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Antique Associates at West Townsend

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19th Century Horse & Sulky
w/ Driver Weathervane
Attributed to Jewell & Co.,
Waltham, MA, circa 1860
1006-6 $7,500

Weathervane, Formal Prancing
Horse, Rochester Iron
Works (By Tradition)
New Hampshire, Rochester
171-199 $12,000

Weathervane, Steam Powered
Fire Engine Vintage,
first half of 20th century
1387-2 $28,500

Weathervane, Rooster,
Full Bodied,
Honest Verdigris Surface
1310-154 $3,600

Pair of Folk
Portraits, Siblings,
Brother, and Sister
1443-2 $3,475

19th Century, Matched Set,
Windsor Dining Chairs, Painted
New England, circa 1810-1820
1120-83 $5,650

Native American Ledger
Drawing, Armed Warrior &
Soldier on Horseback, Plains
1335-53 SOLD

Trade Sign,
19th Century
1002-396 SOLD

Early American Candle
Lantern, Wood Frame,
Glazed, Tin Socket & Drip Pan
1256-87 $1,725

Antique Work Basket
in Original Bittersweet
and Black Paint, Ash Splint
1256-68 $1,375

Redware Jug,
Bristol County,
984-3 $3,485

Redware Plate, Coggled Rim,
Yellow Slip Decoration,
Inscribed N.B
621-122 $1,750

Redware Loaf Pan, Marys
(sic) Dish, Yellow Slip
Decoration, Smith
and Day Pottery
621-110 $2,495

Redware Plate, Coggled
Rim, Yellow Slip Decoration,
Inscribed St. Aloysius,
within Scroll & Dots
621-112 $1,750

Redware Dish, Dryville
Pottery, Pennsylvania, Green
and Brown Four Quill Slip
1124-7 $5,200

Redware Plate, Coggled Rim,
Yellow Slip Decoration,
ABC above Scroll and Dash
621-121 $1,750

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