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Prior Sales Gallery Gone but Not Forgotten

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Curiosa and Interesting

Chicago Palm Pistol
the Protector by Chicago
Arms Company, 308-382 - SOLD

Apache Knuckle Duster,
Knife Pistol, Palm Pistol,
Squeezer, Nickle & Silver
Frame, 1266-1 - SOLD

Minneapolis Palm Pistol
Nickel finish with black rubber
, 308-204 - SOLD

Pistol, Apache, Iron Frame,
Original Blue, Dolne
Combination Pistol, Knife and
Knuckles, 308-276 - SOLD

Short Sword With Flintlock
Pistol, 980-60 - SOLD

Knuckle Duster
Apache Combination Pistol
19th C., 308-406 - SOLD

Cannon, Cast Iron
Carriage and Accessories
Late 19th C., 1008-34 - SOLD

Apache Knuckle Duster
Knife Pistol Rare Iron
Frame, 308-394 - SOLD

Cutlass Pistol Fully
Engraved an Etched Signed
Dumonthier, 308-390 - SOLD

Miniature Cap Gun
Pin Fire Austrian,
Vintage, 703-16 - SOLD

Gunstock War Club
American Indian
Late 19th C., 281-60 - SOLD

Signal Cannons Pair, Brass
Circa 1860, 1008-25 - SOLD

Rifle, Firearm Curiosa
Paper Linen Cartridge
Underhammer, 308-362 - SOLD

Frankenau's Patent
Purse Pistol Patented US
Nov 6, 1877, 308-338 - SOLD

Kiakavo Spurred Club
Fijian Archipelago 18th or
Early 19th C., 570-387 - SOLD

Warrior's Shield
Decorative Silvered Copper
Alloy, 570-289 - SOLD

War Hammer Head
Bright Finish
16th C., 570-242 - SOLD

Flintlock Eprouvette,
308-31 - SOLD

Toy Mortar With patent
, 308-154 - SOLD

Shield, Islamic First Half
19th C., 570-161 - SOLD

Apache Knuckle Duster
A rare triple threat piece,
308-195 - SOLD

Centennial Celebration
Single Shot Cast Iron Cap
Pistol, 110-300 - SOLD

Cane Gun
Fold Down Trigger
19th C., 840-1 - SOLD

Lambert Rifle Cane Gun
Excellent Condition,
308-421 - SOLD

Dumonthier Knife Pistol
Circa 1850, 308-334 - SOLD

Bronze Lantaka
Swivel Canon
Late 18th C., 728-23 -

Apache Knuckle Duster, Knife
Pistol, Palm Pistol, Squeezer, Nickle
Silver Frame, 308-447 - SOLD

Folding Pocket Knife Pistol
German, 308-335 - SOLD

Apache Square Frame
J. Delhaxe 459-30 - SOLD

Chicago Palm Pistol, the
Protector by Chicago Arms
Company, Squeezer .32 Caliber
Extra Short Rimfire 308-507 - SOLD

Antique Cane Gun Moses
Babcock, SIGNED – Charlestown
[Massachusetts] 34.5”,
308-467 SOLD

Apache Square Frame
Knuckleduster, German Silver Frame,
Folding Dagger J. Delhaxe,
Circa 1885 308-451 - SOLD

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