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Stoneware, Lidded Jar, Sgraffito Decoration, Brownware
Probably Fort Edward, New York
Circa 1890's
Beautifully potted, lovely form, full coverage ornamentation, fine condition - SOLD

This brown glazed stoneware jar is closely related to another piece of Fort Edward stoneware that is inscribed "Julia Soper" and is discussed on page 255 of Potters and Potteries of New York State 1650 - 1900 by William Ketchum, Jr. An old jelly label within the "Kingsley Soper" jar attributes this piece to Troy, New York. (Warren Broderick in his 1995 book Pottery Works states that Soper worked in Galesville, West Troy and possibly Bennington. It would seem that Brutis Soper made this piece for his brother Kingsley at his pottery in West Troy.
(H: 6"; diameter: 4.5")

216-446 - SOLD

Incised Ohio Stoneware Jar, Likely Thomas Wilbur, Impressed TW
Zanesville, Ohio Area
Circa 1825
A good example of Midwest stoneware

A four-gallon ovoid jar with incised floral ornamentation having a flattened rim, and generously sized lug handles; the front decorated with an incised and cobalt-brushed flower with incised slashes. The fairly large impressed mark "T W" centering "4" at the shoulder is thought to be the mark of Thomas Wilbur, who worked near Zanesville, Ohio during the second quarter of the 19th century.
Very good condition, cleaned of paint.
Dimensions: 15" H.



Political Stoneware Jug, Abraham Lincoln
"Old Abe Prest" Brushed in Cobalt, One Gallon
Lyman Stone - Waterbury VT - 1862 - Old Abe Prest

Unique cobalt decorated stoneware jug impressed S. Johns Stoneware under spout; the factory was operated by George W. Farrar in 1862. Lyman Stone (1800 - 1870) is listed in the 1850 census as a blacksmith in Waterbury. One of only three extant pieces of stoneware referencing Lincoln. Fine Condition To learn about the Farrar family of potters see American Stoneware by William C. Ketchum, published by Henry Holt and Company, 1991; pp. 44, 45, 46.
Dimensions: 12.5" H.



Political Stoneware, Crock, Charles Ingersoll, Connecticut Governor, 1873
Four Gallon Crock, Signed O.H. Seymour, Hartford
Ingersoll - Governor - 1873, brushed in cobalt - SOLD

A tight hairline at handle with all else excellent.
(H: 10.5", 12.5" diameter.)

232-194 - SOLD

German Brown Saltglaze Stoneware Jug
Strap Work Ornament, Female Facemasks
Probably Raren
16th Century

Drum shape body and ribbed cylindrical neck; applied panel featuring five masks within roundels among scrolling foliage; trapezoidal gadrooning on shoulder and above base. There is large flake on outside edge of handle; some warping and leaning, and a couple chips to inside of lip. (Dimensions: 7.75" H.)



Stoneware Jug, Ovoid, Boston, Transparent Brown Saltglaze
Circa 1800 to 1830 - SOLD

Possibly Carpenter or Fenton, incised and tooled neck, applied handle; impressed "2 over BOSTON". Chip to back of handle with all else fine.
Dimensions: 14.25" H.

566-76 - SOLD

Stoneware, Ovoid Jar, Open Lug Handles, Fenton Type, Two Gallon
Circa 1800

Tin glazed with impressed "BOSTON over 2" attributed to Jonathan Fenton; flared rim, tooled shoulder, and lug handles. Firing imperfection limited to rear, potstones and a two-inch hairline that does not penetrate pottery. H: 12".



Stoneware Jar, Charlestown, Impressed Coggled Double Heart Decoration
Early 19th Century

Ovoid with wide shoulder; ringed (incised) neck and molded collar above lug handles. Hairlines and a two-inch deep chip at rear bottom near base.
Dimensions: 10.25" H.



Stoneware Jug, Ovoid, Three Gallon, Carpenter Type
Circa 1800 to 1830

Three gallon jug with transparent brown glaze, tooled and incised neck, impressed "3 over BOSTON"
Approximately five hairlines near incised base, potstones, minor exfoliation.
Dimensions: 16" H.



Stoneware Jar, Ovoid, Norton, Cobalt Decoration
J. Norton and Co.
Bennington, Vermont
Circa 1850 to 1861

Semi-ovoid 3-gallon jar with applied lug handles, incised lines at shoulder; decorated with a slip-trailed ornamentation; maker's and capacity mark highlighted in cobalt. Hairlines. (Dimensions: 12.5" H.)



