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Ditty Box, A.K.A., Document,
bureau or Trinket Box,
Applied Moldings, Original Surface
New England, circa 1820s

The lid, slightly projecting with applied molding; diamond form molding applied with clinched nails. A conforming molding ornaments the front of box which sits on a molded base. The box retains original iron hardware and red surface.
(Height: 6"; width: 13.75"; depth: 9")



Trinket Box, Bureau Box, Original Surface,
Applied and Inlaid Ornament Unknown Maker,
Found in Pennsylvania, Late 19th Century Likely unique,
made by a gentleman for his sweetheart


The lid with rounded corners features a pair of target-center stars set-in circular disks. The case features carved and applied plant-like devices; interior is upholstered in tacked red cotton with green brushed cotton trim. The uniform lid-lifting is caused by shrinkage…dry heat of winter; easily laid-down by adjusting hinges.
(Fabric loss to base of interior, else fine; height: 7.25"; width: 14.5"; depth: 9.5")



Slide-Lid Miniature Box with Truncated Square [canted corners] Pyramid Handle, Box Carved from Solid Pine
Anonymous, 19th Century,
White Pine, Brown Stain with Hint of Red

The box and handle are worked from a solid piece of wood; slide lid featured gouge-carved thumbpiece. (Mentioned for accuracy, tight short hairline fissure horizontal to canted lid track;
(overall length: 4.75"; width: 2"; height: 2")



Rectangular Wallpaper Box, Bright Blue, Brown & White American, 19th Century

Top features a panel of light brown leafy-devices against celadon ground; under the lid rim is found printed paper featuring diagonal stipes in blue resembling bed ticking material. Very good condition with extremely minor lifting and paper loss to very small section of base edge; features rectangular gold gilt on pink paper label that is intact with curling corners. (7.5 x 4.5 x 4")



Round Band Box, Blue Paper, Contains Old Recipes

Antique Round Band Box in Blue Paper, Contains Old Recipies, angle view

(Condition commensurate with age and use; H: 2"; diameter: 4")



Paint Decorated Trinket Box, Letter, Ribbon, Faux Grained, Stenciled Grapes
Lined with blue paper; New England, 1830’s (History inscribed within)

Antique Paint Decorated Trinket Box with Inscription Under Lid, 1830's, angle view

(8.25 by 5.25 by 2.5”)



Antique Paint Decorated Trinket Box with Inscription Under Lid, 1830's, with ruler for scale
Antique Paint Decorated Trinket Box with Inscription Under Lid, 1830's, open view
Antique Paint Decorated Trinket Box with Inscription Under Lid, 1830's, letter detail

Spice Chest, Original Brown Surface, Yellow Lettering, Porcelain Knobs
Late 19th Century

Molded top over case of twelve drawers, the case resting on applied bracket base
(One partial foot restored; minor imperfections to a few drawer lip-corners; the back feet are joined by bracket which is not original; the feet are original; glue blocks replaced, else fine and original; H: 20.75"; W: 16"; D: 9.5")



Shipping Box, Lidded Crate, Welcome Greene, Providence, R.I., By Capt. Folger

Antique Shipping Box/Lidded Crate from Providence, Rhode Island, angle view

Small box, No. 2, sent by Capt. Folger to Welcome Arnold Green
The lid pierced by nails, minor wear/imperfections commensurate with age and use.
(H: 5.25”, W: 12”, D: 6.75”)



Antique Shipping Box/Lidded Crate from Providence, Rhode Island, top detail
Antique Shipping Box/Lidded Crate from Providence, Rhode Island, side and label detail
Antique Shipping Box/Lidded Crate from Providence, Rhode Island, hinge detail

18th Century Iron Bound Valuables and Documents Box with Till
The projecting lid and base carved to receive case, nifty

Antique Iron Bound Valuables and Documents Box, 18th Century, entire view

(Old imperfections to right side; base corners, couple terminuses to iron straps missing; generally very good considering age and use.)
(H: 3.75”, W: 10.25”, D: 7.25”)



Antique Iron Bound Valuables and Documents Box, 18th Century, open view
Antique Iron Bound Valuables and Documents Box, 18th Century, rear angle view

Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Dressing Box, Toilet Box, Exotic Wood, Mother of Pearl and Brass Inlays, Fitted Interior Victorian, anonymous maker - SOLD

Fancy Travel or Sewing Box

The hinged lid opens to fitted velvet interior containing glass jars and bottles and tools. The tray accommodating tools is removeable (Height: 6.5"; width: 11.5"; depth: 8.25")

659-185 - SOLD

Oval Band Box, Spice, Pantry, Harvard Type, Transfer Decoration
New England, 19th Century, Often Attributed to Shakers, Tack and Peg
Maple and pine - SOLD

Transfer printed decoration; birds, cat, basket of fruits, nests of eggs; the bottom displays THE BATTERY, New York; top with large exotic bird; entire lid-band with fancy transfer. Perhaps for a child or a reward of merit; we have never seen another example. (Fine original condition; H: 2"; W: 5.5"; D: 4")

274-177 - SOLD

Carved Box, Human Forms with Praying Hands; Perhaps an Alms Box, Folky
Anonymous, Early 18th Century; or Earlier, Simple Joinery, “T” Head Nails
A terrific little walnut wall box displaying great color - SOLD

