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Prior Sales Gallery Gone but Not Forgotten

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Title: Watch Hutch, Tall Clock Form Watch Stand, Original Paint, Elgin Pocket Watch
Date/Period: Circa 1880-1900 - SOLD

Watch Hutch, Tall Clock Form Watch Stand, Original Paint, Elgin Pocket Watch, entire view 1

Measurement: Height: 9.25"

Material: Pine, paint, brushed cotton

Condition: Very good, missing finials

Additional Information: Cut and carved from the solid, the interior relieved of wood to
accommodate a watch. The sections are hinged for opening.
Faux grained, brown and red.



Antique, Carved & Painted Watch Stand, Hutch
Likely German, circa 1830-1850
The Church is Similar to Erzgebirge Putz Village Examples - SOLD

Antique, Carved & Painted Watch Stand, Hutch
Likely German, circa 1830-1850
The Church is Similar to Erzgebirge Putz Village Examples, entire view 1

A carved and painted figural watch hutch in original surface
(Very good original condition, scattered paint loss and wear,
nice patina, displays well; Height: 11.75"; width: 7.5"; depth: 2.25")



Antique, Carved Presentation Watch Hutch, Stand, Folk Art
J.A. Creich / From his Father / J.G. Creich, 1886, 69Ys
Mixed hardwoods - SOLD

Antique Folk Art Carved Presentation Watch Hutch, 1886, angle view 1

Watch stand featuring floral spandrels, Palladian window sides on relief carved
plinths displaying running horses, full length male figure; flags and leafy scrolled devices. The case
is surmounted with serpent carved chimneys joining a gallery; all centering a wonderful carved eagle
with glass-bead/copper-tack eyes. The door opens to expose the cavity carved to receive the watch which
hangs within a bow aperture. All surfaces of multi-stepped base are carved. (Missing half inch of
engaged 1/8-inch center plinth molding; doesn’t distract; we can have this restored. 10 by 6.5 by 4”)



Chalkware Watch Hutch, Chalk, Pillared Grotto with Figure in Niche
Likely Pennsylvania, 19th Century - SOLD

Antique Chalkware Watch Hutch, Figure in a Pillared Grotto, 19th Century, entire view

(12 by 7 by 4”)

659-115 - SOLD

Watch Hutch, Carved and Painted
Salem, Massachusetts
*From the Derby Family
18th Century
Pine - SOLD

Antique Watch Hutch, Hanging, Carved and Painted, 18th Century, angle view

A Chippendale hutch retaining original canvas back that is affixed with small rose-head nails. Within the hood can be seen original wool homespun over raw wool meant to insulate the delicate timepiece. The ancient red paint appears to have been over-shellacked during the period. Noted for accuracy is the shrinkage crack horizontal to crown molding in roof; a 7/8-inch section of upper dial mat is missing, as is the horizontal notch-carved molding that was affixed to upper dial matt. *This hutch was sold in March of 1996 with a derby family provenance by noted New England Auction firm; copy of catalog pages available to buyer.
(Height: 10.25 inches; width: 3.5 inches; depth: 2 inches.)

912-112 - SOLD

Watch Hutch, Original Paint
New England
Early 19th Century
White pine - SOLD

Antique Watch Hutch, Original Paint, New England, angle view

This domed hutch carved of a single piece of pine has a wallpapered interior; the door is frame is of mortise and tenon construction and is veneered. The bird's eye maple faux grain painted surface is dry and intact. As depicted, loss of half-inch section and tiny wedge of veneer at upper left corner of door.
(Height: 9.75 inches; width: 5.75 inches; depth: 3 inches.)

912-110 - SOLD

Watch Hutch
Cast Brass
Second half 19th century
Anonymous - SOLD

Antique Watch Hutch, Cast Brass, 19th Century, angle view

This example, in old patina retains its watch suspension hook which is positioned behind the shell finial that is above decorative wreath centering the watch opening; behind the opening is a half-cradle with saw-tooth border and leafy motif...the whole on scrolled base raised on plinth filled with plaster.
(Height: 5.5 inches; width: 4 inches; depth: 2.25 inches.)

912-101 - SOLD

Watch Hutch, American Federal
Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Early 19th Century
Mahogany, white pine, birch veneer, and oak inlay - SOLD

Antique Watch Hutch, Federal, New Hampshire, 19th Century, front view

The dovetailed mahogany case with pine backboard retains original cotton backboard lining. The door with beveled edge conforms to a half-dovetail rabbet in which it smoothly slides. The window features two rows contrasting concentric oak string inlay and a lightly incised conforming scribe. Ornamenting the hutch is an oval panel of birch veneer within conforming oak string inlay. (6.5 by 3.75 by 1.75-inches.)

912-109 - SOLD

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