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Side by Side Brass Barrels
18th Century, 308-366 - SOLD

Flintlock Pistol, Marked Twigg and London, Third Quarter 18th Century
John Fox Twig, 728-47 - SOLD

Flintlock Pistol
Marked Twigg
London, 18th C 728-6 - SOLD

U.S. Model 1816 Flintlock Pistol, Simeon North Middletown,
Connecticut, 728-46 - SOLD

Belgium Percussion Single Shot Pistol, Screw-Off
Barrel, 1251-3 - SOLD

Model 1837 French Marine Single-Shot Percussion
Pistol 728-48 - SOLD

Scottish Engraved
Flintlock Pistol
Silver Banded
Muzzle, 728-15 - SOLD

Scottish All Steel
Flintlock Belt Pistolby John
Campbell, 728-3 - SOLD

Pistol, Flintlock
Three Stage Barrel
Circa 1750, 570-367 - SOLD

Pair, Flintlock Pistols
Carved Stock Engraved
Steel, 570-248 - SOLD

Pistol, Tap Action
Signed Bunney 825-7 - SOLD

Pennsylvania Militia Pistol
Simeon North US
Model 1816, 308-323 - SOLD

Small Italian Miquelet Full Stock
Pistol Mid to Late 18th
Century, 308-217 - SOLD

Unsigned American Percussion
Kentucky Pistol, 308-91 - SOLD

British Light Dragoon Pistol
Standard British .69-caliber with Tower lock 1786
Issue Date, 308-214 - SOLD

Pistols, Pair of Flintlock Great
Coat Pistols Probably
French, 570-164 - SOLD

Pistol, Flintlock .62 Caliber
Brass Barrel, Early
19th Century, 570-163 - SOLD

Flintlock Pistol
Gandarme de la garde
First Half 19th Century,
537-10 - SOLD

British Export Flintlock Pistol
Possibly by Ketland
War Of 1812 Period,
308-233 - SOLD

Simeon North US Model 1816
Flintlock Pistol, 308-66 - SOLD

Underhammer Pistol
Joseph Graves
Bangor, Maine, 308-221 - SOLD

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