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Prior Sales Gallery Gone but Not Forgotten

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Deer Carousel Figure Attributed
to Gustave Dentzel, Original Paint
1895-1900 - SOLD

Antique Advertising Poster GREAT SOUTHERN FREIGHT & PASSENGER LINE, entire view 2

Height on Stand: 70.5"; height: 68.5"; length: 47"

Carved wood, original paint, glass eyes, authentic antlers

A very good realistic classically elegant deer displaying a
gentle expression and in leaping pose; original paint,
very good patina, and fine original condition.
Well carved example with real bone antlers and glass eyes.



Lawrence Irvine, Carved and Painted Lake Trout, Maine
Lawrence Irvine, Winthrop, Maine, (1918-1998)
“I just wanted to do something different than anybody else and do it better
than anybody else." (Kennebec Journal Interview published in 1985). - SOLD

Lawrence Irvine, Carved and Painted Lake Trout, Maine
Lawrence Irvine, Winthrop, Maine, (1918-1998), entire view

This vintage lake trout carving is mounted on simulated birch bark backboard is in the
style of Maine’s master carver Lawrence Irvine. Inscribed, March 2, 1974 – Wilson Lake
– 13 Lbs. 12oz. – 33 ½” Long; also inscribed, March 3, 1976 – Wilson lake, 10 LBS. 4 OZ.
– 32” Long. [Likely recording another trophy fish landed by the angler-owner.]

Irvine was legendary hunter and fisherman in his home area of Winthrop, Maine, he is
known for his carved fish trophies. Anglers took freshly caught fish to his garage
workshop where he would create an accurate model of the fish they caught.
Irvine never charged more than $25.00 for his works, which became collector's items
and considerably increased in value after he died. Lawrence was born in Winthrop,
Maine where he lived all his life, except for the period of his service during World War
II. After seeing other carved fish at a local country fair and with the confidence that he
could do better he began carving fish in his 30s. He carved an average of 100-fish
per/year… using only simple tools he masterfully worked with pine. While he was a
master carver, his works display the skillful application of color, capturing the complexity
of the subject fish. (Length: 40.5"; height: 15.25"; depth: 9" to pectoral fin)



Ceramic Bust of a Mariner, American, Probably New England, Circa 1875
Unknown maker - SOLD

Ceramic Bust of a Mariner, American, Probably New England, Circa 1875 Unknown maker

Original cobalt, iron and manganese colorants resulting in a primarily black glaze; the uniform and glazes suggest an 1875 or earlier dating. A complete analysis of the material and glazes has been performed by Winterthur and is included. (13-page report)
Condition: Please refer to the Scientific Research and Analysis Laboratory Analytical Report from Winterthur dated October 24, 2004. No repairs of restoration, various losses to the earthenware material especially around the bottom rim and to the left side of the coat; various glaze loses and age cracks. Holes at the stem of each arm and in the back are original and consistent to the firing process of such a large and dense piece. (Height: 17.5” , width11” )



Carved Granite Stone-Face, Possibly Eastern Indian or Even Old Sol Anonymous, Antique - SOLD

Carved Granite Stone-Face, Possibly Eastern Indian or Even Old Sol
Anonymous, Antique

Long-weathered soft edges, very decorative and very old for use in today’s home or garden; we were told that the piece was part of a small museum collection in Terra Alta, West Virginia now closed). It was said to be very old and from the Northeast.
(10.25 x 9.25 x 3.5")

928-90 - SOLD

Sculpture, Carved Wood, Bathing Beauty, Painted Bathing Suit, Hair & Facial Features Anonymous, Likely circa 1925-1940ish - SOLD

The black painted base is recent; height: 17.75", fine condition.

1130-12 - SOLD

Shooting Gallery Target, Mule,
H.C. Evans & Co., Chicago, 1920s,
Good Surface - SOLD

See Step Right Up – Classic American Target and Arcade Forms by Richard and Valerie Tucker, page 66, 5.8 Mule. (18" x 21.5")


928-94 - SOLD

Shooting Target, Clown, Carnival, Arcade, Rare, Cast in the Half Round, Painted
Circa 1900 to 1920
Old thinning paint, dry surface consistent with age - SOLD

(H: 20.5", W: 10")

928-49 - SOLD

Folk Art Minstrel Show Figure, Folk Carving, Painted, Dressed in Period Clothes
Ex Morgan Rank Collection of Folk Art and Musical Instruments
American, Unknown Maker, purportedly found in Baltimore
Circa 1900 to 1925
Life size dancing figure, articulated, stuffed torso, upper arms and legs - SOLD

In generally very good condition, as expected the clothes show some deterioration, other minor "use" imperfections. (Figure 60"; suspended from custom stand: 67.5")

232-276 - SOLD

Mills Target Practice Trade Stimulator Penny Drop Game
Countertop, Cast Aluminum
Roman Olympian Theme
A gaming device used in bars and stores - SOLD

(Dimensions: 18.5" H, 12.25" W, 7" D.)

647-49 - SOLD

Tonawanda Man, Articulated Calliope Figure
Herschell Spillman Company
Tonawanda, New York
Circa 1905
Polychrome, wood, metal, and fabric - SOLD


This fine and sensitive figure is extremely rare, one of a very few extant examples. The figure wearing woven cotton trousers, a blue and white shirt and leather shoes remains in excellent condition. The figure was originally connected to a carousel mechanism, the arm moved in a cranking motion while the head swayed back-and-forth. (H: 51"; on stand: 68")

144-35 - SOLD

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