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Prior Sales Gallery Gone but Not Forgotten


Antique Sampler, Newport Needlework Sampler, Mary Casey, 1763
Newport, Rhode Island gambrel-roofed house with young ladies peering from
windows…"Mary Casey is my name and with my needle wrought -------- eighth
year of my age / Anno Dom 1763” - SOLD

Antique Needlework, Sampler by Mary Casey, Circa 1763, close up view

Worked in silk threads on a linen ground; inscribed "Mary Casey is my name and with
my needle wrought" [and verse], finely wrought featuring a Newport gambrel-roofed
house having twin chimneys, a brown door and ladies peering from windows…all
withing a garden scene. Also displayed are three alphabets, bands of verse and central
band of stylized trees, flowers and birds, all within a trailing floral vine and saw-tooth
border done in shades of green, blue, yellow, brownish-red, and tan.

This sampler is closely related to a sampler wrought by Mary Emmes in 1764
that is in the Newport Preservation Society collection.

As depicted, scattered thread losses to alphabets and verse, otherwise the work
remains bright and fine. Conservation mounted with a modern Hogarth type frame
having overall dimensions of 16.5” by 23”.



Antique Sampler, Elizabeth Foster,
Aged 9, 1849 - SOLD

Antique Sampler, Elizabeth Foster, Aged 9, 1849

Neatly worked within a floral border are three alphabets, verse and finely wrought traveling man and his dog. The work is mounted within a period frame.
(Fine original condition: frame: 16.25 x 16.25"; view: 12 x 12")



Needlework, Antique Sampler
Possibly Norwich, Connecticut - SOLD

Antique Needlework, Sampler, Possibly Norwich, Connecticut, close up view

Silk on linen, framed in a reproduction period frame.
(Dimensions: 11.5 by 15" frame, 7.25 by 10.5" sight-size)



Embroidery After Thomas Lawrence’s 1794 Portrait of Sarah Goodin Barrett Moulton, AKA Pinkie
Anonymous, likely circa 1800-18601 (Frame: 3 7/8 by 4 7/7"; needlework: 2 1/8 by 3 1/8”)
Silk on linen laid on paper centered by embossed foil border2 mounted within a period frame3 - SOLD

Embroidery After Thomas Lawrence’s 1794 Portrait of Sarah Goodin Barrett Moulton, AKA Pinkie, entire view

The original portrait hangs in the permanent collection of the Huntington Library at San Marino, California.
The painting is an elegant depiction of Sarah Moulton, who sat for the painting at about eleven years of
age. Sarah was born on 22 March 1783, in Little River, St. James, Jamaica…the only daughter and eldest
child of Charles Moulton, and his wife Elizabeth. Sarah was baptized 29 May 1783, bearing the names
Sarah Goodin Barrett in honor of her aunt, Sarah Goodin Barrett, who died as an infant in 1781. She was a
descendant of Hersey Barrett, who had arrived in Jamaica in 1655 with Sir William Penn; by 1783, the
Barrett’s were wealthy landowners, slave owners, and exporters of sugar cane and rum. Within the family
she was known as Pinkie or Pinkey.

By the time Sarah was six, her father had left the family, her mother was left to raise the children, Sarah
and her brothers Edward (1785–1857) and Samuel (1787–1837), with the help of her relatives. In
September 1792, Sarah and her brothers sailed to England for a better education. Sarah was sent to Mrs.
Fenwick's school at Flint House, Greenwich, along with other children from Jamaican colonial families. On
16 November 1793 Sarah's grandmother, Judith Barrett, wrote from Jamaica to her niece Elizabeth Barrett
Williams, then living on Richmond Hill in Surrey, asking her to commission a portrait of 'my dear little Pinkey
… as I cannot gratify my self [sic] with the Original, I must beg the favour of you to have her picture drawn
at full length by one of the best Masters, in an easy Careless attitude'.
Sarah probably began sitting for
Lawrence, painter-in-ordinary to George III, at his studio in Old Bond Street soon after the receipt of this
letter on 11 February 1794.

