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Redware, Lidded Stewpot, Bristol County, Mass., Dramatic Glaze, Outstanding Neck/Rim
Date/Period: Circa 1820 - SOLD

Redware, Lidded Stewpot, Bristol County, Mass., Dramatic Glaze, Outstanding Neck/Rim, entire view 1

Measurement: Height: 7.75"

Condition: Excellent, two flakes to interior of lip; scattered rim chips to lid, else fine.

Additional Information: Displaying the potter’s skill is this fine pot/jar with
cover…please notice the exceptionally tooled everted rim over a single stepped band;
applied ribbed handle. We cannot guarantee the lid/cover to be original. Splotchy,
drippy, and spotted manganese brown against pumpkin pie color.



Antique Redware Jug, Very Bulbous,
Tan Glazes, Sprinkling of Manganese Brown
Southern Maine, , circa 1800-1825
A lovely form in original fine condition - SOLD

A lovely form remaining in fine original condition (Height: 8.5")



Antique, Redware Ovoid Jug, Copper Oxide Green Glaze
Likely French, 1858
Very bulbous, flared rim, a heart centers the date 1858 - SOLD

Antique, Redware Ovoid Jug, Copper Oxide Green Glaze
Likely French, 1858
Very bulbous, flared rim, a heart centers the date 1858, entire view 1

One glaze flake, short hairline to rim and a small chip…
else fine, displays beautifully.
(Height: 5.25")



Redware Rundlet, Swigler, Barrel Form, Orangey-Yellow with Large Splash of Green Glaze New England, Possibly Southeastern Massachusetts, Circa 1820-1830
Tall form with bright color…scarcely encountered - SOLD

(There a single chip at top edge; several to base rim that are not offensive, all else fine; Height: 6”)



Redware Jug, Ovoid, Possibly John Corliss, Woolrich, Maine
Date/Period: 1825-1845 - SOLD

Redware Jug, Ovoid, Possibly John Corliss, Woolrich, Maine, entire view 1

Measurement: Height: 9"

Condition: Excellent

Additional Information: Nicely potted featuring a dramatic flared spout, ribbed strap
handle, and a terrific glaze; celadon green and shades of brown.



Small Redware Jug, Maine, Speckled Glaze, Incised Lines, Beautifully Potted
Date/Period: Circa 1840 - SOLD

Small Redware Jug, Maine, Speckled Glaze, Incised Lines, Beautifully Potted, entire view 1

Measurement: Height: 5"

Condition: Excellent, typical, and minor scattered glaze wear to rim of spout, a single
old chip to foot, else fine; displays beautifully.

Additional Information: A terrific little ovoid jug possible for Days Ferry, Maine. Incised
concentric line to shoulder, applied ribbed handle, and flared spout.
Sweet size and piece.



RARE Redware Plate, Coggled Rim, Yellow Slip Decoration, Inscribed Pork within Scrolls
Smith and Day Pottery, Norwalk, Connecticut, Circa 1820 to 1840 - SOLD

Antique Redware Plate with Yellow Slip Decoration Reading Pork, Cica 1820 to 1840, entire view

(Few minor rim glaze losses and a chip, else fine; diameter: 10.25”)



Yellowware Rundlet, Swigler, Banded & Staved Impressed Mark - Bulkley Fiske & Co., New York 1858-1862 - SOLD

A rare molded yellowware barrel-form bottle featuring well-developed sets of three bands securing the barrel staves…made to hold liquor, likely whiskey. Bulkley, Fiske, & Co. Grocers, (William Bulkley and Frederick B. Fiske) at 51 Vesey Street, are listed in the New York City directories from 1858 to 1862. Excellent Cond. (Height: 5.25")



Antique Redware Deep Loaf Dish,
Coggled Rim, Yellow Slip
Date/Period: Early to Mid-19th Century - SOLD

Antique Redware Deep Loaf Dish, Coggled Rim, Yellow Slip, entire view 1

Measurement: Height: 3.5"; width: 15.75"; depth: 12"

Material: Redware, slip decorated

Condition: Typical scattered rim chips, else fine

Additional Information: Oval, deep form having coggled edge and featuring four
groups of slip trailed fylfot decoration.



