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Cast Iron Double Door Medallion Safe Bank with Rarely Encountered Combination Paper - SOLD

Cast Iron Double Door Medallion Safe Bank with Rarely Encountered Combination Paper, entire view

Likely by Henry C. Hart Manufacturing Company, Detroit, Michigan, Circa 1890-1920
See page 20, Iron Safe Banks by Bob and Shirley Peirce, number 85; Still Bank Collectors Club
of America, 1991. Traces of thinning black paint; sans interior locking bar, else fine. (H: 5.875”)



Bank, Penny or Coin Bank, Mars Hill Trust, Save and Have, Nickle Plated Steel
Mars Hill, Maine
A vintage promotional bank encouraging children to save - SOLD

Antique Bank, Mars Hill Trust, Penny or Coin Bank, entire view

(Good condition; lightly scratched initials in top; H: 2", W: 3.5", D: 2")

1089-10 - SOLD

Banks, Cast Iron, Still Banks, Two Story House, Colonial House, Painted
Sold separately

Antique Banks, Still Banks, Two Story House, Colonial House, group view

Bank, Two Story House, Cast Iron Still Bank, Williams, Ravenna, Ohio
1931 to 1934
Page 109, Moore Number 1002 (M1002), The Penny Bank Book, Andy & Susan Moore. Schiffer Publishing, 1997.
(Traces of gold paint; H: 3")


Bank, Colonial House with Porch, Cast Iron Still Bank, A.C. Williams
Traces of gold paint
Moore number 993, Page 109, The Penny Bank Book by Andy and Susan Moore, Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 1997.
(Thinning paint; H: 3")


Cast Iron House Bank - SOLD

Antique Bank, House Form, Cast Iron, White and Red Paint, angle view

Painted bank with rare stenciled roof in excellent condition
Dimensions: 4.25-inches high, 3.25-inches wide, 2.75-inches deep.

553-98 - SOLD

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