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The Main House Gallery, MH14
Offerings from Our Discriminating Dealers and Consignors

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Stoneware Cooler/Keg, 19th Century

good condition
(7.5" long)



PA Maganese Bottle, Great Form

7.5" x 4"



Woodlands Ash Burl Ladle, Early 19th C, New England

Length: 11"



Patriotic Tin Hat, Red, White & Blue

Patriotic Tin Hat, Red, White & Blue



18th Century American Staved Keg Canteen
Ex. Wm Guthman - SOLD

Great color, form and condition.
dimensions: 10" x 7" x 8"

MH14-33 - SOLD

19th Century Miniature Tea Caddy

Mahogany with canted sides, original surface, hinges and clasp.
dimensions:5" x 2.75"



Stanley #44 Bit & Square Level,
Original Early Green Box, Patented Nov 16, 1886 by Justus Traut

Note USA is not included on the label. Stanley did not start adding USA to the labels until 1898. A fine & early example



LL Davis Mantle Clock Inclinometer in Original Box - SOLD

Underside of box lid retains original yellow instruction label. Outer label on box is complete. Fine condition in a rare box


MH14-31 - SOLD

Carved Burl Ash Bowl, NE, Early 19th Century

Great color & texture, slightly oblong with high trapezoidal ends and pierced handholds



Art Deco Watering Can, c1930-1940

Circular watering can with tapered oblong flat spout with flat curved handle, rustic patina



Painted & Lettered Civil War Militia Tin Canteen

Angled side loops, black with dark yellow lettering.
Dimensions: Diameter: 4.5"



Gallon Pewter Double Volute Measure,
CM Verification for Commonwealth of Mass, c1750-1850

Baluster form with double reeding on body and rim, robust fluer-de-lis detailed thumbpiece.
Dimensions: Height 11".



Ruddy Turnstone Bird Decoy, New Jersey, Long Island, New York, Cape Cod, c1910

A colorful and seldom seen species that was not widely hunted.
A rare form in shorebird decoys.
Dimensions: length 9".



Masonic Eagle Calabash, GIV-42

Perfect Condition.
Dimensions: 9".



Summer/Winter Flask, GX-16, Half Pint

Perfect Condition.
Dimensions: 6.25".



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For More Information on these items, call 978-597-8084 or DRH@AAAWT.COM

Antique Associates at West Townsend offers limited Room and Case Dealer space at favorable rates for dealers and dealer-collectors to exhibit high quality antiques, art and antique arms. Learn About Our Dealer Space online, or contact Lynn Hillier, our Main House Manager, at LCH@AAAWT.COM or 978-597-8084 with any questions. Many long time dealers and collectors are giving up the daily shop routine, and letting AAAWT's Main House Staff work for them.

If consigning is more your taste, David Hillier, AAAWT's Founder and Broker, can help you with Consignment Terms and No-Risk Brokerage Programs information. 80% of our 5000+ offering are consigned to us by dealers, collectors, and estates, who are tired of absorbing the risk and financial burdens of the auction venue. Let David Hillier DRH@AAAWT.COM walk you through our full service process.

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