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Antique Associates at West Townsend

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Abraham Lincoln Plaster
Portrait Bust, No Beard,
Signed: “J.S. Sculptor – 1860”
232-396 $8,350

Julius Brutus Stearns
(1810-1885) Family
Group Portrait Within
Domestic Interior
1125-62 $18,000

Joseph Blackburn, Portrait,
Beautiful Young Lady in Blue,
Sarah [Reade] de Peyster
1125-66 - SOLD

Antique, Candle Chandelier,
Cage Hoop Three Tier
Conical Form, 21 Sockets
Second half of 19th C.
171-177 $2,150

Profile Portrait of Gentleman
in Profile, Confidently
Attributed to Saint Memin
1125-67 $5,600

Large Paint Decorated
American Painted Tin Trunk,
Tole Folk Art, 13-Inches
809-92 $6,250

Linen Press, Swan’s Neck
Pediment, Inlayed,
Mid-Atlantic, Outstanding
Original Brasses
271-82 $5,250

Silver Bar Cent Facsimile,
only 12 Struck, Obverse:
USA in Monogram,
Reverse: Series of Bars
849-116 $4,200

Miniature Portrait on
Ivory in Locket,
Young Boy, Signed:
John Carlin (1813-1891)
1125-63 - SOLD

Queen Anne Slant
Lid Desk, Fine Fitted
Blocked and Shell
Carved Interior Rhode Island
271-81 $5,600

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