One year later, on 23 April 1795, Sarah died at Greenwich, aged 12. A letter from her grandmother, dated 6
November 1794, mentions her recent recovery from a cough, which may have contributed to her death.
She was buried on 30 April 1795 in the doctor's vault under the parish church of St Alfege, Greenwich.

Her portrait by Lawrence was displayed in the Royal Academy exhibition of 1795, which opened the day
after her burial. The picture remained in the family's possession until 1910.

1 We have looked for similar works with no success; not sure if it is unique, a pastime
or a souvenir.
2 The foil is under beveled matt
3 Frame is of eastern white pine, original paint, original rabbet size



Antique Sampler by Prudence Locket,
Aged 9, 1807 - SOLD
A neatly wrought work in fine original condition

Antique Sampler by Prudence Locket, Aged 9, 1807

(Archivally mounted; frame: 12.5 x 14"; view: 11.5 x 10.25")



Needlework, Sampler, Dolly Edward, Aged 11 Years, July 16, 1802
New England
Silk on linen; marking sampler embroidered floral sprigs - SOLD

Antique Needlework Sampler by Dolly Edward, Aged 11 Years, New England, 1802, close up view

(Dimensions: 15.25 by 19”)

1032-139 - SOLD

Bead work Picture, Clemence House
Anonymous, 1826 - SOLD

Antique Beadwork Picture of Clemence House, Dated 1826, close up view

(Gilt frame with losses, else fine. Frame: 9.5 by 13”, sight-size: 6.25 by 9.75”)

1032-69 - SOLD

Woolie, Woolwork, American, Flying Cloud by Mary Ellen Crisp (born 1896)
Noted Artist Mary Ellen Crisp, Nutley, New Jersey 1896 - SOLD

Antique Woolwork of the American Ship Flying Cloud, by Mary Ellen Crisp, Circa 1896, entire view

Crisp's work can be found in the permanent collections of Smithsonian American Art Museum, D.C. and the Cooper Hewitt Museum, National Design Museum, N.Y.
(Frame: 37 by 24.5”, sight-size: 32.5 by 19.5”)

659-136 - SOLD

Samplers, Marking Samplers, Two Works by Jerusha Seymour (Born 1796)
Likely Connecticut
Very good condition, mounted in later frames
These items just in, more information to follow, please call if interested - SOLD

Samplers, Marking Samplers, Two Works by Jerusha Seymour (Born 1796)
Likely Connecticut, entire view

(Small sampler frame: 9.25 by 7.5", small sampler sight-size: 8.25 by 6.5", larger sampler frame: 7.75 by 11", larger sampler sight-size: 6.75 by 10")

1096-62 - SOLD

Needlework, Sampler, Magdeleine Pratherno
French, 1745 - SOLD

Antique Needlework Sampler by Magdeleine Pratherno, 1745, close up view

Made by Magdalene Prathermo senior 6 years & 9 months ended March 20, 1745

Our Father who art in heaven. Your name be sanctified. Thy kingdom viellen. Thy will be done on Earth as in Heaven. Give us today our bread quotidian. And we pardone our trespasses, as we by-donnon to those who have offended us. And indui us not into temptation, but deliver from evil-nos. For a toi st the reign, the power, and the glory of the Centuries Centuries. Amen.)

(Dimensions: 11 by 15.75” frame, 8 by 12.75” sight-size)

1032-133 - SOLD

Family Record, Needlework, Comstock, Quakers
Central Massachusetts
Wrought by Anna Comstock, 1830, Aged 10, Mendon, MA
Father: James Comstock, Born, Providence, RI, 1793
Mother: Catherine Farnum, Born, Uxbridge, MA, 1793 - SOLD

Antique Needlework, Family Record, Comstock Family, 1830, entire view

Floral, heart, diamond and strawberry border centering arched compartment wherein Anna stitched her family record. Excellent overall condition with NO stains or holes; some uniform fading. Genealogy available
(Frame: 17 by 18"; view: 15.5 by 16.5")

894-2 - SOLD

Folk Art Wool Valance, Early Cotton Prints - SOLD

Antique Folk Art Wool Valance, Appliqued, Cotton Prints, entire view

Appliqued on either side of a central floral motif. All hand sewn with wool fringe. Professionally mounted for display.
Dimensions: 70.5 by 19.5".