Miniature Redware Pitcher
American, Early 19th Century - SOLD

Thin-walled slightly ovoid pitcher with strap handle and slightly projecting foot displaying two small chips. Attractive orange and olive-green glaze. (Height: 2.75")



Redware Canister, Slip Molded Anonymous, Possibly Pennsylvania, 19th C. - SOLD

Wide mouth with robust rim over sloping shoulders, canted corners and molded panels. The brown glaze looks like flint enamel. (Excellent original condition, no imperfections; Height: 6.5"; width: 4"; depth: 3.75")

1322-28 - SOLD

Redware Plate, Coggled Rim, Yellow Slip Decoration, Inscribed Apple Pie, Squiggly Flourish
Smith and Day Pottery, Norwalk, Connecticut, Circa 1820 to 1840 - SOLD

Antique Redware Plate with Yellow Slip Decoration Inscribed Apple Pie, Circa 1820 to 1840, entire view

(A few small chips to rim, else fine; diameter: 10.25”)

621-120 - SOLD

Redware Spouted Jug/Pitcher, Tooled Shoulder, Ribbed Strap Handle
Pennsylvania, Perhaps Philadelphia Area, 19th Century - SOLD

Antique Redware Spouted Jug/Pitcher with Tooled Shoulder, Pennsylvania, 19th Century, entire view

(Some glaze war to high spots, couple flakes top tooled base rim; H: 7.5”)

1151-1 - SOLD

Redware Rundlet, Swigler, Barrel Form, Mottled & Speckled Glaze, New Hampshire Possibly Peter Clark of Concord…similar glazes found in Concord & Boscawen Circa 1800-1830 - SOLD

Eight incised lines surround the barrel form which is quite bulbus [ovoid] at midsection; undulating wavy line above and below midsection. Several shades of brown glaze, couple splashes of pumpkin orange; allover streaks and sprinkling of brown manganese. (Outstanding original condition; height: 5")

1322-17 - SOLD

Redware, Slip Decorated Glazed Bowl
Possibly Moravian
Early 19th Century - SOLD

Wheel-thrown redware bowl with rounded sides and molded edge decorated with a bird perched in a tree trunk surrounded by dots and squiggles of dark manganese brown and thick white lead. (H: 2"; diameter: 6.5") Ex Deyerle Collection

SHF-215 - SOLD

Redware, Dish, Jar, Pitcher
Sold separately

Redware Dish, Three Colored - SOLD
Dimensions: 6.25" diameter.

Redware Jar, Highly Ovoid, Applied Tab Handles, Flared Rim, Manganese Daubs
Probably Pennsylvania
Circa 1835 to 1845
Baluster form, tall collar, tooled shoulder

Redware Covered Pitcher, Manganese Splotches
Circa 1850 to 1900
Small batter pitcher, flared rim, strap handle, incised

Redware Jug, Extreme Ovoid, Wide Ribbed Strap Handle, Carved Wood Stopper
Circa 1780 to 1820, Possibly Mid Atlantic, Pennsylvania - SOLD

(Glaze wear and dings mostly limited to widest section; wear to handle edge; glaze loss on amazing spout, all consistent with age and use; H: 11")

295-79 - SOLD

A Redware Jar
Possibly by Alvin Wilcox, NYS - SOLD

A soft sage green with a hint of gray with lots of small brownish red splotches and variegated lines. Couple of tiny rim dings otherwise fine. (Height: 10-inches.)

