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James Reid Knuckle Duster
MY FRIEND Made 1868
to 1822, 1061-1 - SOLD

Marlin Vest Pocket
Derringer, Unmarked
.22 Caliber, 973-3 - SOLD

Southern Made Derringer
Primitive Rural Pistol,
308-298 - SOLD

Colt No 1 Derringer
Very Rare, 308-296 - SOLD

The New Model My Friend
Reid's last model knuckleduster
308-207 - SOLD

Deringer Pistol by Henry
Deringer Agent Marked, Silver
Mounted, 308-299 - SOLD

Derringer, Remington "Mississippi"
Single Shot, .41 caliber,
serial No. 4543, 308-267 - SOLD

Derringer Pistol, Similar
to a Henry Deringer American,
Unsigned, 308-268 - SOLD

Connecticut Arms Hammond
Derringer 308-54 - SOLD

Spanish Copy Remington
Model 95 Over/Under
Derringer, 308-92 - SOLD

W. W. Marston Three-Barrel
Derringer, 308-123 - SOLD

Reid .22 Caliber My Friend
Knuckleduster, 308-67 - SOLD

Deringer Philadelphia
A Spectacular Cartridge
Revolver, 308-115 - SOLD

Deringer-Style Pistol
American, 308-117 - SOLD

Gillespie Derringer Pistol
Lincoln Size Circa 1850’s
to 1860’s, 308-409 - SOLD

Bacon Arms Company
Pepperbox Revolver
728-24 - SOLD

Hopkins and Allen XL
Derringer 1870 Patent,
.41 Caliber 308-300 - SOLD

Cased pair of Henry
Deringer Pistols, Extremely
Rare 281-160 - SOLD

Derringer Pistol by Hawes &
Waggoner of South Carolina,
Rare Maker 308-487 - SOLD

Derringer Pistol by Henry
Deringer With Retailer's
Stamp "C. Curry San Franco
CALa", 308-266 - SOLD

Henry Deringer Pistol,
3” Barrel, P Proof, Pineapple Finial,
German Silver Henry Deringer,
Philadelphia 728-22 - SOLD

Remington Zig-Zag Deringer
a.k.a. “ Zig-Zag
Pepperbox”, 308-460 - SOLD

Remington Over-Under
Deringer, .41-Caliber Rimfire,
3” Round Superposed Barrels
1303-3, - SOLD

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