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Prior Sales Gallery Gone but Not Forgotten

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Antique Weathervane, Full-bodied Running Horse
Date/Period: 1870-1890 - SOLD

Antique Weathervane, Full-bodied Running Horse, entire view

Measurement: Height: 17.5"; length: 32"; width: 1.75"

Material: Copper

Condition: Missing front section of horizontal tube

Additional Information: Flattened full body trotting horse displaying thinning gilt, sizing,
and verdigris; surface is honest, highly oxidized…as descended. We can fabricate a
professional display stand or wall mounting backet inexpensively.



Antique, Sheep Weathervane on Arrow, Historic Surface
1880-1900 - SOLD

Antique, Sheep Weathervane on Arrow, Historic Surface, entire view 1

Height: 30"; length: 45.5"; width: 7"


Flatted full body weathervane displaying honest thinning
paint and verdigris. Unknown maker.



Title: Running Horse Weathervane, Harris & Co. Gilt & Verdigris, Honest Historic Surface
Boston, Massachusetts
Date/Period: Circa 1870-1890 - SOLD

Running Horse Weathervane, Harris & Co. Gilt & Verdigris, Honest Historic Surface Boston, Massachusetts, entire view 1

Measurement: Height: 23"; length: 35"; depth: 2.5"

Material: Copper and zinc

Condition: Very good, minor imperfections consistent with age; as found, displays well

Additional Information: A full body figure with full mane and tail, cast zinc ears, very
old and right surface; couple minor (short) seam splits.



Title: 19th Century Weathervane, Cotswold Ewe, Zink Over Iron Head, Copper Body
Fine Detail, Possible Fiske or L.W. Cushing and Sons
Date/Period: 1883-1890 - SOLD

19th Century Weathervane, Cotswold Ewe, Zink Over Iron Head, Copper Body Fine Detail, Possible Fiske or L.W. Cushing and Sons, entire view 1

Measurement: Height: 19.75"; length: 30"; depth: 4"

Material: Copper, iron, zinc, gold gilt on sizing

Condition: Excellent and original

Additional Information: A finely detailed flatted full body having cast iron and zinc
head and ears. The classic profile appears to retain its original gilt surface with
scattered verdigris.



Antique Weathervane, Horse, Galvanized Metal
Unknown Maker, circa 1850-1890 - SOLD

Antique Weathervane, Horse, Galvanized Metal
Unknown Maker, circa 1850-1890, entire view 1

The silhouette having a swelled body is constructed on two pieces of heavily galvanized
metal [likely zinc]; seams are riveted. Wrought iron bracing and mounting style is
unusual. A nearly identical weathervane is published as plate 119, page 72 of A Gallery
of American Weathervanes and Whirligigs
by Robert Bishop and Patricia Coblentz.
Very nice surface, excellent condition; height: 18.5"; length: 25.25"; body depth: 2")



Antique Weathervane, Pig, Great Surface, Copper, Full Bodied, Flattened
Possibly L.W. Cushing, Waltham, Massachusetts, circa 1880 - SOLD

Antique Weathervane, Pig, Great Surface, Copper, Full Bodied, Flattened
Possibly L.W. Cushing, Waltham, Massachusetts, circa 1880, entire view 1

We guarantee this outstanding honest period surface consisting of very old thinning
gold leaf squares over original surface to be right. This oinker with applied ears and
curlicue tail remains in fine unrestored condition. See page 137 of Steve Miller’s the Art
of the Weathervane for an identical example.
(Height: 20.25"; length: 34"; width: 1.5")



Weathervane, Full Body Gamecock, Copper Body and Embossed Tail, Cast Zink Legs
Unknown Maker, 19th Century
Original accumulated surface history; now dry, tight and crusty; mustardy greenish - SOLD

Antique Full Body Gamecock Weather Vane with Copper Body and Embossed Tail, 19th Century, angle view

(Partial bar loss and wear, minor dings and bullet holes; the vestiges of time. Restoration services available; 16 by 16”)



Goat Weathervane, Swell Bodied, Corrugated Goatee and Furnishings, Verdigris
Unknown Maker, Late 19th to Early 20th Century
A large example of a very rare form - SOLD

