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Mar/Apr 2019 Man At Arms Ad

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Buffalo Skinning-butchering Kit, Steel and Saw, Tiffany Knives, Richardson Saw, Rogers Steel

A scarcely encountered spectacular set of three staghorn handled knives by Tiffany, New York, and a bone saw by Richardson of Newark (established in 1859/1860), New Jersey; the steel by Joseph Rogers & Sons.
Likely marketed by Tiffany, each with silver/nickel shield (escutcheon) engraved “L.A.T.” Likely made for presentation; soft tanned cowhide scabbard measuring 6 by 14-inches. The bone saw, and sharpening steel are 12” long; two J. Russell-pattern skinning knives are nearly identical, 9" long with polished 5" blades marked "Tiffany & Co/Makers New York." The sticking knife is 10.25” overall, blasé measures 6.5-inches. Overall condition is excellent.



For further information, contact David Hillier or 978 597-8084.

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