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March 2020 Maine Antiques Digest Ad
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March 2020 MAD.....Follow the links or Full Pics and Descriptions

Man Holding a Red Bible, Attributed to Royal Brewster 
Smith, Folk Portrait
Likely Maine, Circa 1830
Oil on canvas

Portrait, Royal Brewster
Man Holding Red Bible
608-63 $13.800

Vintage Candelabrum, Shabby Chic, Wood, Iron, Gesso and 


Vintage Candelabrum
Shabby Chic, Wood, Iron

1271-18 $865

 Antique Shaker Utensil Carrier, Cutlery Box, Original 

Bittersweet/Red Paint
Mount Lebanon, New York, 19th Century (Maple)

Shaker Utensil Carrier
Cutlery Box, Red
532-134 $2,125

 Antique Painted Blanket Chest on Tall Ogee Cutout Feet, 

Original Red Paint
New England, Circa 1800-1825
Outstanding front and side foot profiles

Painted Blanket Chest
Tall Ogee Cut-out Feet
431-82 $7,600


 J.A. Davis, Watercolor Portrait of a Lady Holding Book
New England, 1830s (Jane Anthony, b. 1821, D. 1855)

J.A.Davis Watercolor
Lady Holding a Book
898-30 $2,300

Antique Painting, Hudson River Valley Landscape by James B. Hope (1818-1892)
Oil on canvas, original stretcher and gilt frame

Hudson River Valley
Landscape, James Hope

1039-62 $11,750

Antique, Fine Japanned Lacquered Chinoiserie Tall Clock
by Alexander Watson London, 1735 -1745

Fine Japanned Lacquered Chinoiserie Tall Clock
Alexander Watson,London.
1008-75 $7,350

Antique, Large Native American Carved Burl Bowl, Great 

Color & Patina
Northeast America, Early 19th Century

Native American Bowl
Carved Burl
1340-1 $6,950.


Andirons, Chippendale, Flame & Diamond Head, Baluster Shaft, Stepped Plinth Paul Revere Type, Raised on Cabriole Legs Resting on Claw & Ball Feet
New York, Circa 1760-1780

Chippendale Andirons
Flame and Diamond
632-31 $10,375


Antique Paint Decorated Bed, Turned Posts, Scrolled Headboard, Original Paint

Paint Decorated Bed
Turned Posts, Headboard

532-131 $2,750


Brass Andirons, Stepped Penny Feet, Vertical Ribbing atop Urn Finial
Last Quarter 18th Century
Probably Philadelphia

Antique Brass Andirons
Stepped Penny Feet
424-125 $2,165


Antique Step-Back Cupboard, Original Red Paint and Brass Hardware New England, Early 19th Century

Stepback Cupboard
Original Red Paint
1210-15 $4,250


 Childs Arched Wingback Necessary Chair, Potty in Original Mustard Paint

Childs Wingback
Necessary Chair, Potty
987-25 $795


Antique Child’s Windsor Sack-back Armchair, RARE
New York City, circa 1790

Childs Windsor Sack-back
Armchair NY City

431-108 SOLD


Large Sansom Medal, Circa 1879, Very rare, 46mm, Bronze

Childs Chippendale
Side Chair, Ct.
210-266 $4,875


Antique Rocking Chair, Child’s, Original Red, White and Blue Paint
New England, circa 1800-1840 Best paint, splats display strawberry decoration

Childs Rocking Chair
Red,White, & Blue

1039-56 $6,900


Antique Miniature Paint Decorated Childs Blanket Chest
New England, Circa 1800-1820

Mini Childs Blanket Box
N. England C. 1820
431-105 $3,100


 Antique Paint Decorated Child’s Sled, A.B. Sawyer, 

Limington, Maine, Original Paint
American, 19th Century

Painted Childs Sled
A.B.Sawyer Maine 19th C

1340-3 $2,965


Eccleston Medal, Circa 1805, Bronze, Dark Chocolate Brown, Scarce, 75.66mm

Eccleston Medal, C 1805
Bronze Dark Choc. GW-88

1306-3 $2,125


The Halliday Medal, Circa 1797, Bronze, Chocolate Brown, 
Very Rare, 54mm

Halliday Medal, C 1797
Bronze, Choc. Brown GW-57.
1306-2 $13,800


 Medallic Washington, Volume 1 & 2 by Neil Musante A catalogue of struck, cast and manufactured coins, tokens and medals issued in
commemoration of George Washington 1777 - 1890

Medallic Washington
Catalogue, Musante,Vol 1&2
1306-16 $225


Fame Medal, Circa 1803, Very Rare, Outstanding, 39mm, Less Than 12 Extant

Fame Medal C.1803
GW-87 Very Rare

1306-4 $5,625


Large Sansom Medal, Circa 1879, Very rare, 46mm, Bronze

Sansom Medal First Reissue
C. 1859 GW-59
1306-6 $1,150


The Twig Medal, White Metal, Rare, 35.44mm, after a Joseph Wright Engraving

The Twig Medal
White Metal GW-38

1306-10 $2,100


 Harris & Clark Grate Cent, 2nd Obverse, Circa 1795

Harris & Clark Grate
Centennial Medal GW-50
1306-11 $1,350


Westwood Medal, 2nd Reverse, Bronze, Circa 1800, Scarce, 40.75mm GW-83

Westwood Medal
. 2nd Reverse. GW-83

1306-9 $1,965


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