Antique Carved Box with Human Forms in Prayer, Early 18th Century, angle view

(H: 5.75”, W: 4.5”, D: 4.75”)

1032-185 - SOLD

Alms Box, Oak and Wrought Iron
Dutch, 17th or Early 18th Century - SOLD

(Good condition; H: 8.5", W: 5.75", D: 5")

1012-48 - SOLD

Antique Recipe Box, Original Painted Decoration, Reminiscent of Tole Ornamentation Machine Finger Dovetail Joinery - SOLD

The top with canted edges, striping and little hearts over conforming box displaying undulating, dot and leaf decoration centering a bird on branch. (5 5/8 x 3.25 x 4.25”)

110-868 - SOLD

Folk Art Egyptian Style Carved Sarcophagus Form Footed Box
Anonymous, Likely Early 20th Century - SOLD

Folk Art Egyptian Style Sarcophagus Form Box, Likely Early 20th Century, angle view

Top and sides relief carved with figures and hieroglyphics, interior fitted with three compartments. (Excellent condition; loss to tip of head crown which will easily be restored; H: 5.75"; L: 18"; W: 3.75")

1121-3 - SOLD

Antique Box, Lidded Trinket Chest, Make-Do “H” Hinge, Original Surface History
New England, 19th Century
Simple lap construction, wrought iron “H” hinge, early red graining over blue, nice surface - SOLD

Antique Lidded Trinket Chest/Box with Make Do 'H' Hinge, 19th Century, angle view

(5.5 by 4 by 3.75”)

201-463 - SOLD

Early Storage Box, Round Bandbox, Original Paint and Decorative Upholstery Tacks
New England, Early 19th Century
Great foundation for stack or to be displayed atop chest; tack and peg construction - SOLD

(Excellent condition, old and minor smallish bit of wood loss to cover at rim, else fine; H: 10.5"; diameter: 15.5")

632-30 - SOLD

Cake Box, Bentwood Donut Box, Original Paint and Decoration
Pennsylvania, Circa 1840 to 1860
Ash and poplar
Green and yellow painted decoration on a ground of broadly brushed black on red painted faux graining. Carved and pierced handle fitted to locking lid. Nice old patina - SOLD

(Excellent original condition; H: 8"; diameter: 11.25")

1096-57 - SOLD

Hatbox, Blue Bandbox, Erie Canal, also called Grand Canal, Extremely Rare
Circa 1830
See Hat Boxes and Bandboxes at the Shelburne Museum by Lillian Baker Carlisle (1960), pages 132, 133 and 134. - SOLD

Top water stained, top very fragile and not attached to banding in several places.
(Generally very good, condition consistent with age and use; lid with soiling and fading; couple seam separations where lid joined to lid side; conservation tape applied to these mentioned sections; H: 12.5", W: 21", D: 17")

475-83 - SOLD

Tinned Oval Box, Original Red with Eagle Decoration
Transfer Printed Great Seal Centered by Wreath of Leaves and Flowers
19th Century - SOLD

(Very good condition, minor dings consistent with age and use; H: 1.25", W: 6", D: 3")

336-49 - SOLD

Carter's Inks Retail Display Show Case, Countertop, Oak
Vintage, probably turn of 20th century
Hand lettering with gold gilt and large decal, excellent original condition - SOLD

(H: 16.25"; W: 18.25"; D: 12.25")

647-166 - SOLD

Railroad Car Station Approach Register, Scrolling, Maine and New Hampshire
Next Stop Cities and Towns Painted on Rolling Scroll within Walnut Viewing Box
Stops for Great Falls, South Berwick Junction, Exeter and several more
Nineteenth Century - SOLD

(H: 5.25"; W: 7.25"; D: 4")

906-4 - SOLD

Nantucket Sea Captains Liquor Chest with Blown Glass Bottles, Original Paint
Samuel Barret, Whaling Master of the Ship Sally
Nantucket, Massachusetts
Circa 1821 - SOLD

The molded and cleated lid is hung from original copper hinges and retains its original painted surface; S. BARRETT 1821; the front of the dovetail joined case displays pinwheel and star decoration and features a copper heart-shaped escutcheon; the interior fitted with twelve 18th century olive green colored gin bottles. Samuel Barrett was born on Nantucket January 29th, 1793 to Nathaniel Barrett and Margaret Brock (or Coffin). He was the Whaling Master on the ship Sally, Nantucket, Massachusetts, 1820.
(See Whaling Masters, Compiled by the Federal Writers Project, WPA of Massachusetts) H: 12"; W: 19.5"; D: 14.25"

274-152 - SOLD

Oval Wallpaper Band Box, With Mirror
19th Century - SOLD

Fiberboard and pine covered with bright wallpaper, very good condition.
(W: 6")

532-23 - SOLD

French Porcelain Box
19th Century - SOLD

The box is marked on the bottom.
Dimensions: 1.25-inches high, 2.5-inches wide, 2-inches deep.

230-52 - SOLD

Mahogany Box with Inlay - SOLD

19th Century bracket base mahogany box with delicate vine and star inlay.
Dimensions: 4.5-inches high, 9-inches long, 5.5-inches deep.

333-100 - SOLD

Utility Box, Original Paint
New England
19th Century - SOLD

Chamfered lid, leather hinges and lock hasp; lovely raspberry-red paint with nice dry patina, simple lapped square nailed construction. (H: 5.5"; W: 12.5"; D: 5.5")

547-4 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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