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Prior Sales Gallery Gone but Not Forgotten

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Antique Chalkware, Recumbent Sheep & Lamb
America, likely Pennsylvania, late 19th century - SOLD

Antique Chalkware, Recumbent Sheep & Lamb
America, likely Pennsylvania, late 19th century, entire view

(6.5" x 9.25" x 4")



Antique Chalkware Rooster, Standing, Polychrome
Pennsylvania, circa 1850-1900 - SOLD

Antique Chalkware Rooster, Standing, Polychrome
Pennsylvania, circa 1850-1900, entire view

Standing rooster retaining its original polychrome decorated surface with no apparent
repairs. (Height: 7.5")



Folk Carved and Painted Bird, Fluid and Exuberant Decoration
Anonymous, In the Circle of the Pennsylvania carvers, circa 1890-1925 - SOLD

Folk Carved and Painted Bird, Fluid and Exuberant Decoration
Anonymous, In the Circle of the Pennsylvania carvers, circa 1890-1925

A small folk art carved and painted wooden bird featuring split and raised wings and groove-carved tail. Excellent painted detail, dry patina. The figure mounted on a lovely delicate baluster continuing to a domed out-of-round base turned of walnut. (Height: 4")



Folk Art Carved and Painted Bird,
Joseph Romuald Bernier (1873-1952)
Biddeford, Maine A scarcely encountered large example perched on carved base - SOLD

Folk Art Carved and Painted Bird,
Joseph Romuald Bernier (1873-1952), entire view

Literature: Magazine Antiques, Bernier the Lumberman: The mystery carver of Biddeford, Maine, identified, Leslie Rounds and Jessica Skwire Routhier, Summer 2010 (Very good original condition; H: 9”, L: 10.75”, W: 3.25”)

216-623 - SOLD

Carvings, Pair of Decorative Shorebirds, Spotted Sandpipers, by R.C. Orcutt
Possibly Connecticut - SOLD

Antique Carvings, Pair of Spotted Sandpipers, Orcutt, pair view

Good condition, signed on bottom
(H: 5")

384-74 - SOLD

Doorstop, Cast Iron, Male Lion, Standing, Old Red, Green and Gilt Paint, American
Unknown Maker, Great Detail and Surface, Antique (Late 19th Century) - SOLD

Antique Door Stop, Lion, Cast Iron, Late 19th Century, angle view 1

(H: 7", L: 9.5")

216-497 - SOLD

Carved Deer Head on Plaque Featuring Eight Point Buck
Probably New York State
Exceptional head study and plaque featuring carved tables and scrolls - SOLD

Antique Carved Deer Head on Plaque, Victorian, New York State, right angle view

(31.5 by 18 by 13")

1062-6 - SOLD

Small Black Forest Carved Bear, Full Body, Glass Eyes, Painted Mouth
Circa 1900
Walnut, finely carved - SOLD

Antique Carved Bear, Black Forest, Circa 1900, angle view

(6.5 by 10.5 by 3.5")

1062-19 - SOLD

Carved and Polychrome Eagle after Bellamy Type
The Portsmouth Model by Artistic Carving Company
Mid Twentieth Century, Boston - SOLD

Antique Carved Eagle, After Bellamy Type, Mid 20th Century, angle view

See: American Eagle-The Bold Art & Brash Life of John Haley Bellamy by James A, Craig, pp., 115,116, and 117
W: 26.5"; H: 9.5"; D: 4.25"

191-389 - SOLD

Carved Northern Pike Fish Plaque, Mounted on Painted Backboard
Unknown Maker, Found in Wisconsin
Probably 1930's
This example with taxidermist eyes remains in fine original condition - SOLD

Antique Fish Plaque, Carved Northern Pike, Found in Wisconsin, Probably 1930's, entire view

(L: 30", H: 10.25", D: 2")

606-39 - SOLD

Atlantic Salmon, Carved Wood, Painted with Exquisite Detail, Fine, Original
Made by John and Dhuie Tully
Fochabers, Scotland
Circa 1910 - SOLD

Antique Carved Fish, Atlantic Salmon, By John and Dhuie Tully, Scotland, entire view

John apprenticed under John Russell and married Russell's daughter who was an artist and art teacher; she painted most of her husband's carvings. The artists' work enjoyed great international publicity, recognition and demand.
Additional information available. (Dimensions: 48" L, 13.5" H, 4" D.)

570-328 - SOLD

Chalk Ware, Chalkware Piggy Bank, Original Paint
Circa 1900 - SOLD

Antique Chalkware Piggy Bank, Original Paint, angle view

This adorable porker remains in excellent condition; minor plaster loss at coin slot. (H: 6.75"; L: 8"; W: 4.5")

497-83 - SOLD

Small White Cat - SOLD

Antique Carving, Small Cat, Painted Decoration, angle views
Antique Carving, Small Cat, Painted Decoration, angle views 2

Carved and painted, with minor bite to right ear.
Dimensions: 5.25" H, 4.25" W, 2.25" D.

125-14 - SOLD

Folk Art Carving, Man on Horseback, Probably Scandinavian, Original Paint
Unknown Maker
19th Century
The top hatted rider holds his hat for fear of loss - SOLD

Antique Carved Man on Horseback, Original Paint, 19th Century, angle view

(H: 8"; L: 7.25"; W: 2.5")

853-16 - SOLD

Carnival Race Horses and Jockeys, Carved and Painted, Group of Three - SOLD

Antique Carved Race Horses and Jockeys, Group of Three, group view

Beautifully carved wooden jockeys on race horses displayed in full gallop; fine original condition. Likely part of a game that involved betting on individual numbered race horses; popular on cruise ships during the early twentieth through the mid-twentieth century.
(Dimensions: Overall L on stand: 33"; H: 10.5"; W: 7.5"; Individual Horse: H: 5.75"; L: 16"; W: 1.75".)

876-3 - SOLD

Carved Ducks, Wall Mounted Miniature Flyers, Original Paint
Lot of Sixteen, Fine Condition
Half Models
By John Lee Baldwin (1868 to 1938)
Babylon, Long Island, Long Island
Baldwin is famous for his saying; "Never worked and never will". - SOLD

Antique Carved Ducks, Lot of Sixteen, John Lee Baldwin, group view

Dimensions: approximately 6.5 by 3.5" each.

161-47 - SOLD

Carved Eagle
Pine, gilt and paint
Circa 1820 - SOLD

Antique Carving, Eagle, Gilt and Painted, angle view

In fine condition; early gilt over original gilt surface.
(Height: 34.5-inches; width: 59-inches; depth: 9-inches.)

195-9 - SOLD

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