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Prior Sales Gallery Gone but Not Forgotten

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Long Arms (mostly Flintock)

1799 Springfield Ships Musket, (1795 type I pattern), Extremely Rare & Fine
728-56 - SOLD

Charleville, Rare Infantry Model 1774 Flintlock Musket in Outstanding Original Condition
728-50 - SOLD

U.S. Model 1866 Springfield Allin Conversion Trapdoor Rifle
1171-2 - SOLD

Charleville Model 1766 Infantry Musket, US Surcharged on Lockplate, Rich Patina
308-424 - SOLD

Model 1855 U.S. Percussion Rifle, Brass Mounted, Harpers Ferry
1132-17 - SOLD

Important Historic Winchester Model 1866, 3rd Model Carbine, Manufactured in 1869
308-433 - SOLD

US Model 1812 Flintlock Musket, Type II, Springfield, Dated 1815 Ex Jonathan Peck Collection
1132-24 - SOLD

U.S. Model 1855
Springfield, Dated 1859,
1132-2 -

Model 1795 Flintlock Musket Type I, Springfield Armory Charleville Pattern Buttplate tang dated 1799,
728-52 - SOLD

Massachusetts Volunteer
Militia Musket
1158-1 -

Charleville Model 1773
Infantry Musket
US Marked lock,
308-425 - SOLD

Musket, Colonial with Bayonet
Plymouth County Massachusetts,
780-4 - SOLD

Model 1803 U.S. Flintlock Rifle
Harper’s Ferry Armory
1132-21 - SOLD

Brown Bess, 2nd Model
Revolutionary War Contract Musket
Circa 1777,
882-1 - SOLD

Hudson River Valley Curly Maple Fowler,
Unmarked, Circa 1770-1775,
1219-1 - SOLD

US 1808 Contract Musket,
308-178 - SOLD

French and Indian War Era Long-Gun Musket,
486-7 - SOLD

Kentucky Rifle
Possibly Original Flint,
107-84 - SOLD

A Rare 18th Century Kentucky Rifle
Signed Stoffel Smith-1794,
796-1 - SOLD

Perhaps A Unique Buggy Piece
A Most Curious Rifle
19th Century,
796-3 - SOLD

Kentucky Rifle, Over/Under, Swivel Breech
Barrel signed A.B.,
570-168 - SOLD

Rifle, Boys Jaeger Rifle
Percussion, .44 Caliber,
308-319 - SOLD

Target Rifle
William Lawrence
Laconia, New Hampshire,
825-6 - SOLD

U.S. Springfield Model 1871
Remington Rolling Block Rifle,
308-306 - SOLD

Flintlock Kentucky Rifle
308-312 - SOLD

Kentucky Rifle
J. Douglass, Signed
Finely Engraved Silver,
570-271 - SOLD

Kentucky Style Fowler
Worcester County, Massachusetts
Signed Leland,
570-213 - SOLD

Kentucky Rifle, Henry Lechler
Carlisle, Pennsylvania (1795 to 1843),
805-1 - SOLD

U.S. Model 1873
Springfield Officer's
Sporting Rifle,
459-28 - SOLD

Model 1766 Charleville
Flintlock Musket
Original Flint,
1185-1 - SOLD

Allen & Thurber Single Shot Muzzle-Loading Sidehammer Percussion Rifle
728-40 - SOLD

Thomson 1796 East India Pattern Brown Bess, Early Type Third Model Musket Lock signed
728-45 - SOLD

Period Model 1777 French Musket, Stamped: ESSEX BRIGADE N.J. 728-59 - SOLD

728-42 - SOLD

A Period Yeager Boys Rifle, Relief Carved Stock, Sliding Wood Patch Box Cover
308-466 - SOLD

American Made Revolutionary War Period Musket, Unmarked,
308-427 - SOLD

US Model 1816 flintlock musket by Asa Waters with New Hampshire Surcharge.
308-497 - SOLD

1797 Springfield Ships Musket, (1795 type I pattern), Extremely Rare
728-16 - SOLD

Model 1840 U.S. Flintlock Musket & Bayonet, D. Nippes, Mill Creek, PA, 1844
728-77 - SOLD

Musket, Rare, Springfield US Model 1840, Original Bayonet, UNFIRED,
728-78 SOLD

Carl Hartung Jaeger, Double-Set Trigger Hunting Rifle, Carved & Engraved German
728-25 - SOLD

British Flintlock Blunderbuss, Brass Barrel, SMITH, London Proofs
728-60 - SOLD

Antique, Kentucky Rifle, Lehigh Valley, Zionsville, Pennsylvania, Jacob Bacher SOLD

Infantry Model 1777 Corrigan IX, Corrected in Revolutionary Year IX Unmarked 728-28 - SOLD

Breech-Loading Flintlock Poachers Gun, Screw Barrel Take-Down Gun 728-63 SOLD

18th Century Flintlock Musket,
Exceptional, Lightweight, Edward
Newton (1692-1764) Grantham,
London, circa 1730
728-92 - SOLD

Model 1819 Hall U.S.
Breech-Loading Flintlock
Rifle, Second Production, 1826
728-84 - SOLD

US Model 1814 Deringer Flintlock Rifle, Untouched Original Condition Henry Deringer, Philadelphia 728-79 - SOLD

The Fine and Rare
Whitmore Buggy Rifle,
Outstanding 308-544 - SOLD

US Model 1808 Contract
Flintlock Musket, Sutton,
Waters, Dated 1810
728-94 - SOLD

New England Flintlock Militia
Musket by Tarrat & Rack
Number Matched Bayonet
308-543 - SOLD

Brown Bess , India Pattern Type II (1810) 431-98 - SOLD

Early New England Fowler,
Dates 1783, Wonderful
Architecture 1310-87 - SOLD

Kentucky Rifle, Jacob Albright, Northumberland Co., Pennsylvania, Circa 1800 505-141 - SOLD

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