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Pencil Drawing, Cow in Pasture, Dolly Varden at 3 Years by Carl Freigau
Property of Jas. G. Porter, Walnut Hill, Madison Co: Ohio
Date/Period: 1875-1885 - SOLD

Pencil Drawing, Cow in Pasture, Dolly Varden at 3 Years by Carl Freigau Property of Jas. G. Porter, Walnut Hill, Madison Co: Ohio, entire view

Measurement: Frame: 14" x 11.75"; view: 10.5" x 8.75"

Material: Pencil on paper, birds eye maple frame with hilt liner

Condition: Fine

Additional Information: Prize cow drawn by Carl Freigau who was an Ohio itinerant
livestock artist. He traveled through Butler, Madison and Warren counties sketching
cattle, hogs, and dogs for farmers, getting a meal or a slice of pie, sometimes even a
night’s lodging for his work. He died in 1926.



Rewards of Merit, Eaton Sisters, 1813 to 1819, Watercolor & Ink on Paper
Wilton, New Hampshire
Date/Period: 1813-1819 - SOLD

Rewards of Merit, Eaton Sisters, 1813 to 1819, Watercolor & Ink on Paper Wilton, New Hampshire, group view

Measurement: Largest: 5.5" x 6.25"; Smallest: 3" x 3.25"

Material: Watercolor and ink on paper

Condition: Good, some fading, few losses; largest creased and separated

Additional Information: All hand drawn and watercolor, a collection of 17, some with
displaying landscape, birds, an eagle, and floral spays.
• Dorcas Eaton, 1812, 1815, 1816, 1818, 1819
• Sally Eaton, 1809, 1811, 1812, 1813, 1815 another 1819 [Wilton]
• Fanny Eaton, 1815, 1818, 1819, another also 1819



Small Love Token Picture Frame Pierced with 18 Hearts, Original Red Paint
Date/Period: 19th Century - SOLD

Small Love Token Picture Frame Pierced with 18 Hearts, Original Red Paint, entire view

Measurement: 7.5" x 6"

Material: Wooden, thin mirror plate

Condition: Couple shrinkage fissures, Mirror too small for view area

Additional Information: Ovolo corners centering bowed sides, applied backboard
painted white. Great for picture frame or mirror.



Christ's Nativity, St. Matthew
Pen and ink
By Samuel Lunt, age 10, of Newbury, Massachusetts - SOLD

Antique Pen and Ink Art, Christ's Nativity, by Samuel Lunt, age 10, close up

This piece was done by Samuel Lunt in the East School of Essex County.
Dimensions: 20.75 by 15.75-inch frame, 11.75 by 14.75-inch sight-size.



Important Mourning Painting, Schoolgirl Folk Art
New England, Circa 1820-1830
Anonymous…a superb example of enormously
popular schoolgirl art
Watercolor and foil on velvet, strong bright
original color, fine condition - SOLD

Although displaying ubiquitous symbols of mourning, the tomb, mourners, and willow
tree being standard attributes of death, the mourning picture does not create a mood of
sadness. The unknown young artist excelled in this exercise, likely an important part of
her curriculum at a female seminary to which she devoted much time. The complexity of
composition, good sense of design, and the handling of details, fluid brushwork, and the
application of gold foil to the weathervane and dog collar speak to the inspired
instruction she received. The pastoral quality of landscape setting, tight vignettes,
abundant detail…dwellings, bridge, the renderings of different types of foliage; the
bridge, a spotted dog, three birds and a fence de-emphasize the mourning iconography.
Herringbone brush strokes creating the foliage of the iconic drooping willow at the
forefront imitate the texture of needlework stitches employed in embroidery of the
period. Centering the work are grieving figures at the tomb in the foreground which is
surmounted with a festooned urn; the tomb is vacant of inscription probably anticipating
a future need. The picture is mounted within the original gilt frame under an eglomise
glass having a black enamel and gold leaf border matt; original backboard; excellent
original condition. (Frame: 29.75 by 24.75"; view: 27 by 22")



Calligraphy, Watercolor & Ink, LEARNING, Grieve for Past Follies & Learning Verse Illegibly Signed, James ___________, 19th C. - SOLD

