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Tape Loom, Carved
from the Solid, Great Patina
New England, circa 1800
424-336 - SOLD

Antique Barber Pole,
Turned Wood, Historic Paint
and Iron Hanger,
Circa 1870-1910
928-92 - SOLD

Folk Art, Pastel Profile
Portrait of Young Man,
American School Likely
Midwest, [Ohio] Anonymous
210-290 $5,250

Black Bellied Plover
Decoy in Striking Position
Unknown Maker, Probably
North Shore of Massachusetts
710-61 $7,950

Early New England
Tabletop Valuables Box,
Bible Box, Original Red
290-56 $1,975

Outstanding Large Carved
Wooden Spoon Ladle,
Household & Cooking Chores
879-85 $465


Antique, Ladies Fans,
Embroidered, Turned Wood
Handles Likely French,
circa 1850
497-133 $850

Eighteenth Century Ash
Burl Mortar, Rich Color
and Patina, Small
Size American
171-153 $685

Quill Pen Weathervane,
Likely A.L. Jewell & Co.,
Waltham, Massachusetts
Original Surface
449-21 - SOLD

Diddlin Dora’s / Madam
DuFran, Historic Brothel
Sign / The Old West,
South Dakota Cathouse
308-556 - SOLD


Antique Basket, Rectangular
Gathering Basket, Original
Paint, Carved Side Handles
210-292 $5,600

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