basic to advanced mathematical and measuring exercises, rules and examples; time, apothecaries and weights... John appears to have been the original owner with Mehetable probably his daughter.

Date: 1820

Measurement: 13" x 8.25"

Condition: Generally, very good condition with typical minor edge losses to cover. Pages are folded in half then stitched into wallpaper cover. Spine is partially split.


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