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Prior Sales Gallery Gone but Not Forgotten

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Vintage Advertising Sign –
Jantzen Swimsuits – Red Diving Girl
1923 - 1930 - SOLD

Vintage Advertising Sign – Jantzen Swimsuits – Red Diving Girl, entire view

95.5" x 22.5" 1.5"

Painted on tinned sheet iron

Jantzen Knitting Mills, Portland, Oregon
Extremely Rare Trade Sign

1916, when Jantzen introduced a collection of figure-hugging suits sporting shorter
shorts and even cutouts in 1916 they changed the term “bathing suit” to “swimming suit”
to justify their more revealing suits as athletic. We found a circa 1930 Jantzen
Swimwear poster featuring a closely related illustration.

1.The Red Diving Girl made her first appearance on the Jantzen catalog in 1920,
wearing her own cap and stockings. This iconic logo was designed by Frank and
Florenz Clark, freelance artists who worked with Jantzen’s advertising agency.
Billboards featuring the Diving Girl appeared along highways leading to beaches in San
Francisco, Los Angeles, and Portland. In 1921, Jantzen published its first national
advertisements for swimming suits in Vogue and Life magazines. The full-color ads
were illustrated by prominent artists such as Coles Phillips and Anita Parkhurst. It was a
gutsy and visionary move for a small knitting company in remote Portland.

Jantzen first used its slogan, "The suit that changed bathing to swimming," in an
advertising campaign in 1923. The Diving Girl began appearing on swimsuits and as
decals that showed up on automobile windshields across the country. In 1924, the
registrar of motor vehicles in Boston determined that the silhouette of a bathing girl was
too distracting and banned the decals from cars in the interest of safety. By the end of
the decade, the Diving Girl had become an international symbol, now without her cap
and stockings. The image is still part of the Jantzen logo, making the Diving Girl one of
the longest-lived apparel icons in advertising history.
1. The Oregon Encyclopedia, A Project of the Oregon Historical Society,
Adrienne Denaro



Antique Advertising, I.W. Harper Whiskey Sign, Hunting Cabin Interior, Vitrolite
Classic Hunting Lodge Illustration on Milk Glass, Circa 1905 to 1915 - SOLD
Captioned "Here's Happy Days"; Copyright 1909

Antique I.W. Harper Whiskey Advertising Sign of a Hunting Cabin Interior, Circa 1905, entire view

interior of a hunting and fishing cabin with guns, game mounts fishing equipment, bird dog and product, in original walnut frame with gilt liner.
(Excellent condition; Frame: 22.5 by 28.5"; view: 18 by 24")



Trade Sign, National Fire Insurance Company
Reverse on Glass with Lady Liberty as Central Motif
Hartford, Connecticut - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, National Fire Insurance Company, Connecticut, entire view
Excellent condition in oak frame. Great label from Zero Marx Sign Works on back, the company that produced the sign.
Dimensions: 34 by 26" frame; 19.5 by 27.5" sight-size.
883-3 - SOLD

Trade Sign, Tin
Continental Fire Insurance Company
Minute Man - SOLD

Antique Trade Sign, Continental Fire Insurance, Tin, close up view
Framed painted tin sign in excellent condition.
Dimensions: 20.25 by 30.5".
883-4 - SOLD

Broadside Advertisement, Green Mountain Balm of Gilead and Cedar Plaster
Wholesale and Retail by M.K. Paine, Windsor, Vermont
With Litho of Ascutney Mountain - SOLD

Broadside Advertisement, Green Mountain Balm of Gilead and Cedar Plaster
Wholesale and Retail by M.K. Paine, Windsor, Vermont
With Litho of Ascutney Mountain, entire view

Excellent condition.
Dimensions: 13.5 by 19.75" frame, 12 by 18.25" view.

