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Pennsylvania, 19th Century; see Joe Kindig, Jr. Ad, Magazine Antiques, Jan. 1934
A fine Federal tiger maple, satinwood and mahogany slant lid desk

The slant-front opening to the interior fitted with three drawers flanked by prospect drawers, and two banks of four cubby holes over four drawers, the lid inlaid with a spread-winged eagle bearing a shield within alternating mahogany and satinwood inlays within a block and line border, above four graduated beaded drawers; the beaded drawers flanked by canted corners inlaid to match the border on the slant lid, the base inlaid in a dentillated pattern and raised on pointed bracket feet, one document drawer inscribed on the side in black ink "Prince George Co. Md.," pencil inscriptions "lenth from Mich,/ Be not stat os on I'll choak you [SIC]/ miss May Shank/ Boarderstown N.J./ Miss Edith Gillberry/ Ty...Pa.," and on the other side in pencil "Property of M.B. Moffit (?)/ Buffalo, N.Y." (Dimensions: 45.25" high by 39.25" wide by 20.75" deep; brasses and base restored.)

LITERATURE: Illustrated on the inside cover of "THE MAGAZINE ANTIQUES, January 1934, in an advertisement for Joe Kindig, Jr. The advertisement depicts three examples of period eagle inlay, with the upper left example from the Guthman desk.



For further information, contact David Hillier or 978 597-8084.