787-3 - SOLD

Sarah A Bellows Sampler Wrought 1827 age 9 - SOLD

Antique Needlework, Sampler by Sarah Bellows, age 9, entire view

Sarah was born in Walpole, New Hampshire April 13, 1818
This sawtooth and floral double border sampler was worked with silk on linen and remains in very good condition.
Dimensions: sight size 11 5/8 by 11 5/8-inches.

270-76 - SOLD

Abigail Stratton's Sampler Worked in 1814 - SOLD

Antique Needlework, Sampler by Abigail Stratton, 1814, entire view

Massachusetts sampler with a lovely oversized floral arrangement as the central motif.
The sampler is embroidered with silk on linen.
Dimensions: 10 by 17-inches.

756-2 - SOLD

Julia Wiggin-aged 15
Linsey-Woolsey Sampler
Silk threads worked on a linen warp, wool
weft dyed green; hemmed on all sides

New Hampshire
Circa 1802 - SOLD

Antique Needlework, Green Linsey Woolsey Sampler by Julia Wiggin, age 15, close up view

The dark green background affords the composition great depth and contrast while the saw tooth border frames the work. The stylized basket containing layered flowers, bud and leaves above apposing meandering vines and foliage is dramatic; other layered floral, bud and vine motifs fill what was is traditionally negative space. A genealogical search suggests that Julia may have been born to Simon and Hanna Wiggin (nee Hannah Rundlett) at Stratham, Rockingham County, New Hampshire in February, 1787. (View area: 12 by 16.75-inches; add 1.75-inches for the modern burl walnut frame. The needlework is conservation mounted.)

191-280 - SOLD

Adam and Eve Sampler
E. Shaw, Aged 10
Early 19th Century - SOLD

Antique Needlework, Adam and Eve Sampler by E. Shaw, age 10, entire view

Adam and Eve center the fruited tree with coiled serpent within a work of potted flowers, animals; trees and angels beneath crowns...all within a scalloped floral border. (Frame: 19 x 18.25 inches; view: 16.5 x 15.75 inches.)

324-27 - SOLD

Marking Sampler
By Lowisa White
Circa 1754 - SOLD

Antique Needlework, Marking Sampler by Lowisa White, Circa 1754, entire view

As depicted, / two deer, trees, three crowns, each over initials, very strong colors; remaining in fine condition with one small "pull" at right of tree.
(Frame: 8.75 x 17 inches; view: 7.75 x 16 inches.)

731-15 - SOLD

Needlework, Sampler
Worked by Annie E. Voorhees
Blawenburg, New Jersey, 1846
Silk on linen in a blue painted frame - SOLD

Antique Needlework Sampler, Annie E. Voorhees, 1846, entire view

There is one small stain between the M and N that looks like it could be cleaned.
Dimensions: 17 by 18.25" frame, 15.5 by 17" sight-size.

1032-26 - SOLD

Needlework, Sampler, Embroidery
Wrought by Betsy Bailey, age 11
Early 19th Century
Worked in silk on linen - SOLD

Antique Needlework, Embroidered Sampler by Betsy Bailey, age 11, unframed view

Neatly compartmentalized marking sampler above embroidered panel displaying twin chimney dwelling, trees, fence and flowers. The work centered by a meandering floral vine. (17.75 x 15.75 inches)

201-304 - SOLD

Marking Sampler
By Harriet Sanders
Townsend, Massachusetts
Circa 1829 - SOLD

Antique Needlework, Marking Sampler by Harriet Sanders, close up view

Harriet was born to Jacob and Sabra Sanders 23 February, 1843.
The simple work was wrought at aged 9, February 1829. (The textile measures: 17 5/8 by 5.75-inches; framed: 11.5 by 23.5-inches.)

607-1 - SOLD

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