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Miniature Blanket Chest, Trinket Box, Original Paint, Reel Spool Feet, Till, Mortise & Tenon, Dovetailed Likely Pennsylvania, 19th Century (pine, competently joined)

The top with projecting molding joined by mortice and tenon joints and wood pegs over a dovetailed case containing lidded till; molded base resting on halved spool feet.
(Fine original condition; Height: 6.75"; width: 11.75"; depth: 6.75")



Dome Top Box, Small Size Trunk, Paint Decorated, Original Salmon/Creamy-white Surface New England, Early 19th Century, Pine

A small document trunk featuring broadly brushed salmon painted decoration; box retains interior vapor barrier molding and iron lock; very good original condition. (Height: 10"; width: 21.5"; depth: 11.5")



Workbox Paint Decorated and Stenciled, Likely New York, Circa 1830 Poplar and white pine

Original Painted and Stenciled Surface Dovetail joinery, ball feet, original hardware; bronze powder stenciling and yellow trim over black and red faux graining; the interior retains original blue paint.(width: 12”, depth: 6.5”, height: 6 3/8”)



Document Box, Paint Decorated, Likely New England, 19th Century
Please call for full description, and/or discussion

Antique Paint Decorated Document Box, Likely New England, 19th Century, angle view

(13 by 9 by 5”)



Antique Paint Decorated Document Box, Likely New England, 19th Century, entire view
Antique Paint Decorated Document Box, Likely New England, 19th Century, open view

Folk Painted Document Box, Green Yellow and Red Decoration
Anonymous, 19th Century
A deep box with molded overhanging lid; retains brass lock hasp, lock and key

Antique Folk Painted Document Box, Anonymous, 19th Century, angle view

(Craquelure paint; 9.75 by 15.75 by 11.75")



Antique Folk Painted Document Box, Anonymous, 19th Century, open view
Antique Folk Painted Document Box, Anonymous, 19th Century, front view

Schoolgirl Decorated Workbox, Original, As Found Condition
New England, Probably North Shore Massachusetts
Circa 1800 to 1830

In as found original condition, thinning shellac confined to back of top, dry surface, all else very good. (H: 4.25"; W: 13"; D: 8.5")



Box, Trinket or Document Box, Paint Decorated, Stenciled
Northeast, America
Circa 1825

Rectangular box of dovetail construction retaining original brass hardware and raised on ball-feet; each panel is ornamented with fancy decoration; top and front panels display painted fruits and foliage within painted border. The box measures 6.75" tall by 12" wide by 6" deep and remains in good original condition having overall surface dings and replaced rear feet.



Dresser Box, Paint Decorated, Smoked, Stenciled and Freehand Decoration, Original Surface, Pine
New England, Early 19th Century
Market fresh, consigned by original family

Antique Paint Decorated Dresser Box in Original Surface, New England, 19th Century, angle view

(Extremely minor imperfections, small chip to side of drawer bead, two little nails added, brass pulls not original yet easy to install period hardware; H: 7.5”, W: 15”, D: 6.5”)



Antique Paint Decorated Dresser Box in Original Surface, New England, 19th Century, with ruler for scale
Antique Paint Decorated Dresser Box in Original Surface, New England, 19th Century, open view

Box, Slide Lid, Smoke Paint Decorated

Lid has a bow, but opens/closes.
Dimensions: 9 3/4" H by 6 5/8" W by 4 1/4" D.



Slide Lid Candle Box, Original Surface History, Shell Carved Handhold
New England, Early 19th Century
Ochre Graining over original red paint

Antique Slide Lid Candle Box with Original Surface History, Early 19th Century, angle view

(Very good condition, scattered minor paint losses to edges as expected; H: 6.75”, W: 12.5”, D: 9.5”)



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Table Top Box, Original Blue Paint, Decorated, Seated Woman Playing Lute, Man & Dog in Garden
Valuables, writing, bible; or other!
Anonymous, likely Northern European, 1805 - SOLD

Antique Table Top Box in Original Blue Paint and Paint Decoration, 1805, angle view

Rectangular top with shiplap battens and carved cleats; wrought iron strap-hinges; dovetail joined case on slightly projecting base.
The front panel displays wonderful ornamentation; traces of a man’s portrait and the date of 1805 remain on the top with perhaps 65% blue.
(W: 34”, H: 9.5”, D: 18”)

1202-8 - SOLD

Document Box, Records Box, Painted, New England, 1832 Bluish green paint, black and yellow trim, lap joinery… - SOLD

Some minor thinning paint to top following grain, the numeral two appears to have been changed to update the year date from 1831 to 1832. (Height: 5.75"; width: 12"; depth: 9")

532-118 - SOLD

Schoolgirl Paint Decorated Work Box, Landscape and Overall Vignettes
New England, Early 19th Century
Maple and white pine - SOLD

Antique Schoolgirl Paint Decorated Work Box, New England, 19th Century, angle view

(12 by 3.5 by 7.5")

1191-2 - SOLD

Paint Decorated Box, Fitted Interior, Butt Hinges, Green and White Paint
New England, 19th Century - SOLD

Green and White Paint Decorated Box with Butt Hinges, angle view

(Wear consistent with age and use, nice; H: 4.25", L: 17", D: 5.75")

201-394 - SOLD

Paint Decorated Box, Red on Yellow, Green Interior
New England, 19th Century - SOLD

