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Prior Sales Gallery Gone but Not Forgotten

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Pewter Salt
Mid 18th century
Probably British - SOLD

Antique Pewter Salt, Probably British, Mid 18th Century, entire view

Unmarked salt with beaded edge, form and shape indicate British maker. Excellent condition, original patina.
H: 1 7/8” Diameter: 2.75”



Pewter Bottle Stopper
American or English, [date] - SOLD

Antique Pewter Bottle Stopper, American or English, angle view

Bottle stopper with original cork, can be replaced due to screw in top. Excellent used condition, original patina.
Height (with screw): 1 7/8” Diameter: 5/8”



Pewter Loving Cup
Christopher Baldwin Wigan (active 1690 to 1725)
England SOLD

Antique Pewter Loving Cup, By Christopher Baldwin Wigan, England, entire view

Scarce loving cup with maker’s identical hallmarks below the rim, cast handles with hoof terminals, and a single cast reed on pedestal base. Center reeded body fillet with single incised line. 68 fl oz. capacity. Almost pristine condition, original surface patina.
H: 5.5” Diameter; 6.25”



Pewter Measure
18th Century
Waatlande, Switzerland - SOLD

Antique Pewter Measure, Switzerland, 18th Century, entire view

Unmarked measure with twin ram’s head thumbpiece, kanne form characteristic of region. Very good condition, some early repairs, barely visible. Original surface patina.
H: 6.75” Diameter: 3”



Pewter Whistle
American or English, circa 1860 to 1890 - SOLD

Antique Pewter Whistle, American or English, Circa 1860, angle view

Functioning whistle, complete with brass ring and original pea.
H: 2.5”



Pewter Single Reed Plate
Nathaniel Austin (active 1763 to 1800)
Charlestown, MA - SOLD

Antique Pewter Single Reed Plate by Nathaniel Austin, Massachusetts, entire view

Diameter: 12 1/8”

365-226 - SOLD

Pewter Lidded Salt
American, possibly 19th century - SOLD

Antique Pewter Lidded Salt, American, 19th Century, entire view

Salt with lid that sits inside of the mouth, with beehive-like knop. Excellent exterior condition with some interior pitting, original surface patina.
H: 2 7/8” Diameter: 3”



Pewter Single Reed Plate
Joseph Danforth (active 1780 to 1788)
American - SOLD

Antique Pewter Single Reed Plate by Joseph Danforth, American, entire view

Diameter: 8”

365-229 - SOLD

Mid 19th century - SOLD

Antique Pewter Soup Tureen, Mid 19th Century, entire view

Large, engraved soup tureen.
H: 9.5” Diameter: 12”

365-293 - SOLD

Pewter Teapot Stand
Probably James Vickers (active 1760 to 1800)
Sheffield, England - SOLD

Antique Pewter Teapot Stand by James Vickers, England, entire view

Rare oval teapot stand.
1 by 5.25 by 7”

365-306 - SOLD

Pewter Wrigglework Plate
Continental European Maker, circa 1736 - SOLD

Antique Pewter Wrigglework Plate, Europe, Circa 1736, entire view

Floral patterning around rim with bouquet in center on face, crowned ‘FFF’ and date on rim. Maker’s mark on reverse, ‘MN’ over image of early bird who caught the worm. Diameter: 12 3/8”

365-316 - SOLD

Britannia Metal Tea Caddy with Lock and Key
Early 19th century
England - SOLD

Antique Pewter Britannia Tea Caddy with Lock and Key, 19th Century, entire view

Lockable tea caddy with pewter double knop, decorated with engraved geometric and foliate motifs. Unmarked. Excellent condition, original patina.
H: 4” D: 3 1/8”

365-277 - SOLD

Pewter Pap Boat
Possibly American, 18th century - SOLD

Antique Pewter Pap Boat, Possibly American, 18th Century, entire view

Rare pap boat, unmarked but genuine. Used condition, original surface patina.
L: 4 1/8” Width” 2 3/8” D: 7/8”

365-281 - SOLD

Pewter Dutch Mustard Pot
Early 20th century - SOLD

Antique Pewter Dutch Mustard Pot, Early 20th Century, entire view

Good example of a mustard pot with unidentified Low Countries maker’s mark under base. Later engraved ‘St William’s College’ (York, England). Good condition. Uneven medium-grey original surface patina.
H: 5 3/8” Diameter: 3”

365-263 - SOLD

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