Antique Goat Weather Vane  with Corrugated Goatee, Late 19th Century, angle view

See Steve Miller, The Art of the Weathervane, page 139, also, see Bishop and Coblenz, A Gallery of American Weathervanes and Whirligigs, pp. 35 & 36.
See Christies, January 20 and 21, 2006, lot 439.
(Fine original condition: 42.5 by 30.75 by 3.5"`)

608-57 - SOLD

Antique Howard Rooster Weathervane
Gilt Zinc & Copper Rooster Weather Vane,
Best Original Surface History, Fine Condition,
(J. Howard, West Bridgewater, Massachusetts)
C.1854-1867 - SOLD

 Antique Weather Vane, Howard Gilt Zinc & Copper Rooster Weathervane, C. 1854-1867, Original Surface History

Two-part hollow cast zinc flattened full-body vane, with corrugated sheet copper tail and cast copper feet, supported on an iron bar…displaying a historic painted surface in dry patina. A similar rooster vane by J. Howard is illustrated in The Art of the Weathervane by Steve Miller, Schiffer Publishing, Pennsylvania, 1984, page 37, and A Gallery of American Weathervanes and Whirligigs, by Robert Bishop and Patricia Coblenz, Crown Publishers, 1981, page 34. (27 X 24.25”)

923-4 - SOLD

Antique Weather Vane or Weathervane
Raven on Arrow, Open Beak, Cawing
Unknown Maker, Prob First Half 20th C.
Full bodied, copper, applied wings, zing arrowhead corrugated fletch - SOLD

Antique Weathervane, Raven on Arrow, Unknown Maker, angle view

(Very Good condition; H: 16.5", L: 27.25", W: 3.5")

171-105 - SOLD

Rooster on Arrow Weathervane or Weather Vane
Best Original Surface, Possibly Fiske
Circa 1880 to 1900, New York
A flattened full body example featuring embossed feathers and corrugated tail - SOLD

Antique Weathervane, Rooster on Arrow, Original Surface, Circa 1880 to 1900, angle view

(Fine original condition, guaranteed surface; H: 23"; L: 26.25"; D: 3")

176-156 - SOLD

Weathervane, Silhouette Profile of Family Holding Hands, Mom, Dad and Kids
First Half 20th Century
Copper, verdigris and thinning black paint - SOLD

Antique Weathervane, Silhouette of Family Holding Hands, First Half 20th Century, entire view

Dimensions: 32.5 by 29.5".

171-104 - SOLD

Antique Weather Vane, Eagle, Copper
19th Century, American
Circa 1890 - SOLD

Antique Weathervane, Eagle, 19th Century, angle view

Oxidized with some verdigris, 24" wingspan

659-20 - SOLD

A Dramatic Stylized Rooster Weathervane
Sheet/Wrought Iron
Circa 1890-1925 - SOLD

Antique Weathervane, Rooster, Sheet Iron, entire view

Multiple pieces of sheet iron riveted together and reinforced by half round forged iron rod riveted to cutout. Appears to be all handwork; old paint over old red paint. (Height: 27 inches; Width: 33 inches.)

832-18 - SOLD

Gate Weight, Cast Iron, Dove, Spread Wing
19th Century - SOLD

Antique Gate Weight, Dove Form, Cast Iron, entire view

A dove form counterweight for gate fitted with ring for hanging; old paint.
(9.5 by 14.75")

203-222 - SOLD

Weathervane, Crowing Rooster, Great Surface
Possibly French or Canadian
19th Century
Zinc, best surface - SOLD

Antique Weathervane, Rooster, 19th Century, Zinc, angle view

An elegant form with glass marble eyes, rainbow tail; cast and incised.
Fine condition (23 by 30"; D: 5")

203-205 - SOLD

A Powerful Spread-Wing Eagle Weathervane
Full Bodied...Perched on Orb Above Arrow
Anonymous...19th century
Old Surface - SOLD

Antique Weathervane, Eagle, Spread Wing, Old Surface, under angle view

In old surface, this full bodied outstanding iconic American Symbol with outstretched wings and open beak with tongue is of molded sheet copper and has great detail...full zinc legs, feet and talons; primary feathers, and broad tail. The arrow with corrugated feathers has a cast iron tip which is missing its point. The vane displays an original surface history of varying surface layers and is attractive. It appears that the vane took a tumble with arrow separated at orb. We are able to have this expertly restored.
(Height: 30 inches; head to tail: 28.5 inches; wing span: 42.25 inches.)

629-16 - SOLD

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