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Prior Sales Gallery Gone but Not Forgotten

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Spanish American War Veteran’s Medals & Memorabilia.
Charles M. Faust – Lima, Ohio SOLD

Spanish American War Veteran’s Medals & Memorabilia. 
Charles M. Faust – Lima, Ohio, entire view

The lot includes hi photograph in uniform taken at San Francisco (1898-1899)
1899 Philippine Insurrection medal with edge No. 10563
1898-1899 Philippine 8th Infantry campaign medal
1897 Pennsylvania National Guard marksman’s medal
Veteran of Spanish American War stud
Pennsylvania National Guard belt buckle
Post-War 10th Pennsylvania, 8th Infantry Lieutenant’s medal
Cabinet photo of Faust wearing the marksmanship medal
Fifth Annual Reunion Col. Hawkins Monument Dedication ribbon and medal
1899 Roster and Faust’s membership cards
8th Corps Society medal (12 items in the lot, all in very good condition)



Captain Charles C. Sisson, Mystic, Connecticut,
7 Item lot, Books & Certificates

This lot of Capt. Charles Sisson's (1827-1885) personal possessions includes 4 framed items including 2 marine related certificates and 3 working reference books most likely used by Sisson as he mastered the Ship Bridgewater. - SOLD

Contents of Sisson 7 Piece Lot:

1 of 7, Framed New York Marine Society Certificate, modern labels on reverse read "Capt. C.C. Sisson" and "New York Marine Society Certificate, 1852". Membership Certificate No.2519 "This certifies that Captain Charles C. Sisson by majority of votes regularly admitted as Member of the New York Marine Society at a meeting held the 10th day of May, 1852...." Certificate is signed by 3 members including the president of the admitting society. Red Wax Seal adds to the aesthetic value of the printed membership form; several vignettes dominate the field. Certificate measures 10" x 8"(sight); matted and in modern frame measuring 15" x 12". This is one of four framed pieces; all frames match to make a nice presentation.

Captain Charles C. Sisson, Mystic, Connecticut, 
7 Item lot, Books & Certificates
2 of 7, Framed Shipmaster's Certificate; modern label on reverse reads: Capt. C.C. Sisson, Shipmaster's Certificate, Mystic River Connecticut, 1867. Partially Printed Certificate featuring woodcut vignettes with marine related scenes. "American Ship Masters' Association New York, Oct 2nd, 1867, Charles C. Sisson has been registered by this association as NY Approved Shipmaster” Vignettes include a fully rigged ship under sail during a storm, (Continued) Jack Tar sailor on the ship's wheel, another with a sextant, and another preparing to throw a harpoon, and a female overlooking the sea. On the left of the certificate, the inscriptions indicate an examination date of Oct 2, 1861 and is signed "Charles C. Sisson, Mystic River Conn", and by his examiners B.A. Sheldon and W.W. Story? 7 more signatures occupy the lower section of the main body P.H. Upton, G.W. Blunt, J.D. Hones and 4 others. Handsome Document. 9 3/4" x 12 1/2" sight: 12" x 15" overall including modern frame. (not examined out of frame)

3 of 7: Framed Images of Sisson, Wife, and Their Home; three CDVs matted and framed with modern label on reverse reading Captain and Mrs. Sisson (Ann E. Sawyer). CDVs appear to be partially under the matt, although not examined out of frame. Sight size for Captain Sawyer and Mrs. Sawyer CVD is approx. 4.5" x 4". Image (CDV or Photo?) not examined out of frame.) The sight size of home image is 3" x 4".

