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Prior Sales Gallery Gone but Not Forgotten

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Swords and Knives 2

Artillery Officer's Sword
Widmann, Philadelphia C. 1840 to
1860, 570-427 - SOLD

Sword, Saber Durs
Egg C. 1796 to
1804, 570-258 - SOLD

American Horseman Saber
Revolutionary War
Period, 570-389 - SOLD

Saber, Hanger Sword
War of 1812 Brass
Mounted, 570-424 - SOLD

Saber Brass Mounted
Scabbard American Rev War
Period, 281-52 - SOLD

Bowie Knife Antler Handle
19th C., 570-408 - SOLD

American Horseman Saber
Eagle Pommel C. 1778 to
1790, 570-317 - SOLD

Tomahawk Pipe Brass Head
C. 1890, 281-56 - SOLD

Knife, Dirk
Reeded Horn Grip
19th C., 934-4 - SOLD

Civil War Sword Presented
to Lieut. Richard S. Titus Model
1850, 570-412 - SOLD

American Horseman Saber
Brass Mounted C. 1775
to 1780, 570-259 - SOLD

Small Sword Pierced
Steel Hilt
18th C., 570-261 - SOLD

Bayonet, Anonymous,
891-3 - SOLD

Confederate Bowie Knife
Large D Guard, With
Sheath, 232-184 - SOLD

Revolutionary War American
Short Saber, 308-174 - SOLD

Saber, American Horseman
C. 1780, 570-175 - SOLD

Relic, Civil War "Saber"
Bayonet from Battlefields
of Spotsylvania Court
House, 110-791 - SOLD

American Horseman's Saber
Leather Scabbard Revolutionary
War Period, 570-311 - SOLD

Benjamin Lincoln American
Horseman Saber C. 1770
to 1785, 570-310 - SOLD

Eagle Pommel Saber
Honor and My Country
C. 1810, 570-385 - SOLD

Spontoon Revolutionary
War Era Probably
American, 1071-12 - SOLD

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