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Prior Sales Gallery Gone but Not Forgotten

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Embroidered Quilt Top, Bed Cover, Connecticut River Valley or Deerfield
Embroidery competently cut from original foundation then sewn to homespun
18th or early 19th century, (Unknown period of retrofit) - SOLD

Antique Quilt Top, Embroidered, Bed Cover, 18th or 19th Century, entire view

(Very good condition, strong color, fabric marked on back with a maker's stamp; 78 by 48")

274-173 - SOLD

Quilt, Amish, Pinwheel in Square, With Yellow Border
Ohio or Indiana
1930's - SOLD

Antique Quilt, Amish, Pinwheel, 1930's, entire view

Dimensions: 73.5 by 83.5".

1020-3 - SOLD

Quilt, One Patch Diamonds
Red Linen Toile and Early Blue Print Cotton, Circa 1800 to 1825 - SOLD

Antique Quilt, Red Linen Toile and Blue Print Cotton, entire view

Half diamonds around border, found in Connecticut.
Dimensions: 89 by 90".

535-50 - SOLD

Quilt Group

Antique Quilts, Group of Six, group entire view

Top row, left to right:

Quilt, Counterpane, Nine Patch Variation
New England
Circa 1840
Cotton prints pink, golden and blue. Mint condition.
Dimensions: 97 by 103".

Quilt, Cotton, Oak Leaf and Reel, Pieced
Circa 1880's
Excellent condition and quilting
Dimensions: 72 by 76".

Quilt, Hearts and Animals, Wool - SOLD
Dimensions: 86 by 72".

Bottom row, left to right:
Quilt, Whole Cloth, Depicting Playing Cards
Circa 1880's
Antique Quilt, Wholecloth depicting Playing Cards, entire view
The fabric was manufactured by the Oriental Print Works in New England.
Condition: minor water staining.
Dimensions: 88 by 88".

Quilt, Linsey Woolsey, Diamond Pieced
Early 19th Century
Antique Quilt, Linsey Woolsey, Green and bittersweet diamond pieced, entire view
Bittersweet wool and glazed olive green wool.
Excellent untouched condition.
Dimensions: 74 by 88".

Quilt, Linsey Woolsey, Indigo Blue reverses to Light Mustard Color
Early 19th Century
Antique Quilt, Linsey Woolsey, Indigo Blue color, diamond and floral motifs, entire view
Quilted with diamonds containing floral motifs.
Condition: two small areas of loss on blue side.
Dimensions: 98 by 82".

Quilt Group

Antique Quilts, Group of Four, group entire view

Top row, left to right:

Quilt, Counterpane, Brick Steps or London Stairs, Pieced - SOLD
Wool challis prints in red, green and white. Mint condition.
Dimensions: 88 by 95".

Quilt, Log Cabin - SOLD
Dimensions: 80 by 80".

Bottom row, left to right:

Quilt, Brunswick Star, Pieced
Circa 1860's
Green and yellow print cotton.
Condition: one or two water spots not affecting wear.
Dimensions: 87 by 73".

Quilt, Log Cabin, Courthouse Steps, Pieced
Circa 1880's

Coverlets and Blankets Group

Antique Coverlets and Blankets, Group of Six, group entire view

Top row, left to right:

Coverlet, Biederwand - SOLD
Dimensions: 83 by 92".

Coverlet, Red, White and Blue - SOLD
Dimensions: 82 by 110".

Coverlet, Overshot, Hand Woven - SOLD
Dimensions: 84 by 66".

Bottom row, left to right:

Blanket, Hand Woven, Summer/Winter Weave - SOLD
Patterned with large and small scale four patch elements with X repeat motifs.
Indigo wool and white cotton.
Condition: minor losses to one side.
Dimensions: 67 by 86".

Coverlet, Two Colored, Figured - SOLD
Dimensions: 93 by 80".