171-97 - SOLD

Columbus Buggy Co., Chromolithograph Poster, Ostrich Buggies, 1880
Columbus, Ohio
A panoramic view of Australian coastal outpost, four ostriches hitched to buggy - SOLD

Antique Columbus Buggy Company Advertising Poster, Distributing Ship Cargo, 1880, close up view

Advertising the Columbus Buggy Co. of Columbus, Ohio; depicts the “standard buggy” drawn by giant ostriches ridden by aborigines; the buggy driven by new owners. At lower left is a depiction of Australia’s fauna; at lower right is found the Columbus Buggy Company factory campus. (Frame: 53 by 40.5"; view: 36 by 25")

1169-4 - SOLD

Paul Jones Whiskey Advertising
"Temptation Of St. Anthony"
Oil on Artist Board
Early 20th Century - SOLD

Paul Jones Whiskey Advertising
'Temptation Of St. Anthony'
Oil on Artist Board
Early 20th Century, entire view

An outstanding and unique rendering after the well known tin signs produced for the Louisville, KY distillery. The work remains in fine original condition and measures 22.75 by 18.75-inches overall (17 by 13-inch sight-size.)

232-165 - SOLD

Ferdinand Brader / Pencil Drawing,
Residence of Henry and Priscilla Heisa
Jackson Tp: Stark County Ohio. 1888.
Signed and numbered: F. A. Brader No. 602 - SOLD

Antique Pencil Drawing by Ferdinand Brader, Residence of Henry and Priscilla Heisa, 1888, entire view

Ferdinand A. Brader (1833-1901)
Graphite on paper, signed lower right, sight 31 by 47”
Henry (1847-1916) and Priscilla Tritt (1852-1928) Heisa had four children
See the Legacy of Ferdinand A. Brader, Kathleen Wieschaus-Voss, editor.

Itinerant artist Ferdinand A. Brader was commissioned by referrals; the artist often created drawings in exchange for room and board. He began his career in Berks County, Pennsylvania, later he traveled to Ohio; this work was created in Stark County, Ohio, a community frequented by Brader. In 1896 the Heisa farm was documented on a map of the region; Brader produced drawings of several adjacent farms.

The detail depicted in Brader’s work was accurate, faithful to reality, including the perceived ages of the people depicted. It is likely that the numbers and types of animals imitated those actually on the farm. The two men, rendered in the lower left of the composition, are frequently found in Brader’s drawings; scholars suggest that they represent Brader and the owner of the farm negotiating the artist’s commission. A dog accompanies these men in the works created during the 1888 – 1889 period. Brader faithfully numbered his drawings, the highest number recorded is 980. For more information about the artist, see The Legacy of Ferdinand A. Brader

216-597 - SOLD

A Fine Pencil Drawing
"The Property of Frederick W. and Catharina Kunze,
South Lebanon, Pennsylvania, 1883"

Signed, F. Brader, #252,
Ferdinand A. Brader - SOLD

A Fine Pencil Drawing
'The Property of Frederick W. and Catharina Kunze,
South Lebanon, Pennsylvania, 1883'
Signed, F. Brader, #252,
Ferdinand A. Brader, entire view

An important Lebanon, Pennsylvania drawing...graphite on paper, meticulously rendered farm scene depicting a panoramic view of large farmstead with buildings, barns, fields; orchards and livestock including sheep, horses, cows, chickens, turkeys, etc. Men and woman tend the gardens. Inscribed across the bottom "The Property of Frederick W. and Catharina Kunze, South Lebanon, Pennsylvania, 1883". The work is signed, F. Brader, #252. (Frame: 38 x 48.5 inches; view: 27 x 37.5 inches.

264-24 - SOLD

Graphite Drawings, Pair, Striped Bass, Perhaps for a Lodge
By John Barrington
Drawn on cardstock, mounted within shield form mat, within carved oak frame with gilt liner - SOLD

Graphite Drawings, Pair, Striped Bass, Perhaps for a Lodge
By John Barrington
1885, entire view

Not examined out of frame, excellent condition.
(Dimensions: 31.5 by 34" frames, 24.25 by 26.75" sight-sizes.)

570-324 - SOLD

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