SHF-320 - SOLD

Redware Jug with Handle
New England, 19th Century
The jug is half full of solid molasses - SOLD

Antique Redware Jug with Handle, New England, 19th Century, angle view

(Scatted small glaze imperfections; H: 9”)

879-75 - SOLD

Redware Slip Decorated Oval Dish, Attrib. to Christopher Leffingwell, Bean Hill Pottery
Norwich, Connecticut, Circa 1790 to 1800 - SOLD

Antique Redware Slip Decorated Oval Dish, Attributed to Leffingwell, Circa 1790 to 1800, entire view

(Tight crack shown at upper left corner, wear to some slip; H: 2.75”, W: 14”, D: 10.5”)

621-111 - SOLD

Redware Flask, Hand Painted Country Scene over Manganese Glaze
Early 19th Century, Likely Painted Late 19th Century, Anonymous
A forgotten folk art - SOLD

Antique Redware Flask with Painted Country Scene, Early 19th Century, entire view

(Minor losses to paint, else fine and original: H: 7")

201-434 - SOLD

Redware Rundlet, Barrel Form, Scarcely Encountered Large Size
Likely Western New York, Early to Mid 19th Century - SOLD

Antique Redware Redware Rundlet in Barrel Form, Early to Mid 19th Century, angle view 1

(Scattered minor glaze losses otherwise good condition; H: 10")

1129-1 - SOLD

Redware Jug, Southern Maine, Outstanding Form and Glaze
Circa 1820 to 1860 - SOLD

(Glaze loss to spout rim, small flake to side of handle, else fine; H: 7.5")

770-3 - SOLD

Glazed Redware Jar or Tabletop Churn, Coggled, Possibly Jacob Medinger
Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
Late 19th Century - SOLD

Tapered jar, flared and coggled rim, (One coggled band traveling the circumference beneath rim) lead glaze, manganese highlights over green and orange mottled ground; some glaze flaking, else fine. (H: 8.5")

121-191 - SOLD

Redware, Plates, Jug, Jar, Dishes, Whistle, Figure
Sold separately

Top row, left to right:
Ovoid Redware Jug, Olive Green with Orangey Spots (halos), Beautifully Potted
New England, Probably New Hampshire
Early 19th Century
Wonderful form, applied ridges handle with thumbprint terminus, perhaps Gonic

Oval Redware Deep Dish, Slip Decorated, Perhaps a Vegetable Serving Dish
19th Century
Decorated with yellow slip, straight and squiggle lines

Cylindrical Redware Jar, Mottled Colors, Rounded Foot, Tooled Shoulder
New York or New England
19th Century

Bottom row, left to right:
Redware Plate, Yellow Slip Decoration
19th Century

Redware Whistle, Standing Rooster
19th Century
Lead Glaze on Head and Comb
Excellent condition.
Dimensions: 2.75" H.

Redware, Cat Figure - SOLD
Dimensions: 2.25" H.

Redware Plate, Creamy Slip Decoration
Probably Norwalk, Connecticut (Smith's Pottery)
Early 19th Century
Ornamented with squiggle flourishes centered by S-scrolls, dots and dashes in cream slip against brick-red ground within a coggled rim; edge wear and chips, obviously the owner continued to bake within the dish. (Dimensions: 11.5" diameter)

Small Redware Dish, Manganese and Creamy Slip Decoration
Probably Pennsylvania
19th Century
As expected, typical nips and chips to edge, else fine, desirable size

Redware Dish, Creamy Yellow Slip, Triple Wavy, Coggled
Pennsylvania or New England
19th Century
As expected, a few chips and dings limited to edge; some minor slip popping, else fine and attractive. (Dimensions: 11" diameter)

American Redware from Our Collections
New England and Pennsylvania
19th Century

Left to right:
Norwalk, Connecticut
Beautifully Potted, Bulbous, Spotted Manganese Decoration
Condition: excellent with a few nips to foot.
Dimensions: 6.75" H.

Possibly Pennsylvania
Flared Rim with Pinched Spout, Strap Handle, Incised at Shoulder
Condition: chip at spout, couple fleabites on foot, all else fine.
Dimensions: 6.25" H.

Redware Charger, Coggled Rim, Yellow Slip, Wavy Band Decorated
Circa 1820 to 1840
Short hairline from rim, scattered rim-flakes, diameter: 13.25"

Possibly Essex County, Massachusetts
Manganese Slip against Pumpkin Pie Orange Glaze
Condition: tight hairline, couple of tiny areas of glaze loss at rim, with all else fine.
Dimensions: 4.75" H.

