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Prior Sales Gallery Gone but Not Forgotten

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Folk Art Cloth Doll, Faceted Button Eyes, Hand Stitched, Original Clothing
Date/Period: 1890-1910ish - SOLD

Folk Art Cloth Doll, Faceted Button Eyes, Hand Stitched, Original Clothing, entire view

Measurement: Height: 17”

Material: Cotton body, linen clothing, hair is of real fur, two tiny holes at back of neck.
The condition is generally good and commensurate with age and use.

Condition: A few scatted minor seam openings

Additional Information: This gal features hand stitching including facial features; the
clothing trimmed in lace is handstitched. She wears a long shirt, bloomers, and long



Doll, Folk Art, Wood, Bone and Paint, Carved, Original Condition
Unknown Maker, Antique; possibly sailor made
Scratch carved walnut body, head, arms, legs and boots of bone - SOLD

Antique Doll, Folk Art, Bone Wood and Paint, Possibly Sailor Made, entire view

(Fine original condition; L: 6", W: 2", D: .25")

290-17 - SOLD

Blonde China Head Doll, Molded Hairdo, Hairnet
Unknown Maker, 1960’s
Dressed, full under garments, leather and kidskin shoes, kidskin hands, lace opera gloves - SOLD

Blonde China Head Doll with Molded Hairdo, Unknown Maker, 1960's, angle view

(Very good condition L: 13”)

606-111 - SOLD

Heinrich Handwerk Bisque Lady Doll - SOLD

Antique Doll, Lady, Bisque, Heirich Handwerk, left and right angle views

Five piece French type body, possibly for French Market, remaining in excellent condition.
Dimensions: 21" tall.

514-168 - SOLD

1860's Jenny Lind China Head Doll with Cloth Body
And rare wooden lower arms with scoop hands and wooden legs with original feet - SOLD

Antique Doll, China Head Doll with Cloth Body, Jenny Lind, angle view

China Head black lights perfectly, and has been on this body for over 100 years. The wooden bodies are more commonly found on dolls of the 1830s-50s, making this a transitional match. Head had desirable pink tint, blue eyes, pull back hair with bun in back and a most wonderful complexion. Dressed in a 1860s/70's era dress, possibly original to the doll. Overall, an uncommon doll in excellent condition. Measures 19.25" in height.

514-112 - SOLD

Leather Doll
Commercially produced - SOLD

Antique Doll, Leather Doll, Commercially Produced, entire view

A doll made as a teaching aid for children to learn about lacing and tying. Measures 12.25" in length.

514-91 - SOLD

China Head Doll circa 1880's - SOLD

Antique Doll, China Head Doll, Circa 1880, angle and entire views with ruler for scale

Covered wagon hairdo, charming doll nicely dressed in excellent condition.
Dimensions: 27" tall.

514-163 - SOLD

1830's American Rag Doll - SOLD

Antique Doll, Rag Doll, American, 1830's, entire view

An early American rag doll that resembles the rag doll patterns that were first printed in the 1830's. She measures 7" and is made with a rolled cotton body without arms or is the most simple of forms so that a child could easily make her own doll with small pieces of fabric. Her head is stuffed stockinet with a pinched nose, silk hair and a net cap that was fashionable at the time. Her cream colored dress and underclothes are all original and hand sewn. A rare survivor and a great addition to an American doll collection.

201-92 - SOLD

19th Century Wax over Compo Doll - SOLD

Antique Doll, Lady Doll, Wax over Compo, 19th Century, angle view

Nicely dressed, 22" tall.

514-169 - SOLD

African-American Girl Doll
Porcelain, with Chair and Spinning Wheel
19th Century - SOLD

Antique Doll, African American Girl, With Spinning Wheel, entire view

Doll approximately 17" L, chair approximately 11.5" H, spinning wheel approximately 9" H. Doll has porcelain head, arms and legs w/ overglaze black enameling; painted eyes; blue and white gingham dress with MOP buttons, upright spinning wheel has working treadle; seat and back of chair are upholstered in paisley fabric. Chair and spinning wheel in very good condition, dolls head has vertical crack running from forehead down, hair appears to have been added, small chips on tips of toes, chips on back of right calf. Note: doll's head is damaged, with wig covering major loss. Sold as a 3-piece grouping only.

514-38 - SOLD

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