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Nineteenth Century Trade
Sign, Blacksmith, F.E.
Barrows, Anvil & Loping
Horse Paris, Maine
1310-136 - SOLD

Nineteenth Century
Painting, Gluek’s
Brewery, Minneapolis
977-67 - SOLD

Cheesebox Canteen, War of
1812 Period, Painted Blue,
Signed: E. Barrett
New England
473-46 $1,365

Cheesebox Canteen, War of
1812 Period, Painted
Sage Green, New England
473-44 - SOLD

Cheesebox Canteen, War of
1812 Period, Painted &
Numbered 27, New England
473-45 - SOLD

Cheesebox Canteen, War of
1812 Period, Painted &
Stenciled “P.G.”,
Prescott Guards
532-169 - SOLD

Canteen, Cheese Box,
War of 1812, Original
Red/Bittersweet Paint,
Signed E. Barrett
473-47 - SOLD

Canteen, Cheese Box,
Original Black & Red
Paint, Signed: BURR,
Leather Sling Straps
473-43 $1,275

19th C. Whirligig, Mustached
Soldier Wearing Tails,
Metal Epaulettes, Bicorn
Hat Anonymous
632-132 - SOLD

Carved and Painted Large
Wooden Bowl, Turtle Head
Handles, Original Paint
Possibly New York
505-157 - SOLD

Antique Redware Jar,
Domed Lid, Decorated
with Manganese Daubs
1256-51 $2,050

Spaulding’s Revolving
Beehive, Painted Decoration,
Cheese-box Design
928-127 - SOLD

Antique Wrought Iron
Rotary Toaster, Art
and Utility Combined
1256-72 - SOLD


Apple Tray, Box Raised
on Cast Iron Button
Feet, Great Original
Paint and Patina
505-161 - SOLD

Treenware Trencher,
Original Chrome
Yellow Paint
532-168 - SOLD

Early American Candle
Lantern, Wood Frame,
Glazed, Tin Socket & Drip Pan
1256-87 $1,725

Early New England Butter
Churn, Original Condition
Including Plunger & Dasher
1187-50 - SOLD

Exceedingly Rare Doctors
Apothecary Chest, New
England, Likely Massachusetts
928-126 - SOLD

Cast Iron Heart, Swing
Saw Counterweight, L.
Houston Co., Montgomery, PA
431-140 - SOLD

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