Calligraphy Watercolor and Ink, LEARNING Grieve for Past Follies

Mounted within predominantly red painted frame with faint black graining )



Book, Artemisia Mehlman, Sewing - SOLD

Antique Sewing Book by Artemisia Mehlman, page detail 1

Very good condition.
(6.75 by 8.25”)

1032-140 - SOLD

Calligraphy, Spencerian Drawing by Owen S. Cowles (1819 to 1854) Writing School
“Ladies and Gentleman are invited to call and examine specimens”
Penmanship’s: Ladies and Gentleman Taught a Plain, easy, hand Writing in 12 easy lessons - SOLD

Antique Calligraphy/Spencerian Drawing by Owen S. Cowles, 19th Century, close up view

Outstanding lion & eagle mouthing ribbon identifying artist’s name and centering a globe displaying pencil drawing; Indians on rockery above water view with sailboat. Also, Spencerian swans and bird in flight. (Frame: 17.5 by 12.5”, sight-size: 15 by 10.5”)
The instructor became Postmaster of Southampton, Hampshire County, Massachusetts
died in 1854 and is buried in Fairview Cemetery, Chicopee. The work by decent within Cowles family until recently consigned to AAAWT. Genealogy available online.



Spencerian Composition
Eagle with banner reading Instruction in Penmanship
Second Half Nineteenth century - SOLD

Antique Calligraphy, Spencerian Composition, Eagle and Penmanship Instruction, overall view

The subscriber will give a course of instruction in penmanship to the ladies and gentleman of this place who may be disposed to favor him with their patronage-
Particular attention given to penmaking - Terms for 15 lessons $1.75 E. Perry
The work remains in fine condition and is mounted with birds eye maple frame.
(Frame: 15.5 x 19.25 inches; view: 12.5 x 16.5 inches.)

668-1 - SOLD

Spencerian Composition, Notice of Instruction
Eagle above Notice
1852 - SOLD

Antique Calligraphy, Spencerian Composition, Eagle and Notice of Instruction, close up

Misters Pulcifer and call respectfully inform the citizens of this village that they are located at Fenton's Hall, for the purpose of teaching penmanship- and invite all persons interested in the art, to call and examine their method of instruction.
Cambridge September 21, 1842 (Frame: 20 x 20 inches; view: 12 x 12 inches.)

668-2 - SOLD

Spencerian Composition, Penmanship
Plain and Ornamental Taught
Drawings made to Order
Visiting Cards to Order
Harry R. Kelly
June 20, 1878 - SOLD

Antique Calligraphy, Spencerian Composition, Penmanship Drawings Made to Order, close up view

A wonderful composition with light toning and a short tear at upper right margin.
(Frame: 19.25 x 23.25 inches; view: 11.25 x 15.25 inches.)

668-3 - SOLD

Framed Girls Penmanship Calligraphy
"Presented to Miss Hannah" - SOLD

Antique Calligraphy, Girl Penmanship, Presented to Miss Hannah, close up

Dimensions: 25 by 19.75-inch frame, 21 by 15.625-inch view area.

197-13 - SOLD

Barbara Ann Groff's Hair Book 1863 - SOLD

Antique Hair Book, Barbara Ann Groff, page detail

A wonderful example of 19th century women's friendship tokens.
Red leather bound book with 16 pages of family and friend's hair mementoes.
Dimensions: 8 by 6.625-inches.

553-38 - SOLD

Pencil Drawing, Farm Scene
Signed by E.L. Ott
Doylestown, Ohio
Sketched Oct. 9, 1899 - SOLD

Antique Pencil Drawing, Farm Scene, By E.L. Orr, no frame view

An exceptional rendering in fine condition. (Frame: 41.5 by 29"; sight-size: 35.5 by 23")

240-117 - SOLD

Workbox, Schoolgirl, Paint Decorated
New England, probably Massachusetts
Classic decoration, fitted interior
Signed, "E.C.J.K.-1821" - SOLD

Antique Workbox, Schoolgirl Art and Paint Decorated, New England, angle view

Good condition; small wedge of veneer missing; easily restored.
(Height: 4.25 inches; width: 12 inches; depth: 8 inches.)

191-309 - SOLD

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