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American Made Revolutionary War Period Musket, Unmarked, Walnut Stock; Clean
American Made and British Components - SOLD

The stock featuring a terrific raised plateau around barrel tang displays nice color and a rich patina; overall excellent original condition with only the most minor age imperfections (sounds so nitpicky); tiny-bit of very old fill surrounds buttplate tang pin and the trigger guard pins. The cheek side of channel ridge displays an extremely small dip between first and second pipes; perhaps a sixteenth-inch deep tapering out to nothing; (about .75-inch) smooth like glass displaying great color and patina (Not noticeable, mentioned as full disclosure). Frizzen was refaced during early working period. The gun is mounted with brass furniture from a British pattern; there are three plain brass rammer pipes, and no tail pipe; brass trigger guard, American butt plate, and sheet brass nose cap. The American lock is unmarked; iron pan with fence and no bridle, iron front sight, bayonet lug is under barrel. Iron ramrod is probably original. The 44.5-inch barrel is.75 caliber and has been shot out a little bit at muzzle to .78 caliber; overall length: 60-inches.



For further information, contact David Hillier or 978 597-8084.

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