Possibly Connecticut
With Applied Handles, Incised Ornament and Maganese Slip against Dark Orangey Brown Glaze
Condition: couple fleabites at base, with all else fine.
Dimensions: 9" H.

Redware, Jars
Sold separately

Redware Jar, Straight Sided, Tapered Shoulder, Manganese Decoration
Norwalk, Connecticut
19th Century
Fine condition, nicely potted (H: 8.5")

Redware Jar with Lid, Small Preserve Jar, Incised, Manganese Decoration
19th Century
Excellent original condition (H: 4.5")

Redware Jar, Incised Rounded Shoulder, Manganese Slip
19th Century
A few rim dings, otherwise excellent (Height 8.5")

Redware, Milk Pan
Signed by maker
F.T. Wright and Son
Taunton, Massachusetts
Hairline - SOLD

Dimensions: 5" H, 17.5" diameter.

958-16 - SOLD

Redware Charger
Probably Pennsylvania
Circa 1840 - SOLD

A lovely deep dish with coggled edge decorated with seven trails of yellow-colored slip. Bright color...tight hairline otherwise fine. (Height: 2.875 inches; diameter: 13.25 inches.)

497-33 - SOLD

Redware Ovoid Storage Jar
Probably New Bedford
Circa 1830 - SOLD

A Bristol County redware jar with streaked manganese decoration. Overall condition is very good with no cracks and only the usual chips to be expected around the base. (Height: 7.75-inches.)

417-69 - SOLD

Unusual Piece of Redware - SOLD

This example has a clear glaze, and a knob handle with a hole on top. The unglazed bottom is perforated, for which the purpose unknown. The piece is possibly a sprinkler. Very good condition. Measures 5.5-inches in height and 4.75-inches in diameter.

348-28 - SOLD

Redware, Dishes
Sold separately

Redware Dish, High Sides, Yellow Slip Decorated
Norwalk, Connecticut
19th Century
Fine original condition (Diameter: 7.25"; H: 1.5")

Redware Dish, Yellow Slip Decoration, Coggled Rim
19th Century
Some flaking to slip and glaze, otherwise good (Diameter: 10.25")

Redware, Lot, Miniature and Small Ovoid Jugs, Pitcher, Toy Mush Cup
Dark Brown Manganese Slip, Nice Forms, Beautifully Potted
New England (Some Maine)
19th Century - SOLD

Excellent original condition (H: 2" to 7")

336-92 - SOLD

Redware, Milk Pan
Early 19th Century - SOLD

In very good condition with a couple dings and glaze wear.
(H: 3.5"; diameter: 15.75")

475-65 - SOLD

A Very Good Mug With Pouring Spout
Drippy soft greens to deep green slip on oyster white...
Attributed to Lorenzo Johnson
Genesee New York, Circa 1840 - SOLD

Drippy soft greens to deep green slip on oyster white with a lot of red clay color showing through glaze. Glaze wear and a few "use" bites on the rim otherwise fine and quite beautiful. Height 4.625-inches.

SHF-303 - SOLD

A Large handled Mug
New England...Possibly New Hampshire - SOLD

Orangey red splotches within yellow halos with deep green freckles; sharply tapered foot, nicely potted. Height: 6-inches; diameter 4.25-inches. Two fleabite flecks on rim otherwise fine.

SHF-284 - SOLD

A Rare And Outstanding
4-Color Redware Bowl
Perhaps New York - SOLD

Beautifully potted and in fine condition with a runny green and brown slip on an orangey and yellowish ground. Unusual concave treatment to underside of foot. Height: 3-inches; diameter 5.375-inches.

SHF-316 - SOLD

An Outstanding Bank
New England
Bold contrast and bulbous - SOLD

Beautifully potted...triple incised rings on shoulder; single ring on handle...bold drippy brown splotches of slip against mustard yellow glaze. In great condition with only a single bite out of the foot. Height: 6-inches.

SHF-309 - SOLD

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