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Percussion Long Arms (mostly)

Antique, Fine Flintlock Fowler, Outstanding, 7.5-Feet Long! Amazing Condition
308-472 - SOLD

Rifle, Underhammer by N. Kendall of Windsor, Vermont
308-260 - SOLD

Kentucky Rifle
Carved, Silver Inlay
W. Kryner, Signed,
570-269 - SOLD

Double Barrel Percussion European Shotgun by Weigandt in Leipzig,
728-33 -SOLD

Early Second Model "Brown Bess" & Revolutionary War Socket Bayonet,
459-2 - SOLD

Model 1861 U.S.
Percussion Rifle-Musket
Springfield, Dated 1862
728-20 - SOLD

Musket, U.S. Model 1808, Contract Musket by Leonard of Canton, Massachusetts,
1255-1 -

Tower Enfield Pattern 1853 Two-Band Short Musket Dated 1861
1171-4 - SOLD

Maynard Carbine
2nd Model "1863" Civil War
Massachusetts Arms Co.,
728-19 - SOLD

Model 1861 Remington
Contract Rifle Musket
.58 Caliber,
1134-1 - SOLD

Fowler, American
Lock Marked C. Baker
308-345 - SOLD

Blunderbuss, Flintlock
Follows Brown Bess Pattern
Circa 1740 to 1750,
728-1 - SOLD

Original Flintlock Musket
for American Market
728-13 - SOLD

U.S. Model 1808
Musket by Asa Waters
Massachusetts State Contract,
728-7 - SOLD

Springfield Musket
U.S. Model 1855
with Maynard Primer,
728-9 - SOLD

Rifle, Springfield
U.S. Model 1884 Trapdoor
with 1889 Cartouche
1094-1 - SOLD

Charles Daly Drilling Shotgun/Rifle,
459-18 - SOLD

Fowler, a Pure American Flintlock Long Fowler,
308-215 - SOLD

Flintlock Musket
Carved Walnut Stock
18th Century,
570-419 - SOLD

British Style Ordinance Musket
Probably 1810 Period,
570-430 - SOLD

New England Rifle
Signed J. Mason
Shrewsbury, Massachusetts,
308-341 - SOLD

Rifle, Kentucky Style
Signed JH Johnston
570-470 - SOLD

Massive .80 Caliber Bore
Circa 1780,
281-58 - SOLD

Outstanding Cased Underhammer 2-Barrel Rifle Set
By Otis Churchill,
308-53 - SOLD

Fowler, Flintlock
Hudson River Valley
Circa 1760,
570-437 - SOLD

Kentucky Rifle
Curly Maple Stock
19th Century,
1066-1 - SOLD

French Model 1777
St. Etienne Flintlock Musket,
1049-1 - SOLD

Sharps New Model
1863 Rifle, Model 1859
Circa 1862 to 1863,
459-27 - SOLD

Dutch Contract Musket
From Harold Peterson Estate
Original Flintlock
308-329- SOLD

Long Fowler
Ketland Lock...barrel marked London,
308-7 - SOLD

Frank Wesson
Model 1870

Pocket Rifle
308-375 - SOLD

Five-Barrel Rifle, Smith, Rhodes & Company, Richmond, Virginia, 1861, UNIQUE
308-492 - SOLD

Springfield, U.S. Model 1812 Type II, Wickham Stud Springs, Clean! Fine original condition,
728-8 - SOLD

Buggy Rifle, Shoulder Stock, Original Ramrod & Worm, .31-Caliber Rifled ,B.C. Wood
308-456 - SOLD

Ohio Half Stock Percussion Rifle, C. Siebert, Columbus, Tiger Maple Half Stock Christian Siebert, active in Columbus C. 1852-1856
632-81 SOLD

LEMAN ALTERED Austrian Model 1842 Percussion Rifle Musket .75 Caliber, Single Shot Muzzleloader
1041-1 SOLD

Swiss Model 1842
Cadet Musket w/ Issue Bayonet
308-351 SOLD

Mark III Percussion Rifle,
BSA & M 1354-19 SOLD

Civil War Era Rifle; Sharps,
New Model 1863, 3 Band Barrel
.52 caliber percussion breechloader
728-83 - SOLD

Model 1861 U.S. Percussion
Rifle-Musket, Springfield,
Dated 1862
728-93 - SOLD

A Fine Berks County
Swivel Breech Flintlock
Rifle Attributed to
Adam Angstadt 861-4 - SOLD

Rifle, Remington Carbine,
Split Breech, Type 1,
.46 Caliber Rim Fire
308-549 - SOLD

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