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Mechanical Bank, Always Did ‘Spise a Mule, Stevens (J&E)
Cromwell, Connecticut, Patent to James Bowen, Philadelphia, 1879
Norman Number 2950, The Bank Book by Bill Norman - SOLD

Antique Mechanical Bank, Always Did 'Spise a Mule, by Stevens, 1879, angle view 1

(Scattered paint loss, mostly to jockey’s cap, surface grime, overall good paint and coverage; 9.5 by 8”)



Mechanical Bank, Speaking Dog, Stevens (J&E), Original Condition
Cromwell, Connecticut, Patent 1885
Norman number 5170, The Bank Book, Bill Norman - SOLD

Antique Speaking Dog Mechanical Bank in Original Condition, By Stevens, Patent 1885, angle view

See, 'Speaking Dog Bank' by F.H. Griffith. HOBBIES Magazine, October, 1974.
Griffith notes that "the only differences between the Stevens bank and the Shepard bank are the coin traps. Shepard used their conventional rectangular locking trap and Stevens their regular round coin trap. The outline of the filled in rectangular section for the Shepard trap can be seen on the Stevens Speaking Dog Banks."
(Good overall condition with scattered paint loss; 7.5 by 7.5”)

1161-1 - SOLD

Mechanical Bank, Owl, Turns Head, Stevens (J&E) Original Condition
Cromwell, Connecticut, Patent to James Bowen, Philadelphia, 1880
Davidson, page 172, number 375; also, Norman, page 63, number 4380 - SOLD

Antique Mechanical Owl Bank with Turning Head in Original Condition, By Stevens, 1880, angle view 1

(Gold powder paint, high spots thinning to nice patina; 7.75 by 3.5 by 2”)

1161-3 - SOLD

Mechanical Bank, Novelty Bank, Stevens (J&E), Original Teller, Original Paint
Cromwell, Connecticut, Circa 1873 to 1890
See Norman, The Bank Book, Number 4260 - SOLD

Antique Novelty Bank Mechanical Bank with Original Teller and Paint, Circa 1873 to 1890, angle view

Patent marks impressed on side "PATd JUNE 25 1872 OCT 23 1873."
(Very good color and paint coverage, some paint loss to roof; 7 by 4.25 by 4.25”)

1161-2 - SOLD

Mechanical Bank, Dinah, Yellow Dress
John Harper and Company, 1911 to 1925 - SOLD

Antique Mechanical Dinah Bank by John Harper and Company, angle view

(H: 6.25")

710-38 - SOLD

Artillery, Mechanical Bank, Union Soldier, Good Paint
J and E Stevens
Cromwell, Connecticut
Circa 1892 to 1900
Base impressed "PAT MAY 31 1892" - SOLD

Antique Mechanical Bank, Union Soldier, J and E Stevens, Circa 1892 to 1900, left angle view

Minor paint losses, mechanically fine, no replacements
Dimensions: 6" H, 9" W, 4" D.

928-23 - SOLD

Mechanical Bank, "The Stump Speaker" - SOLD

Antique Bank, Mechanical Bank, The Stump Speaker, Cast Iron, angle view

Shepard Hardware Co., 19th cast iron mechanical bank with key in original condition.
Dimensions: height 10-inches

514-145 - SOLD

Clown on Globe Mechanical Bank
With Scarce Yellow Base and Original Box
By J & E Stevens, Co. - SOLD

Antique Bank, Mechanical Bank, Clown on Globe, With Original Box, bank and box view

Dimensions: 9-inch bank height, 6.75-inch base diameter, 9.5-inch box height, 5.75-inch box width and depth.

460-21 - SOLD

Uncle Sam Mechanical Bank - SOLD

Antique Bank, Mechanical Bank, Uncle Sam, Cast Iron, angle view

Mechanical paint with untouched cast iron painted surface in excellent working order with original trap door.
Base is marked "PAT. JUNE 8_1885".
Dimensions: 11.5-inches high; base- 5 by 4-inches.

673-6 - SOLD

Mechanical Bank
Darktown Battery
By J. E. Stevens
Circa 1900 - SOLD

Antique Bank, Mechanical Bank, Darktown Battery, by J. E. Stevens, entire view

In excellent original condition...figures with 95% paint coverage; base with some thinning on top.
Dimensions: 7-inches high, 9.75-inches wide, 2.75-inches deep.

232-163 - SOLD

Mechanical Bank
Always Did 'Spise A Mule, Jockey
Circa 1897 to 1925 - SOLD

Antique Bank, Mechanical Bank, Horse and Jockey, Kicking Mule, entire view

A good "jockey-over-version" by J & E Stevens Company, Cromwell, Connecticut. Sold as "Kicking Mule" during the period. When the lever is pressed, the mule kicks up and turns counter clockwise facing the opposite direction causing the boy to fall backwards as if kicked by the mule; coin slides into the slot. Very good original condition; paint at 90% (+); mechanically fine...trap appears to be replaced.

514-125 - SOLD

"Creedmoor" Mechanical Bank
By J. & E. Stevens Co.
Circa 1877-1890 - SOLD

Antique Bank, Mechanical Bank, Creedmoor Bank, By J. and E. Stevens Co., angle view

The bank remains in good working condition and retains approximately 50% of the original paint.
Condition: the trap is missing.
Dimensions: 6.75-inches high, 10-inches long, 2.75-inches wide.

231-25 - SOLD

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