Stoneware Jug, Saltglaze, Three Face with Handle
Circa 1500
Gesichtskrug - SOLD

Tip of nose restored otherwise excellent and original condition
(Dimensions: 8" H.)

946-5 - SOLD

Stoneware, Westerwald, Salt Glazed, Large Ovoid Jug
Outstanding Size and Ornament, Incised, Washed in Cobalt
Circa 1650 - SOLD

Tight and short hairline in glaze on left side of neck; filled nibble on spout and a small flake within interior of lip with all else excellent and original.
(Dimensions: 15.5" H.)

570-241 - SOLD

Stoneware, Pitcher, Jug, Westerwald, Globular, Crowned Lions Passant
Large capacity, incised flowers, applied roundels of grapes, leaves and portraits
Circa 1650

The molded strap handle with scrolled terminus has a chip as does the backside of spout at rim, otherwise excellent original condition.
Dimensions: 13" H.



Saltglaze Stoneware Face Jug, Three Handles, Three Masques, Excellent
Circa 1500
Gesichtskrug - SOLD

Dimensions: 5.25" H.

946-3 - SOLD

Saltglaze Stoneware Face Jug, No Handle
Circa 1500

Missing strap handle; missing one lobe of base at rear, otherwise fine
(H: 4")



Stoneware Ovoid Jug, Frederick Carpenter, Reeded Neck and Base
Applied Ridged Handle, double impressed hearts below CHARLESTOWN
Charlestown, Massachusetts
Circa 1812 to 1827 - SOLD

Stained with all else fine; H: 15.5"

566-68 - SOLD

Stoneware Ovoid Jug, Charlestown, Two Gallon
Circa 1800 to 1840
Strap handle, impressed CHARLESTOWN over 2 on shoulder

Chip to inside of spout with all else fine; H: 15.5"



Stoneware Churn, Flying Bird Decoration within Wreath, Cobalt, 19"
Impressed, White and Co. / Binghamton
New York
Circa 1870
Unusual design

A rare large stoneware butter-churn featuring cobalt flying birds with a slip-trailed vine, forming a wreath centering two flying birds painted in brushed cobalt. (Lightly incised eye detail to birds) There is an X-shaped crack on underside; crack extends to back of churn; two rim chips on left side; small chip to inner handle and the expected wear to inner rim caused by dasher guide would fit.



Burger and Co., Stoneware Crock, Cobalt Bird on Stump, Five Gallon
Rochester, New York
Circa 1873 to 1883

A five-gallon crock stamped by maker then brushed in cobalt; decorated with large bird perched on branch above stump and landscape; script "5" to right of decoration. Shallow flake, interior of rim with all else fine.
(H: 13"; diameter: 13")



Stoneware, Jug, Cobalt Ship and Lighthouse Decoration, Rare
New England, anonymous
Circa 1845 to 1855
Ship decoration is extremely rare, lighthouse decoration is unknown,
a combination of elaborately rendered nautical symbolism, UNIQUE - SOLD

Featured is an important two-gallon stoneware jug with outstanding cobalt nautical vignette; a detailed sailing vessel making her way under full sail through a cobalt brushed band of water. At the ship's right is a detailed lighthouse or signal tower with windows and flag; the tower is on a rockery surrounded by a neat fence. Displayed at the ship's left, is a rocky ledge; top of handle decorated with cobalt dash; base of handle decorated with a stylized flower-head; impressed capacity mark brushed in cobalt. There is a 1-inch flake at the back of boat; crack around circumference of jug connects to a tight sealed crack extending towards spout; few flakes within cobalt rocks. There is a small stone ping on front; line in underside, traveling a few inches to front of jug, and a small base chip. (H: 13")

909-26 - SOLD

Ovoid Stoneware Jar with Impressed Sun Face Design, Early and Rare
Attributed to Xerxes Price
South Amboy, New Jersey
Circa 1820 - SOLD

A wonderful ovoid form with tall incised flaring collar, rounded handles, and tooled foot and shoulder. The jar impressed on both sides with a face surrounded by a sunburst enclosed within a circle. Face designs and handle terminals are brushed in cobalt. Very good condition with two base chips and a small rim chips on the flat topside. (H: 13.75")

176-133 - SOLD

Saltglaze Stoneware Two Gallon Jug, John Burger
Rochester, New York
Circa 1865 to 1880 - SOLD

Cream color pottery handled jug, impressed on shoulder, 'John Burger. / Rochester', washed with cobalt blue; number "2" above stylized flower and leaf decoration. The deep blue and well executed decoration is typical of Burger's production. This two-gallon example stands at 14" and is in fine original condition with only a glaze spider on left side near base.

