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Doris Stauble Still Life, Fruits, Berries, Moss, Melon & Fabric Leaves in Antique Bowl Wiscasset, Maine, Doris Stauble(1918-2007) Papier Mache Fruits and foliage Arranged in an Early New England Chopping Bowl

The artist bought contents of a warehouse on the Hudson River, stocked with Victorian millinery fruits, flowers and other small decorative objects. Doris used antique containers as the foundations in which she arranged a wide variety of interesting forms and textures…she employed her artistic eye, her understanding of color and form to create these sought-after one-of-a-kind compositions. (Very good condition, 11.5" x 27" x 16")



Trencher, Bowl, Sharp Angulation, Carved and Painted, Original Red Paint New England, Early 19th Century

A large example displaying great angulation, patina and red paint…the interior features a beautifully patinated natural surface.
(No cracks, fine condition; 16.5 X 25.75 X 6”)



Previous Offerings or Gone to New Homes

Large Turned Bowl, Treen Mixing and Utility Bowl,
Red Paint, Footed with Rim Likely New England, 19th Century
Displaying timeworn character, potato chip rim, great surface and tool marks - SOLD

(Very good condition, out-of-round; 19 x 18 x 5.5")

1230-2 - SOLD

Turned Bowl, Treen Eating Bowl, Lipped and Footed, Beehive Sides, Old Blue Paint
New England, 18th Century - SOLD

Antique Turned Treen Eating Bowl in Old Blue Paint, New England, 18th Century, side view

(Out-of-round, thin trace of Prussian blue on interior; 7.5 by 7.25 by 2")

532-110 - SOLD

Turned Bowl, Treen Salt, Lipped & Footed, Original Green Paint, Nice Tooling
New England, 18th Century - SOLD

Antique Turned Treen Salt Bowl in Original Green Paint, 18th Century, side view

A little bowl with soul, out-of-round, potato chip rim
(4.75 by 4.5 by 1.25")

532-108 - SOLD

Individual Eating Bowl, Treen, Original Green Paint, Out of Round Beehive
New England, 18th Century; great character
Lipped and footed displaying wonderful turnings and an outstanding surface - SOLD

Antique Treen Eating Bowl in Original Green Paint, 18th Century, side view

(4.75 by 4.5 by 1.25")

532-109 - SOLD

Trencher, Chopping Bowl, Original and True Mustard Yellow Paint
New England, 19th Century
A lovely medium sized carved example in honest paint - SOLD

Antique Trencher/Chopping Bowl in Original Mustard Yellow Paint, 19th Century, angle view

(Excellent condition; 21 by 12”)

1072-27 - SOLD

Mixing Bowl, Beehive Turned, Red Paint, Maple
New England, Likely 18th Century
Large out of round footed example with canted rim; in great paint - SOLD

(We note that a tight fissure has been filled and color matched, else fine, attractive and original; H: 6.5"; diameter being out-of-round; so 20" by 18.5")

492-109 - SOLD

Chopping Bowl, Treen, Original Paint, Red with White Interior, Great Geometry
American - SOLD

(Very good condition; L: 25.75", W: 8.25", H: 3.5")

606-55 - SOLD

Bowl, Treen Beehive, Mixing & Utility, Original Blue Paint
New England, 18th or Early 19th Century
Large turned bowl with soul; displaying timeworn character of serving several generations; flat foot and great surface - SOLD

(Very good condition, tight 3-inch shrinkage crack; surface losses and thinning; H: 7", W: 19", D: 18.75")

1002-178 - SOLD

Bowl, Treen Bowl, Painted
Probably 18th Century
Anonymous - SOLD

(A 4" shrinkage crack was long ago filled; worn and thinning paint commensurate with age; else fine. H: 3.5", W: 10.75", D: 10.5")

1071-4 - SOLD

Trencher, Chopping Bowl, Original Blue Paint
New England, 19th Century
A lovely medium sized carved example in honest paint - SOLD

(Excellent condition; H: 4"; W: 20.5"; D: 11")

532-55 - SOLD

Chopping Bowl, Trencher, Painted Red with White Interior, Fine Condition
New England
19th Century
Soft wood - SOLD

Finely carved, retaining original and wonderful paint.
(H: 3.75", W: 18", D: 10.5")

606-37 - SOLD

Bowls, Turned Bowls, Painted, Footed, New England
Sold separately

Left to right:
Turned Bowl, Original Blue Paint, Excellent
New England
19th Century
(H: 5"; W: 15.75"; D: 15.5")

Large Turned Bowl, Original Red Paint, Footed and Canted Rim
New England
19th Century
Excellent condition: H: 7"; W: 21"; D: 20"

Large Turned Bowl, Original Soft and Dry Gray Paint, Rimmed and Footed
New England
19th Century
Excellent condition; H: 6.5"; W: 20"; D: 19"

Massive Turned Bowl, Footed, Molded Canted Rim, Best Red Paint
New England
A great display piece retaining original red paint, no cracks
(H: 8.5"; W: 23.25"; D: 22.5")

Treen, Bowls, Pantry Boxes
Sold separately

Treen, Bowl, Maple - SOLD

Treen, Bowl, Maple
Small size

Treen, Bowl, Ash - SOLD

Treen, Bowl, Beehive Turned - SOLD

Treen, Bowl, Maple - SOLD

Treen, Bowl, Butternut - SOLD

Treen, Bowl, Blue Paint - SOLD
Dimensions: 9.75" H, 24.25" W, 23.25" D.

Box, Pantry Box, Brown Paint
Boston, Massachusetts

Box, Cheese Box, Green Paint, Bail Handle - SOLD
Dimensions: 6.5" H, 14.5" diameter.

Box, Pantry Box, Green Paint - SOLD

Box, Bee Box, Green Paint
Early 19th Century
Dimensions: 2.25" H, 6.25" L, 2.5" W.

Box, Pantry Box, Prussian Blue Paint - SOLD
Dimensions: 5" H, 9.75" diameter.

Box, Pantry Box, Green Paint
Signed Lid
Small Size
Dimensions: 2.75" H, 6.5" diameter.

Box, Pantry Box, Worn Green Paint
Large Size
Dimensions: 5.5" H, 10.25" diameter.

Box, Pantry Box, Green Paint
Large Size
Dimensions: 4.5" H, 9.25" diameter.

Pantry Box, Original Red Paint
New England
19th Century

Pantry Box, Original Putty/White Paint
New England
Branded, M.R. Chase, top and bottom
Ash and White Pine

Large Wooden Bowl
In Blue Paint - SOLD

A nice large wooden bowl with a medium blue paint over red paint on the exterior and roughly 2-inches along the rim of the interior. Overall very good condition with one small crack on rim mentioned for accuracy. Measures 20.5-inches in width, 19-inches in depth and 6.25-inches in height.

514-81 - SOLD

Turned and Painted Bowl
New England
Maple, 19th century - SOLD

Blue paint; very good surface single-lipped; slightly out-of-round in fine condition. (Height: 4.5 inches; width: 14.5 inches; depth: 14 inches.)

745-20 - SOLD

Turned and Painted Bowl
New England
Maple...19th century - SOLD

Beautiful yellow paint...great surface and tool marks; double-lipped; slightly out-of-round in fine condition.
(Height: 4.25 inches; width: 14.75 inches; depth: 14.25 inches.)

745-19 - SOLD

Turned Bowl, Blue Paint, Incised Molding, Footed
New England
Lovely example, old blue paint, only surface, fine condition - SOLD

Dimensions: 5" H, 16.5" W, 15.75" D.

986-7 - SOLD

If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at

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