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Folk Art, Carved Great Blue Heron Garden Sculpture on Iron Legs
Date/Period: 1880-1900 - SOLD

Folk Art, Carved Great Blue Heron Garden Sculpture on Iron Legs, entire view 1

Measurement: Height: 47.5"; Heron: 29" x 16" x 4"

Material: Carved wood, paint, iron legs, cement base

Condition: Very good, commensurate with being outdoors…weathering

Additional Information: A folksy example displaying a weathered surface.
The legs are set into a small cement base which we placed in a black garden planter
then filled with white crushed stone. Displays beautifully.



Cast Iron Pilothouse Eagle, Spread Wing
Anonymous, 19th Century - SOLD

Cast Iron Pilothouse Eagle, Spread Wing Anonymous, 19th C

(Dimensions: Width:30”, height: 10”, depth: 9”)



Carved Wood Portrait Bust, Beautiful Young Lady, Neoclassical, Partial Profile
Likely Late 19th Century - SOLD
Perhaps inspired by mythological effigies; her sensitive expression calming and serene

Antique Carved Wood Bust of Beautiful Young Lady, Late 19th Century, angle view

(The socle is also wood, outstanding original condition, fantastic patina; H: 16”)



Yarn Swift, Original Chrome Yellow & Bittersweet Paint, Heart Shape Rivet Escutcheons
Folk Art
Date/Period: 19th Century - SOLD

Yarn Swift, Original Chrome Yellow & Bittersweet Paint, Heart Shape Rivet Escutcheons Folk Art, entire view 1

Measurement: Height: 20”

Material: Wood…cannot ascertain species due to paint coverage; iron clamp screw &

Condition: Fine original condition, bright paint, good patina

Additional Information: Turned and molded drum form table clamp with handwrought and filed
thumbscrew. Cup finial above blades featuring sweet little heart shape escutcheons…perhaps
made as a love token.



Liberty Cap, Carved Liberty Pole Finial, Original Surface History
Date/Period: 1800-1825 - SOLD

Liberty Cap, Carved Liberty Pole Finial, Original Surface History, entire view 1

Measurement: Cap: 12" x 7" x 6.75"; height on wall mount: 25.5"; wall to outside edge
of cap: 14.5"

Material: Carved hardwood

Condition: Excellent, surface displays scattered flaking commensurate with age and
weathering; displays very nicely

Additional Information: Liberty poles capped with Liberty Caps were erected in town
squares…the iconic symbol is displayed on coins, and seals; Miss. Liberty is often
shown with a Liberty cap on pole within diversified mediums. Before the Revolutionary
War, a secret society was formed, its members, The Sons of Liberty often met under
“Liberty Trees”. The “Liberty Poles” were symbols of the same “Liberty Trees”. Not only
is Miss. Liberty depicted carry a pole surmounted with the iconic symbol, she is
frequently depicted wearing the classic symbol also known as a Phrygian cap. Carved
wooden caps were carried in American patriotic parades and at political events such as
parades in cities and towns visited by General Lafayette during his twenty-four-state
tour of 1824-1825. This rare artifact displays a shallow mortise within hat band, likely for
a rope pulley suggesting that it was atop a flagpole. The wrought iron shaft is original to
the piece.
The cap can be displayed as shown or vertically…or on a conical riser so only the hat is
shown. We have fabrication services available.



Carved and Painted Washington Family Crest
Coat of Arms, Likely Architectural
Original Paint Dated to Between 1834 and
the 1850s by Analysis - SOLD

Carved and Painted Washington Family Crest Coat of Arms, Likely Architectural 
Original Paint Dated to Between 1834 and the 1850s by Analysis (Report available), entire view

Three red stars over two horizontal red bars on a white field, [same as the flag of
Washington D.C.] the domed crest surmounted by carved face: the whole within deeply
carved scrolled border. Original weathers surface in dry patina, traces of gold gilt.
Losses and minor imperfections; displays well.
(Height: 20.75"; width: 14.5"; depth: 4.25")



Carved Plaque, C.J.L. Myers & Sons Door & Sash & Blinds Manufacturing Plant
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin, Third Quarter of 19th Century - SOLD

Carved Plaque C.J.L.Meyers & Sons Door and Sash & Blings

A deeply carved walnut architectural portrait depicting the plant with railroad siding centered by floral border mounted within twig carved frame. Fine original history with robust patina. (24.5 x 18")



Folk Carving, Painted Rooster by Wilhelm Schimmel, (1817-1890) Cumberland valley, Pennsylvania, Circa 1850 - 1890 Standing at 8 5/8” - SOLD

Folk Carving, Painted Rooster by Wilhelm Schimmel, (1817-1890)

(Very old restoration to heel of base, scattered surface losses as depicted; please call or email David for additional information.)