800-7 - SOLD

Crolius Stoneware Jug, Ovoid, Incised Cobalt Bird on Leafy Branch
Attributed to the Crolius Family of Potters
New York City
Circa 1775 to 1810
Early Manhattan stoneware of this decorative quality is considered very rare and desirable; this finely decorated and large design is perhaps by John Crolius - SOLD

An ovoid jug of successful form with rounded spout, reeded neck, and ribbed handles touched with cobalt blue at the terminals.
This jug is decorated with a large, finely-incised design featuring a bird perched on leafy branch, featuring a highly-detailed wing and eye; bright cobalt blue fills the entire decorated area excepting the birds' eye and beak. (H: 14".)

909-17 - SOLD

Stoneware, Cobalt Long Billed Spotted Bird
I. Seymour (Israel)
Troy, New York

Very good condition with two tiny rim chips.
Dimensions: 10.5" H, 11" diameter.



Stoneware Crock, Cobalt Bird
Troy or Albany, New York
Circa 1870

A four-gallon straight-sided crock with applied lug handles ornamented with a large brushed and slip-trailed crested bird. Hairline (spider) under handle to base.
Dimensions: 11" H, 11.75" diameter.



Stoneware Crock, Cobalt Partridge Decoration
Stamped "J. Burger, Jr. / Rochester, N.Y.
Circa 1885

A 3-gallon straight-sided crock with semi-squared rim and applied lug handles, ornamented with a slip-trailed cobalt quail featuring strong feather detail to head and body; slip-trailed "3" to right of impressed maker's mark. Three small chips to backside of rim interior. Dimensions: 10.5" H, 11" diameter.



Stoneware Crock, Cobalt Floral Decoration
J. Mantell
Penn Yan, New York
Circa 1860

A five-gallon straight-sided crock with semi-squared rim, applied lug-handled and impressed mark "J. Mantell / Penn Yan", ornamented with large slip-trailed and brushed flowering plant featuring detailed leaves and pedals. The impressed maker's and capacity mark, and handle terminals decorated in cobalt. Professional restoration to hairlines; dimensions: 11.5" H, 12.75" diameter.



Stoneware, Merchant's Jug, Macy and Company
20th St & 6th Ave
New York City
Turkey/Peacock Decoration
Second half 19th century

A one-gallon stoneware advertising jug with straight sides, sloping shoulder and squared spout; ornamented with cobalt slip-trailed decoration and lettering. "Macy & Co", a grocery store on Sixth Avenue, was operated circa 1850-1880 by brothers Charles H. and Theodore E. Macy. (Distant cousins of R.H. Macy)
Dimensions: 11.75" H.



Stoneware Jug, Cobalt Stag Decoration
Somerset Potter's Works (1847 to 1909)
Circa 1875

A cobalt blue decorated salt glaze stoneware jug, five gallon, decorated with a stag flanked by stylized trees, impressed "Somerset/Potters Works/ 5."
Dimensions: 18" H.



Stoneware Jug, Cobalt Raised Wing Bird, Advertising
Hayes & Company
Manchester, New Hampshire
Hayes and Company
Circa 1870 - SOLD

A scarce jug adverting whiskey and wine; straight sided with semi-squared spout decorated with a slip-trailed cobalt design of a bird about take flight off of a tree branch or flower stem. Bird depicted with a sense of motion, in a rare raised-wing stance with cobalt spots and feather detail to wings and body. Jug impressed "HAYES & CO., / WHOLESALE DEALERS IN / W ? S, &C. / MANCHESTER, N.H." Some fry to cobalt; in-the-firing stone ping to shoulder and front. Additional small stone ping to bird's thigh. Dimensions: 14.5" H.

909-11 - SOLD

Bartmann Jug, Salt Glaze Stoneware with Wash
Pewter Mounted
Dated 1699 - SOLD

This notable example is ornamented with classically inspired portrait medallions and foliage; a legend on the applied band surrounding the middle of the jug and a wonderfully molded bearded man. The molding of handle is typical of the period. Fine original condition. Dimensions: 9.25" H.