Coverlet, Jacquard, A. Davidson
New York State
Dimensions: 88 by 65".

Coverlets and Blankets Group

Antique Coverlets and Blankets, Group of Five, group entire view

Top row, left to right:

Blanket, Hand Woven, Large Scale, Check Variation
First Half 19th Century
Indigo blue and white.
Dimensions: 78 by 100".

Blanket, Crib, Overshot, Throw or Weaver's Sample - SOLD
Two shades of blue wool with white cotton.
Dimensions: 55 by 38".

Blanket, Homespun, Striped
Mid 19th Century
Pale blue and off-white wool woven in two panels and seamed.
Dimensions: 65 by 82".

Bottom row, left to right:

Blanket, Indigo Blue, Multi Line Plaid
First Half 19th Century
Woven in two panels and seamed.
Dimensions: 90 by 78".

Blanket, Hand Woven, Plaid with Complex Weave Structure
Mid 19th Century
Probably Amish
Green, red and indigo weave.
Dimensions: 90 by 90".

Doll Quilt
Pieced & Tied in Red & Black Cotton Print and White Cotton - SOLD

Antique Quilt, Doll's Quilt, Red and Black print on White Cotton, entire view

Late 19th Century hand sewn quilt for doll's bed in excellent condition, back red and white cotton print.
Dimensions: 14 by 21".

912-177 - SOLD

Quilt, Wedding, Gold Silk Whole Colth, Circa 1839 - SOLD

Antique Quilt, Wedding Gift, Gold Silk Whole Cloth, entire view

Celebrating Martha Jane Bracket's wedding to Williamm H.H. Treadwell.
Belfast, Maine, provenance attached to quilt.
Nicely quilted, white cotton back, dimensions: 60 by 84".

912-21 - SOLD

Quilt, Crib 1870's, Eliot, Maine - SOLD

Antique Quilt, Crib Quilt, multiple 1870's fabrics, entire view

Pieced Bowtie pattern center surrounded by 8 borders in a mix of strip and postage stamp size pieces.
This crib quilt was made using a great number of 1870's fabrics, back is a double pink cotton print.
Dimensions: 65 by 35".

912-128 - SOLD

Quilt, Cotton Crazy Quilt
By Nancy Barkey
Late 19th Century - SOLD

Antique Quilt, Cotton Crazy Quilt, By Nancy Barkey, entire view

Excellent condition.
Dimensions: 87 by 76".

201-302 - SOLD

Quilt, Broderie Perse, Quilted and Pieced, Mid 19th Century - SOLD

Antique Quilt, Broderie Perse, Mid 19th Century, entire view

Red and printed cotton in a creative quilting pattern
Dimensions: 104 by 108".

535-42 - SOLD

Quilt, Chintz Wholecloth, Block Printed, early 19th Century - SOLD

Antique Quilt, Chintz, Wholecloth and Block Printed, entire view

Palm trees and flowers on brown ground, c.1812, see Printed Textiles, Montgomery p161.
Quilted with cotton back, a couple of repairable holes.
Dimensions: 100 by 108".

912-25 - SOLD

Quilt, Calico Surprise Banner/Quilt 1867 - SOLD

Antique Quilt, Calico Surprise Banner, 1862, to Mr. and Mrs. Bean, entire view

Rare textile documenting the Calico Surprise parties of the 19th century.
Dimensions: approximately 63 by 80".

912-125 - SOLD

Quilt, RED Linsey Woolsey, Early 19th Century, Provenance Included - SOLD

Antique Quilt, Linsey Woolsey, Red Cloth, with provenance, entire view

The most vibrant red linsey woolsey quilt we've ever offered, binding green with cut corners.
Quilt made by Mrs. Susan Blake before her marriage in 1837
Hearts quilted throughout so possibly Susan's wedding quilt.
Overall condition very good, cut corners with one minor split that could be easily darned.
Dimensions: 92 by 88".

912-161 - SOLD

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