Folk Sculpture, Full Length Figure of Woman,
Painted Metal and Wood
Anonymous, carved body, sheet iron clothing, arms,
hands, legs and shoes - SOLD

Antique Sculpture, Woman Figure, Wood and Metal, left angle view

(H: 15")



Carved Wood Bust, Bishop or Saint Wearing Mitre, Shoulder Length Hair & Beard - SOLD

Carved Wood Bust, Bishop or Saint Wearing Mitre, Shoulder Length Hair & Beard, entire view 1

Continental, Medieval Period (Height: 12”)

This object just arrived and is under evaluation.
Please call or email David for information. drh@aaawt.com



Carved Oak Panel Dated 1500, Charles the V
Unknown Carver - SOLD

Antique Carved Oak Panel with Charles the V, Dated 1500, angle view

10.75 by 17.25"

1012-115 - SOLD

Carving, Neoclassical Figure of Woman
Unknown Carver
18th or 19th Century
Carved in-the-round, wonderful original surface - SOLD

Antique Carved Figure of Woman, Unknown Carver, 18th or 19th Century, angle view 1

(Missing fingers, right hand repaired at wrist, else fine; H: 14.25"; base: 6 by 5")

570-376 - SOLD

Sandstone Sculpture, Uncle Sam, Rattlesnake
Anonymous, Second Half 19th Century
Likely Reconstruction Era - SOLD

Antique Sculpture, Sandstone, Uncle Sam, 19th Century, facing right view

A dramatic tableau soliciting interpretation; classic image of Uncle Sam seated, backed up to a tree stump just out-of-reach of a rattlesnake. The snake, (a classic image of treason) is displayed in an aggressive pose, seemingly positioned to attack Uncle Sam, however, the serpent and is shackled; bound to a stanchion of sorts. On the snakes back are two muscular men wearing loincloths, possibly ex-slaves; one holding a flag.
(H: 6.5"; L: 43.25"; D: 7.5") Shipping this sculpture is not a problem; will need crating.

232-321 - SOLD

Folk Art Bottle, Worner, Whimsy, Saloon, Wood, Paper, Paint, Pencil, Five Figures
By Carl Worner, Likely Chicago Area, Late 19th Century
Worner made bottles for saloons and other business’s - SOLD

Antique Folk Art Bottle with Whimsey, by Carl Worner, Late 19th Century, entire view

Saloon displaying a bartender, two standing patrons toasting with mugs of beer and a seated man with two bottles on the table. The backbar displays bottles and a sign for Union Cigars – Havana. This composition is complete with the maker’s trademark “FIND THE MISSING MAN” whom is in the tiny lavatory under the floorboards. (H: 11.5")

110-812 - SOLD

48” Canoe Paddles, Paint Decorated and Inscribed by Makers at Camp Winnipesaukee
Made and used by brothers, Stanley and Robert Claster, Circa 1931 to 1935 - SOLD

Pair of Paint Decorated Canoe Paddled, Signed by Makers at Camp Winnipesaukee, Circa 1931 to 1935, pair view 1

(Good condition; L: 48”)

1001-76 - SOLD

Pair of Carved Walnut American Shields, Rotund Centers, 13 Stars - SOLD

Antique Pair of Carved Walnut American Shields with 13 Stars, pair view

(H: 13”, W: 12”, D: 5”)

589-10 - SOLD

Folk Art Jointed Wooden Doll Carving, Women Holding Hand Carder; or!
Aproned School Teacher Holding Hornbook, Articulated Arms
Anonymous, Possibly Rhode Island, Likely Late 19th Century
Maple; nice patina
Literature: American Folk Art by Jean Lipman, (948) page 119, plate 111
This item just in, more information to follow, please call if interested - SOLD

Antique Folk Art Carved and Articulated School Teacher Figure, 19th Century, entire view

(Excellent condition; carved in three pieces, head, arms and body; H: 10.75")

110-702 - SOLD

Folk Art, Carved Male Doll, Articulated, Original Surface
Anonymous, Late 19th Century - SOLD

Antique Carving, Articulated Male Figure, 19th Century, angle view

(H: 15")

1026-11 - SOLD

Stone Fruits, Miniature, Lot of 30, Wire Basket Included
Likely Italy, 20th Century Decorative Collectables
Strawberry, lemon, pear, fig, plum, orange, banana, peach - SOLD

Antique Stone Fruit, Miniature, Lot of Thirty Pieces, entire view

Dimensions: basket: 10 by 8"

210-242 - SOLD

Adirondack Jardiniere, Planter, Turned Bowl, Applied Roots and Twigs
New York, Circa 1900
An inspired work in original condition - SOLD

Antique Carving, Native American Figure, Unknown Maker, left angle view

(Minor losses mentioned for accuracy; H: 8.5"; diameter: 11.5")

191-409 - SOLD

Folk Art Carving, Native American Indian, Original Polychrome
Unknown Maker, Vintage (H: 19.5") - SOLD

Antique Carving, Native American Figure, Unknown Maker, left angle view

928-52 - SOLD

Match or Toothpick Holder, Carved Wood, Man with Barrel on His Back
A folksy caricature by unknown maker in original surface
Walnut - SOLD

