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19th Century American
Paint Decorated Tall Clock
1273-8 $1,900

Antique Federal Cherry
Tall Case Clock by Simeon
Crane. Original Condition
270-161 $9,875


Antique Folk Art
Painting on Panel,
Prized Bull Standing in Stall
879-127 $4,850

Antique Seichour Oriental
Rug, Bidjov Design
Second half of 19th C.
1310-121 $4,250

Shirvan Semi-Antique
Oriental Rug Southwest Persia
First quarter 20th century
1310-122 - SOLD

Candle Lantern, Wood and
Glass, Original Green,
and Red Paint
314-115 - SOLD

Matched Pair, Fan-Back
Windsor Side Chairs,
314-98 $2,395

Sand Weighted Adjustable
Candlestand, For Shop or
Office, Adjustable Arm
413-62 - SOLD

18th Century Oval
Top Tea table,
Historic Painted Surface
1345-3 - SOLD

British Royal Artillery
Priming Horn, 5th Battalion
424-367 - SOLD

British Royal Artillery
Priming Horn, 7th Battalion
424-368 - SOLD


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