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Paper Mache Pig, Butcher’s Shop Window Decoration
Old King Cole Paper Mache Co., Canton Ohio
Date/Period: 1896-1920 - SOLD

Paper Mache Pig, Butcher’s Shop Window Decoration Old King Cole Paper Mache Co., Canton Ohio, entire view

Measurement: Height: 27.25"; top: 21.25" x 21"

Condition: Excellent, minor wear to tips or ears and edges of nose, displays well,
retains original label.

Additional Information: A very rare survivor, this fun paper mâché pig, with its
whimsical realistic form, was made by the Old King Cole Paper Mâché Company of
Canton, Ohio. Numerous figures were made by Old King Cole for Disney, beginning in
1932.Old King Cole opened its doors in 1896 and was a prolific maker of paper mâché
objects that decorated store windows across America. The firm made the first Mickey
Mouse figures for Disney and manufactured a line of Disney characters. They produced
Victor dogs for RCA retail displays at Christmastime and Mr. Peanut Man for Planters.
The eyes of this pig are alive in a cartoonish way. Painted in several colors and
original, they give a hint of the vibrancy of character that attracted the likes of Walt

Painted black and white, then coated—like a smaltz painted sign or a piece of
parchment being prepared to make a charcoal on sandpaper drawing--with what is
either finely ground mohair, or perhaps strands of fine wool felt, so that the surface is
fuzzy to the touch.



Small Wire Basket, Stone Fruits, 19th Century - SOLD

Small Wire Basket, Stone Fruits, 19th Century, entire view

Collection of 10-pieces Stone Fruit in a Wire Work Basket
(Very good condition; Basket: 4.5" x 4" x 4")



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