Antique Match Holder, Carved Figure, Man with Barrel, angle view

(Excellent condition; H: 4.25", L: 5.75", D: 2.75")

928-53 - SOLD

Folk Art Figure of a Seated Man, Carved Burl Head, Moses Ogden's Wonderland
Angelica, New York, Circa 1890 to 1910 (Moses Ogden, American, 1844 to 1919) - SOLD

Antique Seated Figure, Folk Art, Carved Burl Head, Circa 1890, right angle view

Burl carved head, upholstery fiber hair, original shoes and padding under clothing. Ogden served in the American Civil War, he worked as a wagon maker and was known as "The Jackknife Artist," who carved pieces to exhibit and sell at local fairs. He built and lived in a small cabin at Angelica, New York; his works filled the interior and exterior and became locally known as "Moses Ogden's Wonderland." See Rico and Maresca, American Primitive, Discoveries in Folk Sculpture, pp 236 and 237
(Seated in painted Windsor chair; H: 45", W: 16.75", D: 20")

928-44 - SOLD

Powder Horn, Inkwell, Stag Horn, Cow Horn
Sold separately

Antique Cannon Powder Horn, Stag Horn Desk Inkwell, group view

Cannon Size Powder Horn, Twenty Inches, Flat Butt Plug
Antique cow horn, nice color and patina
(Missing spout/tip; L: 20.75")

Stag Horn Desk Standard, Cobalt Inkwell, Horn Lid, Brass Acorn Finial, Campy
Later 19th or Early 20th Century
Found In New York State
Unknown Maker
(8.75 by 2.75 by 6")

Black Forest Figural Mother Bear and Cub Hall Tree, Umbrella Stand, Glass Eyes
Third Quarter Nineteenth Century
Linden wood
Mother bear in pursuit of her cub - SOLD

Antique Carved Hall Tree, Umbrella Stand, Mother Bear and Cub, 19th Century, angle view

(Excellent original condition, great color; H: 80")

1062-18 - SOLD

Rope Bed Key, Wrench, Carved, Original Paint
Found in Vermont
Circa 1780 to 1810
A splendid example; geometric and notch carved - SOLD

Antique Rope Bed Key, Carved and Painted, Circa 1780 to 1810, entire view

(L: 14.5")

1039-15 - SOLD

Tin, Heart Cheese Strainer
19th Century - SOLD

Antique Tin, Cheese Strainer, Heart Shaped, 19th Century, entire view

Dimensions: 13.75 by 14.25 by 2.5".

945-6 - SOLD

Carving of Older Man With Young Girl
Circa 1860-1890 - SOLD

Antique Carving, Old Man and Girl Figure, entire view
Antique Carving, Old Man and Girl Figure, angle view

Fine carving of an older man standing with a young girl with his hand upon her shoulder, looking outward. May be allegorical or historical figures. Dark stain. Measures 11" by 5".

125-6 - SOLD

Probably Niagara Falls, New York
Circa 1900 - SOLD

Antique Carving, Man in Barrel, Paint Decorated, angle view

This figure represents one of the earliest of the rival daredevils who attempted going over Niagara Falls during the first decades of the twentieth century. White pine, carved and painted, iron bands, original painted decoration. The barrel stamped: "P,.P. + H. Palmer" (Height: 12.5".)

Howard and Catherine Feldman collection; David A. Schorsch, 1995: Tony and Sally Grassi Collection.

Susan Klein and Cynthia V.A. Schaffner, "Living with antiques: A folk art collection in Pennsylvania," The Magazine Antiques, September, 1984, page 569, figure 4.

SHF-345 - SOLD

Memory Ware, Observation Tower, Two Story Foundation, Spiral Staircase
Made by S.C. Warren
West Hartford, Vermont
Mixed media, found objects, wood, copper, plaster, paint - SOLD

Antique Memory Ware Observation Tower, West Hartford, Vermont, angle view

The surface is covered with a rich variety of objects such as buttons, jewelry, railroad tokens; tintype photographs, glass vials, shells, colored glass, Crucifixes, lion's heads; even three Tartan Ware napkin rings and a small painted tin hand! The selection, positioning and application of objects is amazing as is the compartmentalized balance; object transitioning and relationships. The artist identified himself by a printed card framed within a repousse brass photograph frame surmounted with cutout brass numerals "1894" centered by glass windows. The work is architecturally significant; staircases lead to a balustrade deck with a spiral staircase leading to covered observation deck crowned by a sheet metal umbrella. The work seduces emotional participation; can't be appreciated without focused and relaxed timely observation.
There are a few small areas of loss, piece is stable; constructed in three sections.
(Dimensions: H: 45"; W: 16.25"; D: 16.25")

1029-5 - SOLD

George Washington Carving
Anonymous - SOLD

Antique Carving, George Washington Figure, angle view

As depicted, small carving depicting Washington in civilian clothing, with fire gilt steel sword and holding rolled paper in hand with arm extended. This carving with terrific surface having rich patina, appears to be worked in maple.
Height: 5 5/8".

274-79 - SOLD

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