4 of 7: Three Framed Sketches, labels affixed to reverse read: "Captain C. C. Sisson" and "1 leaf, probably from the flyleaf of the ship "Bridgewater" journal. Pasted on this are 3 pencil sketches, two showing profiles of Cape Horn, and one cartouche type drawing showing a dove carrying a ribbon on which is written: “Ship Bridgewater". Work appears to be in the hand of Mrs. Sisson and is dated 1856". Overall 13" x 18" including modern frame. Dove sketch measures: 3 7/8" x 4"; Small landscape 2 1/2" x 3 7/8"; large image of Cape 4" x 8". Sketches are pencil on journal quality paper (not examined out of frame)

5 of 7: Book: Maury's Sailing Directions, Eighth Edition Enlarged and Improved Volume 1 July 1858 U. S. Observatory and Hydrographical Office, Washington 1858, XXXI + 383 pp, 1858. Eighth edition - Enlarged and Improved. 9 x 11 1/2” (4vo) Intact. Some charts in the text. 39 plates and 24 color maps. Heavy wear on covers Also has a "D. Eggarts and Sons, Chronometers...." label pasted to front cover. (maybe he bought his instruments from Eggarts). Condition: Fair to Good...a reading copy. Some foxing, wear from use, English. Inside Cover has inscription "Charles C. Sisson Ship Bridgewater”. Apparently, another book used by Captain Sisson on his ship. Tons of great information.

6 of 7: Book: List of Reported Dangers in the Pacific Ocean: Title page reads " A List of Reported Dangers in the Pacific Ocean; whose positions are doubtful or not found......Washington Government Printing Office 1866; 9" x 6" Brown Cloth; 191 pp. Inside cover inscribed Charles C. Sisson Ship Bridgewater; On opposite page there are 3 stamped "Charles C Sisson” 2 stamps,” C.C. S." and 1 stamped fancy "S”. Apparently, Charles liked his stamps and was trying them out. There is a "T.S. Negus & Co" bookseller stamp on the inside cover. Some toning to some pages; some are clean and fresh. Copy is legible in full and represents an indispensable sailor's tool for long voyages. Minor shelf wear, but overall a good reading copy. (Continued)

7 of 7: Scrapbook of newspaper articles: Modern label on front cover reads "Capt. C.C. Sisson” Various topics are covered in the many clipped and pasted in newsprint articles and entries. The contents of the scrapbook are confined to newspaper clipping, a couple of tipped in miscellaneous pages of sentiment, and various medical, travel, social, etc. articles. Although part of the Sisson archive, the entries do not support any specific nautical usage or interest. Worthy of study. Covers measure 11" x 13” A couple dozen pages with clippings a few blank. Heavy wear to covers from use and storage.

110-904 - SOLD

PAPER ARCHIVE, with House of the Seven Gables and Salem Mass Affiliation, along with family letters with many Civil War dated soldier's letters, family correspondence and business matters, and some photography. An eclectic but interesting accumulation for the lover of history. - SOLD

PAPER ARCHIVE, with House of the Seven Gables and Salem Mass Affiliation, along with family letters with many Civil War dated soldier's letters, family correspondence and business matters, and some photography, entire view

Bulk of the archive is a family accumulation assembled by a member of the Cate family of Salem, Mass. The person assembling apparently lived in the historic House of the Seven Gables, made famous by Hawthorne in his 1851 book, she was apparently a boarder at the HoSG in the 3rd quarter of the 19th C, after the book was written, but during the time the house had become famous. The content takes a bit to absorb this lot because it is so diverse. Grouped as follows:

First, there are many pieces of material, mostly commercial ephemera, concerning the Upton family and their dance studio, also tenants in the House of Seven Gables. There is a letter included which the curator of the House of Seven Gables has declared as historically important, along with a couple typed versions of a story written about the house and its haunting, with author unknown (not Hawthorne). The House of Seven Gables material was loaned to the curator of the HoSG for cataloging, and then returned to the current owner. A letter and their documentation of each piece is part of this lot. The curator states that they are sorry to be giving them back, and then asks for the gift or loan of this portion. They would like to display the material at the historic house.

Second, there is a pile of letters, documents and pictures descended in the Cate family, most likely gathered by the last family member of that generation to live, or possibly care for, the father. The papers contained the elder's pension assignment, an interesting receipt for a pew in the Universalist Church dated 1838 with exc Salem history, 4 CW dated letters home from soldier John Cate to mother/sister; 17 CW dated letters home from soldier Albert Cate to sister, a few post war letters, and a few pictures including 2 of Albert (presumption) in uniform, plus several other interesting photos/images.

1016-1 - SOLD

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