Red on Yellow Paint Decorated Box with String Hinges, angle view 1

(Good condition, string hinges; H: 4.5", W: 8.25", D: 4.75")

201-403 - SOLD

Trunk, Paint Decorated, Flat Top, Vinegar Grained, Four Color, Original Paint
American, Early 19th Century
Clean bright paint, original hardware - SOLD

(Overall excellent condition with some wear, wood loss at top side edge of lower case that does not distract; H: 10.5", W: 24", D: 13")

191-437 - SOLD

Box, Candy Container, Bonbon, Chocolate, Lithograph, Watercolor on Glass Top
Anonymous, 19th Century
Brass bezels, embossed gold foil sides, blue paperboard interior - SOLD

(H: 1", diameter: 4.5")

1072-5 - SOLD

Candle Box, Slide Lid, Original pint Decoration, Dovetailed Joinery, Carved
New England, Early 19th Century
White pine - SOLD

Molded top with three gouge-carved finger-notches, vinegar gained
(Light scratches to top, will hide with scratch cover, else fine; H: 4.5"; W: 11.75"; D: 6.5")

532-56 - SOLD

Box, Candle Box Slide Lid, Molded and Carved, Original Blue Paint, Pegged
New England or Pennsylvania, Circa 1800 to 1825 - SOLD

Raised panel top featuring carved thumb-notch received by molded dato; dovetailed case on slightly projecting molded base.
(Good condition with expected wear; H: 6.25", L: 17.25", W: 13")

1002-147 - SOLD

Paint Decorated Trunk, Box, Original Fancy Paint
First half 19th Century
New England, possibly Maine
Basswood - SOLD

Fanciful, quick, proficient and colorful brush strokes that may be compared to those employed by painters of American painted tin-ware (tole). The frieze centering each panel is painted green within salmon faux inlay as frequently found on so many painted pieces of furniture decorated in Maine. Wire hinges refreshed with brass butt-hinges; we note a small ding that does not compromise or distract, on the back at hinge-rail.
(12 by 6.5 by 5.25")

532-46 - SOLD

Paint Decorated Trunk, Flat Top, Rag Rolled, Green and Reddish Brown
New England
Circa 1830
A clean and vibrant example made of poplar, dovetail joinery, retaining vapor barrier molding - SOLD

Poplar (H: 13"; W: 31"; D: 13.75", wire hinges retried with strap type)

532-35 - SOLD

Paint Decorated Trunk, Document Box, Original Surface
New England
Early 19th Century
Dovetail construction, red over drab mustard yellow, fine condition
White pine - SOLD

(W: 16"; H: 7.75"; D: 9")

532-25 - SOLD

Trunk, Painted, Paint Decorated
Ex Jean Lipman Collection
Northeastern United States
Original mustard yellow paint against a red ground - SOLD

Excellent original condition
(H: 11.25"; W: 24.5"; D: 13.5".)

191-368 - SOLD

Paint Decorated Coronet Case, Tapered and Domed, Original Surface
19th Century - SOLD

A wonderful musicians' case ornamented with a horn painted against a faux-grained ground framed in black and yellow; original brass and iron hardware.
(L: 14.75"; H: 5.5"; D: 8")

176-129 - SOLD

Polychrome Document Box - SOLD

Four color paint decorated 19th century box ex Fine Collection.
This nice size box with exceptional decoration has some in use paint loss.
Dimensions: 16.25-inches long by 5.25-inches tall by 8-inches deep.

816-15 - SOLD

Painted Wood Hat Box
New York - SOLD

The box is painted olive green, with a gilt stencil decoration of grapes on the lid and brass bands. Very good condition. The box measures 11-inches in height, 15.75-inches in width and 11.75-inches in depth.

348-60 - SOLD

Trunk, Box with Original Painted Decoration
Early 19th Century
White pine - SOLD

The rectangular lid with applied molding above dovetailed case having applied protruding base-molding. The box is painted black; front panel displays a stenciled four-color pinwheel surrounded by decorative devices centered within a stylized four-color stenciled frieze. (Excellent condition; 12" by 19.75" by 12.5")

497-63 - SOLD

Painted Wooden Strongbox - SOLD

With black paint and white stamped decoration, oval escutcheon, and large iron hinges.
Condition: paint rubbed along edges.
Dimensions: 15.5-inches by 9.75-inches by 8.25-inches.

775-231 - SOLD

Stack Of Four Painted Boxes
New England
19th Century
White pine... - SOLD

As depicted, four rectangular boxes, each with wire hinges; each displaying original surface history. The red box is of simple construction; proper right end was never painted and has a rich patina; Height: 4.5 inches; width: 12.5 inches; depth: 8 inches. The (light) greenish rectangular box is of simple lapped construction; retains original wire hinges and locking device, interior lined with white paper; Height: 4.75 inches; width: 12 inches; depth: 6.5 inches. The third box up from bottom is faux grained imitating birds eye; lid with brass butt-hinges. (Height: 4 inches; width: 10.75 inches; depth: 5.75 inches.) The smallest of the group wears a lovely soft gray paint and retains original wire hinges and locking device. (Height: 3.5 inches; width: 10.25 inches; depth: 5 inches.) Each box within this assembled group is in generally good condition; minor imperfections as expected.

637-17 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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