570-214 - SOLD

German Brown Saltglaze, Stoneware Bellarmine Jug
Bartmannkrug, early round form
Circa 1540 to 1550
German - SOLD

A rare, sought after and early brown stoneware jug with applied loop handle; ornamentation includes a bearded mask on the neck, above branches, oak leaves, and acorns. This outstanding jug has only use wear, no cracks or substantial chips, no repairs or restoration.
Dimensions: 6.5" H.

570-215 - SOLD

Stoneware Crock, Salt Glaze, Decorated, Tree Stump, Fence and Birds
West Troy Pottery
New York - SOLD

Straight sided with applied lug handles; stamped maker's mark.
Two small chips on backside of rim, all else fine.
(Dimensions: 10.5" H; 10.5" diameter.)

909-3 - SOLD

Stoneware Jugs, Jars, Pitcher, Flask
Sold separately

Background, left to right:
Stoneware, Ovoid Jar, Impressed Boston - SOLD
With applied handles, cobalt and brown slip
Very good condition.
(Height: 12.5 inches)

Stoneware Jug
Charlestown, Massachusetts
Impressed hearts, tooled spout and some brown slip, some wear at top of spout.
(Height: 14.5 inches)

Stoneware, Ovoid Jug
Probably New York

We note a couple of dings, otherwise very good.
(Height: 11.5 inches)

Foreground, left to right:
Stoneware Flask, Hand Potted and Flattened
Circa 1820 to 1860

Very good condtion.
(Height: 6.75 inches)

Stoneware Pitcher with Green Glaze
19th Century

We note that there are a few chips at rim; some glaze loss confined to area above foot, all else fine.
(Height: 6.25 inches)

Stoneware Jug, Advertising
LC. Paul, Blackstone St, Boston
19th Century

Some edge wear at spout, all else fine.
(Height: 10.25 inches)

Stoneware Inkwell, Salt Glazed, Incised
This hand potted example may be a product of the Bates family of Cohasset, Massachusetts. Scratched into body appears to be the initials "DB". Very good condition.
(Height: 1.5 inches; diameter: 3.5 inches)
$335 566-50

Stoneware, Ovoid Jug, Albany Slip
We note a few chips at base, with all else fine.
(Height: 6.5 inches)

Stoneware Jugs
17th and 18th Century

Left to right:
Stoneware Jug, Ovoid
England, brown salt glaze
18th Century
With tooled spout and applied handle.
Minor imperfections. (H: 11.75")

Stoneware Jug, Ovoid
England, brown salt glaze
18th Century
With tooled spout and applied handle, and impressed "2".
Minor imperfections. (H: 15")

Stoneware, Bellarmine Jug, Ovoid
Monk Face
17th Century
Typical form in brown mottled glaze with pressed and applied monk-face having medallion below. (H: 9.25")

Stoneware Jug, Ovoid
England, brown salt glaze
18th Century
With tooled spout and applied handle.
Very good condition. (H: 11.75")

Stoneware Jug
Goodale & Stedman
Hartford, Connecticut
Circa 1818-1830

An Ovoid stoneware jug impressed Goodale / & / Stedman / Hartford, with incised neck, applied handle, some cobalt around name and base of handle, very good condition. (Height: 12-inches.)



Stoneware Mortar
Painted...during its period of use

Turned stoneware mortar; brown paint over green; paint worn, one or two very small chips. (7-inches High.)



Ovoid Jar
Possibly Richmond, Virginia
Circa 1820-1835
Cobalt Decoration

This ovoid jug with tapering shoulder and flatted tooled rim has lug handles and cobalt decoration; stylized cobalt floral decoration at midsection, "3" impressed near neck, brown glaze on interior, two chips on rim, no other chips or cracks, some kiln drippings and glaze "alligatored" on upper half during firing. - Approximately 13-inches high.



German Stoneware Jug
Circa 1400
Gray white stoneware - SOLD

With strap handle, in prominent rilling on ovoid body. Found in the grounds of a castle in eastern Holland near the German border and Ruurlo.
Dimensions: 10.25" H.

843-66 - SOLD

Ovoid Stoneware Jug
Bennington, Vermont
Norton & Fenton

A nice bulbous ovoid stoneware jug with Bennington, Vt. impressed in italics, applied handle, an outstanding example of the art that went into Bennington's utilitarian wares, great condition. (Height: 10.5-inches.)



If you are interested in buying any of these items, please call (978) 597-8084 or email David Hillier at or Lynn Morin at

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